I Am Having A Hypothermia Right Now

Shivering Like Hell While Writing About It

I woke up today with my guts churning as I have a diarrhea, it was terrible so I have to call my parents to help me to go to the toilet. The problem is that it is early in the morning and it is very cold too and I have a habit of taking a bath after using the toilet.

So after relieving my achy guts I just proceeded to clean my body while contending my achy and stiff joints in the process. I am not used to using the toilet not under the influence of pain reliever so it took time for me to finish up which means that I could not speed-up my bath/shower in this cold morning which resulted to me shivering all throughout the process.

It just sucks when you needed to use the toilet and it is cold in the morning so this thing eventually would happen even though I can tolerate the cold but with this low fat body of mine I could not really ward myself off with the cold water from the tap.

Now I am just contemplating in buying a water heater for the bathroom because my parents and I just needed some heated water in these times that the weather is too cool for comfort especially if we needed to use the shower.

I am just susceptible to the cold, my limbs gets cold because I am just skin and bones. It is not good for me to use some cold water while the weather is also cold. I would like some cold bath but in hot weather situation but if the air around is cooler already then it would make it hard for me to cope and tolerate it.

As of this writing my hypothermia is already improving because I am under my blanket already. I am glad it is almost over.

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    Maybe someone could warm some water on the fire. Hope you feel better.