Let's discuss my recent idea on HOW TO BRING MORE VALUE INTO STEEM blockchain




I strongly believe that most of you, dear readers, are fully aware by now of @project.hope (which I'm the founder). Probably a majority of those who end up reading ths publication are part of our amazing PH community and understand very well what we do and what our values are.

And this post is directed mostly towards those members of our PH community. This is one of those posts, which I found important and if you're part of PH then please - share 10-15min of your time to read it and share your thoughts and feedback.

Today, I would like to share with all of you some great news, about an opportunity which arised out of our long lasting efforts as an entire community. An opportunity, which may allow me and our community to bring even more value into steem blockchain.

I bet, I got your attention by now? Keep reading.



It's not yet time to reveal too much details and you may have to wait till this weekend to hear more. However, today I would like you to have a "peek", a short glimpse into our future development and ideas which I would ike to turn into reality.

Several days ago, I've been approached by quite a well known and reputable South Korean developer. We've discussed an opportunity of building a closer relationship between their team and our community. They have an interesting vision, skills and are developing a few projects built on top of STEEM blockchain and we on the other hand are equipped with a network of bloggers and influencers.

I can already see many ways of helping each other. I hope you see where I'm heading ...



I imagined many times, that using our network to promote products built on STEEM would allow our PH community to bring even more VALUE INTO STEEM blockchain.

There are some great developers out there, who struggle with lack of exposure for their projects. Helping them to attract users is most likely the best way of encouraging them to build new tools, new games, and new software. Wouldn't you agree with that?

And one such an opportunity has just come knocking on our door. How great is that?

Obviously, the upcoming project won't be our first one that we have promoted. Even recently, a small part of our community have been collaborating with the developers behind the game @holybread. We assisted in testing it, spreading the word and bringing users on-board.

The new project however is another step up.



We've came up with an interesting and unique solution which we believe is a WIN-WIN for all involved.

For the entire month of July, an account which is under their management will join our @ph-fund curation trail with an upvote worth 50k SP. This will obviously benefit most users within our community.

In return, my goal will be to use my resources (knowledge, experience and our community network) to test the delivered product, and then promote their website and attract as much attention to it.

In my personal opinion, I think it's a very UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL way of doing business and supporting each other. Wouldn't you agree?



I will share more details this weekend.

Right now I would like to hear your opinion on this. I would also like to build a list, of those who are potentially interested in this topic. So if you would like me to personally DM you a link to the next publication via discord/telegram, then drop a comment below involving those words: I would like to hear more.



I would appreciate every resteem. It will allow me to reach most our PH community members easily. Consider joining our discord sever: https://discord.gg/uWMJTaW

Yours, Piotr @project.hope founder,

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  • @alokkumar121

    @tipu curate

  • @bhoa

    Wonderful achievement.. a step in the right direction. I stand with project hope and the good of project hope . This is a welcomed development.. cheers

  • @dses

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    Fairly interesting concept. How many business sector are onboard in this project, or they are just end users (non business content creation) on steem at the moment?

  • @unbiasedwriter

    I really feel as if the Steem blockchain needs developers and active people working to build this platform. That is why I encourage and feel happy about anyone investing time and money to actually build and grow this platform.

    That is why I really find this to be useful and a step in the right direction. The fact that the Project Hope community will then test the product sounds reasonable and nice, after all, we all want the platform to grow. The more users, the better! :)

  • @valchiz

    This is wonderful and really a nice idea, am always available to test and review their products.

    I will love to hear more

  • @papa-mensa

    This is a good one for project.hope, and thanks for reaching a conclusion. I hope steem grows bigger.

  • @project.hope

    Dear PH members line2.png

    Please read this post above carefully and include words "I will love to hear more" in your comment, so I would know would likie me to DM him/her in the future with link to another annoncement (which will be published this weeekend).

    Yours, @crypto.piotr

  • @pero1337

    Insightful, I like the idea and I would like to hear more

  • @hassanabid

    Several days ago, I've been approached by quite a well known and reputable South Korean developer. We've discussed an opportunity of building a closer relationship between their team and our community.

    I strongly Believe that korean developers are hard working and surely they would be having clearcut visions which surely bring Creative things on steemit .

