Soft Water, Soft Light, Softly Approaching Goðafoss


There are thousands upon thousands of waterfalls in Iceland, from trickling runnels to thundering rents in the earth.

        My longstanding dream of circumnavigating the Icelandic ring road had stops to climb into and around what felt like hundreds of those falls as I drove wild and free all over the country. In shoulder season, most of the cascades are tempered... there's enough drizzling rain to swell them, but not to the explosive levels the glacial melt runoff of the summers bring. Somewhere around the fifth day on the road, I came to Goðafoss — the waterfall of the gods. The expansive, roaring ringed wall of water is one of the largest in the county, and the sound and river approach to the falls was much different to many of the hikes I'd taken previously. Here, the water was turbulent, driven by the wind and the immense pressure of the falls, and the hike along the river was wild and frightening with a presence that many of the others hadn't possessed. Small drops and heavy rapids led for kilometers towards the main bowl of the falls.


Stinging mist swirled on wind currents, and the surface of the water shifted in hue, over hidden rocks, and sporadically with the will of the gusts.

        Picking my way through areas where the water was only ankle high but swift enough to pull me off my feet, I marveled at the kaleidoscopic effect. (And also that there was a path with a bridge right above me that I totally missed.) I wanted to take those colors and sinuous curves and smooth them out into something that matched the soft glow of the filtered grey light, so I did my best to prop myself and my tripod up in the wind and long expose the turbulence. These are some of the only long exposures from my entire trip, since I lost my neutral density filter almost falling to my death further along the ring road. (If you want to read my real-time travel logs from the journey, you can find them here and work backwards.)


Something about the way they turned out really speaks to me, especially since they present the area so dramatically differently from what you would perceive standing there on the edge of the roiling foam.





Contrasting these smooth, glowing shots with the ones of the unsoftened water, frozen in violent motion, are very different perspectives on the same beauty.

        Continuing up the cut widened by the power of the river, I kept an eye out for a way to climb up the cliffs to find the waterfall powering these images. I promise, when we get there, it's going to be worth it.


These photos and words are my own work, inspired by travels all over this pretty blue marble of ours. I hope you like them. 🌶️


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  • @followbtcnews

    Man I swear, you take some of the most beautiful photo's I have ever seen. These are just so inspiring!

  • @jeffjagoe

    Awesome shots @crimsonclad! I’d love to visit Iceland someday soon

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  • @deadspace

    God damn. These photos are making me absolutely moist.

  • @teutonium

    Goddamn woman, the place is incredible gorgeous and your photos are able to make it even better! How u you get that effect of smooth water? Is it by leaving the shutter open more time?

  • @adenijiadeshina

    What a cool photo captions you shared friend

  • @amberyooper

    That is some awesome and rough terrain!

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  • @llfarms

    These are insane Crim!! So stunningly beautiful ❤️

  • @riverflows

    I wanted to take those colors and sinuous curves and smooth them out into something that matched the soft glow of the filtered grey light..

    Such a well written piece - this is really a good example of travel writing! Your personal interaction with the landscape is lovely. I like the collage you made, which captures some of the essence, colour and mood of what you were trying to pin down.

  • @mihirbarot

    Very beautiful waterfall my friend . This is so naturally beautiful. Good one.

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  • @delishtreats

    These photos look like they were taken on a different planet :) The landscapes is rough - just stones and water. It's impressive. It must be a pleasure and a photographer dream to stand there and take photos. In some cases even risk their life (like you did :))

    My favorite would be the last one. Water is crystal clear and I'm sure you can even drink it without getting poisoned :)

    Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

  • @apsu

    This is like erotic photography:

    The river is wet. The rock is really hard. The girl with the camera posts the photos online to earn money.

  • @for91days

    Oh Iceland, I miss you so much!

  • @jarvie

    Nice pictures!!

  • @sofathana

    ¡Stunning photos!

  • @jasonrussell

    good god these are awesome!!! you always find the best locations!

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    Sadly, beautiful nature like that tends to make me !sneeze

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  • @momzillanc

    Terrific photos and travelogue. The pictures would make a decor collection or a desktop photos series.

  • @shortsegments

    Very impressive photos and prose, this is a delight to my ears and my eyes. Thank you

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  • @shortsegments

    You should post in the Creative Coin Community on Steem Engine. If your to busy traveling maybe I could post them as a dual author post and split the rewards with you?

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