I Am Happy About My Alleviated Joint Pains But It Is Costing Me Me Like I Am A Fireplace For Money


My expenditure for my Parathyroid medicine alone is really costing me a leg and an arm, not to mention that I have to use some phosphate binder everytime I would eat. Well it has to result into something good and it is, now I am having a better alleviation about my joint pains which is really what I wanted and I needed otherwise life will just be a hell for me.

It is just amazing and it is still amazes me until now. My ability to sleep on my left side of the body had returned too which I thought at first had gotten lost forever and it made me sorrowful about it as I thought that even my position in sleeping would also be taken from me. Now I am comfortable sleeping on that preferred position of mine and I am never so grateful ever.

I was wondering if I am not able to earn online, I am sure that I am no more right now and possibly had died like some of my fellow patients before where they died a lingering death which not even the cruelest of criminals doesn't even deserve to experience.


Even If I Have A Diarrhea Of Money My Anus Would Hurt Because Of My Medical Expenses

But God had been good to me because I do think that he knows what is my situation and certainly what my heart is. I am a religious person and is trying to be worthy of heaven which is why I am also trying to be as a good person that I can be even though sometimes my attitude and metal state is affected by my health condition but I know that God knows who I am and what is the real desire of my heart.

Also of course I can never get the ability to sustain my medical needs if not from the steem community because my main earnings comes from steem and I did earned before, only now that all of my saved funds had been drained already thanks to my Appendectomy which I also can never have paid without the steem community's help, support, thoughts, and prayers.

I must say that I am the most fortunate-unfortunate disabled person in the world for obvious reasons that I have a lot of friends online which truly cares. I always appreciate it with all my heart. But these good deeds are not without repayment because I know that God is justice and will repay every one of you that had been more than a family for me.

Now I am just doing my part, I am trying to be patient because of my determination to get more well. I am on the way about it, in fact I am getting better based on what little good changes that had felt with my body lately. I will with the blessings of God try to achieve my goals because I still see rays of hope for these things to happen in my life.

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  • @joshuaetim

    Your determination to live, recover and make impact in life is highly commendable and admirable. Well done

  • @stef1

    I think only knowing how in such countries like yours even weak Steem can save your live and let you to live that makes the value of Steem, that is only Crypto that you can earn and that everything in our own hands. I hope it will help you not only financially but physiologically. It is not only God who help you, you did a lot yourself too!