    There are some great developers out there, who struggle with lack of exposure for their projects. Helping them to attract users is most likely the best way of encouraging them to build new tools, new games, and new software. Wouldn't you agree with that

    I agree 100 % with that because we all can feel the thing that a developer could feel if he dont get attention by the people because they have done a great hardwork , example is that we have written a big post with lot of research works and gets neglected that's how they feel ( i think more than that ) .

    In return, my goal will be to use my resources (knowledge, experience and our community network) to test the delivered product, and then promote their website and attract as much attention to it.

    Surely we all members of the beautiful community are with you and will follow every order / task you will give us :) We will surely enjoy testing new products by that developer to encourage them and to motivate them for the best future and by encouraging him we can get best of him in future on steem .

    @crypto.piotr i believe that It will be bring value to steem for sure

    I would like to hear more .

  • @haidermehdi

    Hey @crypto.piotr, its great to hear from you yet once again. I have gone through your idea and aspirations and i have found great attraction in this post of yours.


    Its brilliant to see and adorable, how hard you are working to get us engaged in ideas like this and bringing opportunities to us to help grow us and ultimately our community❤ Anyways, the attention seeking is at its peak here :p Now,

    20200624_133927.jpg Many develeopers are creating tools, games, updates softwares and other stuff that are not getting a place in the market due to less number of eyes over them. We truely and confidently agree with this idea of yours to bring them upfront and help each other by standing tall along them❤ This is truely the thinking of An honest Community well-wisher and An honourable Owner❤ And in the last,


    Supporting others in need is like helping them picking up beeds of gold from fast flowing rivers. And in addition to taking blessings from God, we may also benefit us from some the great gems in terms of influencers and content creators as well❤ My Personal feedback about this is that i would give my 100% in order to collaborate with those developers in order to promote their stuff and Announce the prosperity of our community @Project.Hope❤❤ And as you mentioned, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR MORE SIR @crypto.piotr. Also i have resteemed the post to let this spread wider❤

  • @samminator

    This is an excellent idea to bring in more people into the ecosystem. To add to that, I think a process of gamification of rewards will be good for retaining of members. For example, those that perferm specific tasks (like commenting, engagement etc) will be given special badges of honour or may receive small votes on their comments. It will make for more engagement and more adoption. That's my opinion though.

    I await the fuller details on weekend. Cheers buddy.


  • @tolustx

    Establishing a sustainable project on steem is a unique way of growing blockchain, and profiting the project as well. It is a win-win for all parties

    I would love to hear more

  • @tfame3865

    I really love this post, project hope will hit apex very soon.

    I will love to hear more

  • @benie111

    This is great. New projects and investors will surely benefit the blockchain as well as the people in it. It sounds very promising and interesting. I will love to hear more. Resteemed

  • @alokkumar121

    This sounds nice and interesting. We should use the opportunity to support the projects and this will also help. This is certainly a win-win situation for us. I will love to hear more.

  • @lanzjoseg

    Hi @crypto.piotr

    I can only say that everything, absolutely everything that can be done for the development of the blockchain and where we can all win you can count on all my support to give promotion to that project and as you say it is aglo where we can all win-win . In that sense I ask myself who does not like win-win

    I will wait for your good news, it is not long before the weekend.

  • @janettyanez

    Hi @crypto.piotr Excellent!!! all the initiatives that are to add benefit to the platform and to all members of the community, welcome! Count on me! I will be attentive I would like to hear more

  • @thetimetravelerz

    I will love to hear more

    surely this is great news! I remember the holybread it was interesting and productive exercise. Looking forward to any collaboration that the community member can benefit from. We are already connected on discord and skype

  • @deathcross

    Every collaboration can be useful, resteeming. It is a promising industry, the number of gamers can jump to 5 billion in 10 years from 2 billion gamers in 2019. (Estimation of Ubisoft/Fidelity International) 👏

    to test the delivered product

    I was a gamer for many years, but I don't dare to play anymore. It's too time-consuming. I loved strategy and RPG games.

  • @sarkash7011

    I am impatiently waiting for upcoming opportunities .. Our community will definitely brings more value to steem. I am feeling proud that I am also a member of pH Community. 😊😊😊 Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 .

  • @fucho80

    Hello friend @crypto.piotr.

    The idea behind this is very good, in addition to the benefit it represents for everyone. I would like to hear more of this.

  • @kryptarion

    This is a nice approach at promoting our community and also growing the STEEM blockchain. I lIke the idea, but yet to fully grasp how we as a community will help with promoting their products. However, I will wait since u said more info will be communicated in following days

  • @mandate

    This is a great idea and wonderful development heading to the right direction

  • @team007

    I believe that every member of PH community will be benefited of this exclusive ideas. Please I would like to hear more

  • @darthnava

    Resteemed. I hope this great endeavor won't fizzle out.

  • @crypto.piotr

    Dear @steemitblog, @bullionstackersm @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemcurator03, @steemcurator04, @steemcurator05, @steemcurator06, @steemcurator07

    I would like to invite you to check out this initiative and hopefully you will find it worth your support and an upvote.

    Cheers, Piotr

  • @achim03

    Always great to hear about your new plans to develop this amazing community! Of course I'm looking forward to learn more, although I might have an idea about it already ;-)

  • @crypto.piotr

    Dear @adm, @adsactly, @adsup, @amityconcord, @appics, @balte, @bobbylee, @boombastic, @boomerang, @bramd, @canadian-coconut, @cjsdns, @cool191, @cryptopassion, @ctime, @cyberrn, @derrick829, @digital.mine, @dodoim, @double-u, @drslump, @dtube, @exyle, @ezzy, @fedesox, @goodnewworld, @gotogether, @hanshotfirst, @hingsten, @huaren.news, @iconode, @jaki01, @japanesemask, @jaydih, @joele, @joeypark, @jphamer1, @jrcornel, @jsquare, @julialee66, @justyy, @kevinwong, @kiwifi, @leeyh, @me-tarzan, @minigame, @minnowbooster, @mmmmkkkk311, @navyactifit, @oldstone, @photoholic, @proskynneo, @r2cornell, @ramta, @ranchorelaxo, @remain, @riverhead, @sct.voter, @sean-king, @self-power.com, @sigizzang, @sj-jeong, @slowwalker, @smartsteem, @sniffnscurry, @ssg-community, @stablewon, @steemhunt, @steemmonsters, @talkative-bk, @thecryptodrive, @tombstone, @trafalgar, @tribesteemup, @twinner, @v4vapid, @vandeberg, @veronicalee, @virus707, @votebetting, @wherein, @wisdomandjustice, @x30, @zinasura, @therising

    I would like to invite you to check out this initiative and hopefully you will find it worth your support and an upvote.

    Yours, Piotr

  • @tomoyan

    Great teaser! Making everybody excited but we have to wait till this weekend... hahaha sounds like good things are coming!

  • @reinaldoverdu

    interesting and I'd like to hear more about this

  • @adityajainxds

    @crypto.piotr first of all its a great news for the community and it's members. We all will be benifited with this kind of engagement. And would love to be part of it and like to share my opinion were ever needed.

    I would like to hear more

  • @josevas217

    Always (or almost always) joining forces generates great results. Especially if what you are looking for is well directed, organized and well guided.

    "I will love to hear more"

  • @steemcurator06

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    https://discord.gg/gDTvGZF #ComeGROWwithGHRO RESPECT #SteemOn

  • @juanmolina

    Every time a new product is developed on our beloved blockchain STEEM, real value is added to the platform. Many of these Dapps fail to obtain the necessary exposure to achieve the required adoption and with it, the desired success.

    It is the users who would manage to give it the levels of use required to pass the test stages and finally, make the official launch, once the programming and design errors that may arise have been corrected. Therefore the role of the community is crucial in this phase.

    In any business scheme, strategic partnerships are necessary and can drive new proposals to favorable levels of success. Therefore, I see that this idea that you have brought us (even without giving us many details) looks great:

    On the one hand, the members of our community would benefit from that valuable SP added to our curation trail, at the same time that positive exposure levels could be achieved for the product in question.

    I am totally excited about the idea and I can only wait until your next post to know more details about this proposal. DefinitelyI would like to hear more about this.

  • @alquimista1501

    The truth.... this would be the first event that I could participate in this project Hope community, and I will love to hear more

  • @tfame3865

    Ph is the best community that aims to foster communication properly. Supporting this project won't be a bad choice at all.

  • @ramsesuchiha

    " I will love to hear more"

    Count on me I have all the time and the disposition, they are very good news I hope that the community grows more

  • @machnbirdsparo

    VERY INTERESTED I would like to hear more.

    I love the professional nature of how Project Hope networks. Anyway I can be an asset, just let me know.

    In terms of the month long project, seems like a great way to get something off the ground.

  • @lebah

    Dear @crypto.piotr , this is a great opportunity that you should get. I just imagine how to improve the value of steem. Since there are new competitors in the future, hive , voice, and I heard that there will be hardfork that steem will give a birth twin chains on 4 July. Steem platform will find hardship in 2021 competing with its own children. In my suggestion, steem or communities in steem should create projects that will be bridge between offline and online worlds like real marketplace with sbd payment or steem payment. The projects aims to help unbanked people to connect world marketplace to sell their products.

  • @hardaeborla

    There's actually no doubt that @project.hope has really been one of the best community with good bloggers, content writers and even SEO experts in which products or projects can always be promoted. I can also remember Project Hope supporting some cool projects built on the steem blockchain with the help of it's community members and I'm quite sure every member of Project Hope is always ready to add more value to the steem blockchain just like they always do!

    I really can't wait for you to share the full details of upcoming project at hand since it will add more value to the steem blockchain.

    I will love to hear more

  • @edgarare1


  • @steem-supporter

    communitites partnerting with developers is a very good idea , we can have wide range of early testers , we can get a lot of feed back based on the user expierence and it opens up an enitre set of oppurtinities . its really awesome how the community has been helping .. cheers to you ,, and yes ,,, steem on and good luck

  • @majes.tytyty

    As ever, I'm not quite sure what you're introducing to us, but, as ever, you've piqued my interest.

    Also, you seem to have piqued the interest of many others, judging by the number of comments.

    Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  • @josediccus

    Well I know about @holybread. The Information still seems sketchy but you said it's just two project that's hoping to promote their cause. I think that's individually good from my point of view. I think promotion is good and nothing bad about I, I just hope the promises are really legitimate and I hope they won't go back on their agreements. It's wonderful and hope it thrives

  • @frederickbangs

    I am so happy to be a part of this amazing community, the process of growth is great.

  • @apoloo1

    In his words, he makes me feel very excited, but I am only going to tell him from my experience, that when there are two bulls in the same pen, in the end one ends up dying and the other becomes leader of the herd, with this I just want to say that do not do things lightly, think about it, look at the pros and cons, what will happen later, the community, in short what I want is that before doing anything I think very well, because you can have it all or lose it all.

  • @eni-ola

    It sure appears to be a great idea and I would definitely love to know more.

    @crypto.piotr you are doing a beautiful job here.

  • @kebieri123

    I will like to hear more.

  • @oluwatobiloba

    It is always great to know that progress is been made, I will like to know hear more about it.

  • @hendersonp

    @ crypto.piotr amazing how this community has grown congratulations, what a good job the whole team has done, the structure is already assembled, just replicate more projects like this that you tell us and to infinity and beyond


  • @carlos84

    I think it's great that everything is done for the benefit of this platform that helps us so much and that at the same time everyone wins.

    "Of course I would like to know more about this initiative. "

  • @alexcarlos

    Such a good news for ph members

  • @hasenmann

    What Steemit needs is a better UI or a better user-experience. It should be less complicated and more easy to use.

    Investors cannot see the value of Steemit. And so it will stay a small plattform with high quality content.... If I had a million dollars or more - I would need a concept, what Steemit wants to do or wants to be. Without that a serious investor would never invest in the development of that platform.

  • @metzli

    Seems like a great idea 50,000 SP worth of support more in turn for advertising to a growing community.

    Will you be encouraging social media promotion, and having the community write about the project, or is the whole bases simply to have the community visit their site?

  • @awah

    Hi @crypro.piotr this sounds like a good idea and as you say, it feels like a win/win. I look forward to hearing more.

  • @udow

    I would like to hear more. Thanks for your message. For me it's very interesting. Just one thing I got experience with splinterlands: If you add a blockchain-game it's important to look that players always has enough ressource credits to play.

    Unfornately the splinterlands-team is (especially after they moved away from steem) very greedy in this point. Ok they announced that players who play with bot get no delegation from them, but they do this classification not correct. Many players who never used a bot get also problems with ressource credits cause splinterlands took away delegation from them and classify them as "not eligable".

    So from this experience it should really be part of planing that player can play games without looking for ressource credits.

  • @famigliacurione

    In my most recent podcast I shared a section entitled STEEMON - SMTs and a New Steemit that may add some ideas to this discussion. Thanks! The Tino Take - Take 27

  • @jadams2k18

    50k SP!!! That's awesome :D

    "I would like to hear more"!!! Please

  • @chesatochi

    I am someone who loves fresh stuff and if the project is interesting and appealing, I will spread the word out there. It is a mutual partnership that needs to be beneficial for both sides involved.

  • @culgin

    Hey, sounds like a great initiative! Win-win solutions are always the best solutions. All the best in this endeavor!

  • @yonnathang

    It is worthwhile to welcome every new initiative and see what potential it has to show us.

    It is good to see you encouraged and with the same enthusiasm for doing the things that will bring value to the block chain.

    You have achieved a very balanced agreement, because @ project.hope has demonstrated the power of the call and the best management strategies to achieve traffic in projects that need to be visualized.

    You have my support!

  • @atego

    no Telegram, no Discord, but I'll leave a follow there VgA

  • @peerzadazeeshan

    Well, It seems to be an interesting one, it is obvious to support each other. We should always look towards win-win opportunity. Thanks.

  • @rakison2

    Good, the idea of ​​winning winning, or also called positive feedback, while more developers the value will increase and with that the curators and the author will have more profit.

  • @akdx

    That is really a great initiative my friend. Kudos to you and your efforts!

  • @gbenga

    It is impressive to see that @project.hope is growing. We hope to see more of this growth in the community. Thanks a lot @crypto.piotr for the tireless effort you are putting into this project.

  • @rosanita

    Hola @crypto.piotr de verdad que es muy interesante la idea que tu tienes y lo bueno es que piensas en todos lo de la plataforma por eso todo te va a salir súper bien y vas a poder ayudar a todos a que crezcan en la plataforma el proyecto que tu llevas es interesante también de allí he aprendido algo sobre la blockchain, me falta aprender mucho pero voy poco a poco con pasitos seguros. Felicidades por el proyecto y éxitos

  • @adeljose

    Greetings, friend @crypto.piotr

    I am pleased to know that you are reaping the fruits of your excellent work, it is wonderful to know that you have achieved an alliance to further promote this excellent project that you lead, I can only wish you the greatest success, and my willingness to contribute with my grain of sand.


  • @kgakakillerg

    All sounds good thanks for reaching out and keep up the good work . I would say to attract new people to the site it's going to be hard because when you look on the trending page it don't really look to good we need more games we need a easier system to onboard new users we need a easier way to buy steem power delegation and we need a whole lot more !trdo

  • @chimzycash

    I think it is a really cool idea and anything that adds value to the community is always a great idea. Really nice and more great things to come.

  • @vipnata

    @crypto.piotr Thank you for your invitation to discuss. I'd like to hear more. I hope this will be useful for the development of Steemit? Have a wonderful weekend!

  • @newton666

    It is interesting to know how to stimulate these types of projects and importance that give them their lie to continue stimulating and exalting everything, since everything has a value and sacrifice.

  • @schamangerbert

    I would like to hear more.

    As open source developer of aircraft I miss utopian and set a lot of hope into your project.

  • @lighteye

    Did you talk to Justin Sun about the project, @crypto.piotr?

  • @defisociety

    Hi, I'm new here on Steem but not in Blockchain and Crypto world! I'm a Blockchain Dev Student and I think your community is really nice!! I will share your post, it will be my first resteem :) Nice Project,Good Lucky

  • @xpilar


    It is always interesting to know that more is happening here on our great blockchain. Thanks for bringing news about it

  • @worldofxpilar

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  • @yohan2on

    This sounds like a very interesting initiative in the pipeline for our steem ecosystem. I would love to hear more.

  • @uyobong

    I must greatly commend this move. For all I've learnt in business/project success, collaboration is key. Within the blockchain space, this is really lacking. Chains are competing against one another instead of complementing and collaborating.

    This is a welcome development and I hope to see the grand announcement unfold. Thanks Piotr for thinking this. I see a greater growth for @Project.hope with this drive towards collaboration.

  • @ojerinde

    This is an amazing move, this is a win-win deal and i hope we have more of this. We can use our community strength to promote a lot of project.

  • @wakeupkitty

    To be honest I can not say I feel triggered by reading this. A lot of words but your only message is you will give more news this weekend and ask to resteem. This info isn't interesting for most Steemians but only for those joining your project and mainly the top. It makes me wonder what the benefit is for all Steemians or better innwhich way you answered @steemitblog's question how to bring more value to this platform/to Steemit.

    I might misunderdtand the value part and the Steemit part but I can not figured it out. The only thing I understand is you are enthusiastic about something or someone who will do something for you.

    This besides the more value adpect will not work if it continues to be so hard to sign in here to so many and everything is so complicated.

    Steemit will only grow if it hassomething good to offer, something special and it is accessible for the big public.

    Good luck dear. 🍀💕

  • @trendotoken

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  • @marifa

    I love the idea of doing business with Korean developers.

  • @erangreen

    Hope that will work

  • @nainaztengra

    I would like to hear more on this project @crypto.piotr. It would be really nice to see new engagements building up and taking Steem to the next level with whatever efforts that can be put by each one of us. Not sure what you are going to come up with in this project, but I am sure you have done your homework well and as you say it will be a win-win for everyone involved.

  • @mysearchisover

    To bring value to the Steem blockchain we need more Steem buyers.

  • @mojubare

    Partnership in business fosters strong and meaningful growth within the community.

    I believe the community leader has made a good decision in trying to expand its tentancle, I wish us all the best and 'I would like to hear more'.

  • @busted1

    Congratulations project hope. It is good to be a part of this i hope we get more support and more collaboration.

  • @franyeligonzalez

    Hello dear friend @crypto.piotr I think it's a very good idea, everything should be aimed at the growth of the community. I'm interested in knowing about it, I'm in!

  • @stevenwood

    I am certainly all for this method of conducting promotion for projects and initiatives that deserve a little more light shining upon them. It is quite a unique proposition although we all understand the basic premise I am sure when we compare it to traditional marketing and advertising methods.

    This however, has a mutually beneficial angle that is interesting to see and will be exciting to watch how it plays out.

    Maybe this will bring a little more life to the platform. Maybe this will be a new method of developers reaching a wider, more diverse audience. As many people know I am no longer active on Steem and am spending the majority of time elsewhere, this was not an easy decision.

    Steem was my very first blockchain, my first blog and a place I have had much fun and made many a friend over the last 2.5 years. I wanted it to be 'the one' maybe it can be again one day if the platform changes hands again and reasserts it's original values.

    Either way I wish nothing but the very best to the amazing HOPE community from this project, it may yield fruits in many unexpected ways from many sources.

  • @bambuka

    "I would like to hear more" To be honest, recently I have reduced activity on Stiemit and switched to observer mode. To make a decision to become active again, I have to see some changes. Perhaps these are the consequences of the war up there. I will be interested to know new offers. True, I have not played games for a long time. I am interested in photography.

  • @frederickbangs

    Beautiful progress made so far, we hope for more success and I really would like to know more.

  • @puncakbukit

    Glad to hear such a good news in ph community.. Hope this will bring more values to our blockchain.. Upvoted and resteemed!

  • @davidke20

    I am totally agree with collaboration and assisting other dApps on testing and improving. The real reason behind "testing" can be a stimulus package for the dApp itself by boosting usage and traffic, that way not only will enable a dapp be able to have higher exposure, at the same time feedback from community user will be able to assist the principals to improve user experience.

    On the side note, #wherein is an example of beta projects we've been running and improving over the years.

  • @felipejoys

    "an account which is under their management" under whose management?