Exploring Steem Communities: Here's a Video of What's Possible, in case you Missed the Steemwave Radio Live Stream


Every weekend, I spend two hours on Saturday hanging out live, chatting with people from around the Steem ecosystem talking about technology, community, answering questions and facilitating discussion. This last week, it was all about Communities!

        There's a lot of laughing, a lot of swearing (I mean, my mouth... yikes) and a lot of really useful dialogue about whatever might be happening around the blockchain. Sometimes the shows trend to more technical, and sometimes it's a big gathering a friends chatting live about the thing they love and listening to some cool music. The show is widely shaped by you and what you think is important week to week.

By ultra popular demand, scroll down for a video of a recording of last week's show. You will see me break down a lot of the features and UI of upcoming Steem Communities, as well as show how easy it will be to make one of your own.

       You'll see the show is very conversational — everything is recorded on the fly and streamed live in real time while responding to the large group of live viewers who join in the discussion every week. I've cut out the licensed music, and some of the chitty chat we have each week that was very off topic to Communities. Here are some key points this video covers (among other things) if you want to scrub through and cherry pick information or your just curious what we talked about and explored on the Steemit UI:

✨Notifications ✨Friend Feeds ✨Community Feeds ✨Muting and Moderation ✨Gamification and Visible stats changes ✨Community Creation

Check out the Steemwave Radio Communities Episode video below:


Steemwave Radio is made possible by you!

        If you ever have some spare time and you want to meet a bunch of cool, dedicated Steemians, join in the dialogue, have a question you want to ask or a topic you want to get people chatting about, or maybe just want to hear a synthwave track or two, come hang out with me on MSPWaves for the live stream. It's a lot of fun and the dozens of participants each week make it a cool place to spend some time. You can learn more at MSPwaves.com or pop into the PALnet discord on Saturdays.


Are you a Steemwave attendee? Tell me more about how I can do better/be more interesting/more of what you want to see and hear. Thanks for riding the waves with me~



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    Thanks for this.

    Are you a Steemwave attendee? Tell me more about how I can do better/be more interesting/more of what you want to see and hear.

    Can you talk more slowly and make it more breathy?

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    So glad you posted this! Lots of great information about something we all are really curious about and looking forward to. I appreciate you doing it!

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    Such an awesome show!

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    That was a really great show, Crimmi and you gave us lots of great info. I am quite excited about everything that is happening here!

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    I was hoping to find some information on the upcoming communities, so I wicked appreciate you putting this together, @crimsonclad! I'm planning to give this a listen tomorrow, but figured I'd shout out now and say...

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    communities look good. thanks for the video

    and the plug :)

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    Communities are exceeding my hopes! Thanks for making this video and thanks so much @roadscape and everyone else who made this possible!

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    Nice video. Thanks for sharing

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    Holy Cow! A bonafide Crimmi sighting. In writing.

    I am officially a lurker, harboring a comeback. I've missed your show for a month because of an ongoing project. Who knew regular people do shit on Saturday because they work otherwise?

    I've got it on now, and really do appreciate you and your show. You have got to be the best 'explainer' in the whole system.

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    This is really good for a community, we are together here, we can do anything together, steem community !!!!

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    Mucha información importante, gracias por el apoyo y ser parte de esta gran plataforma, es una etapa muy buena para ser parte steemiit

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    I wish all product demos were as entertaining as this one!

    Communities are indeed a practical way to customize Steem. Another part that looks promising is the collective authority and localized social consensus. For example, the same wiki-objects on Waivio can appear different for members of different communities. For example, here in BC we refer to Coho salmon as Silver, while in Russia it is called Kizhutch. So, multiple communities can refer to the same thing with different names, yet knowledge can be aggregated from multiple communities. There are many other opportunities beyond that as well. Thanks for the insight!

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    Nice stream

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    You're definitely the best.

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    I've not had lately much time for discord or the radio shows for many reasons but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate the effort and the power they have to bring the community together. I have the fondest memories of them, and I hope to build new ones, even if having kind of an away time (news soon though) that is the experience and the memory that makes me go back always.

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    Your smile is more crazier than you :D BTW Thanks for clarifying about upcoming feature :D I have watched the whole video :O

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    Here's hoping that this will lead to the onboarding of the masses

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    Hello there!

    This is my first reply on this site and I must say I'm still a bit confused on how everything works. I watched your video on YouTube and am excited about some of the changes that you described that look like their coming down the pipe. Communities sound like a good start to helping folks make their way around the site.

    I gave you an upvote for this post, but I'm not sure how upvoting and downvoting really works on the site. Does it cost Steem for me to give out upvotes? I still have 25 Steem from when I initially signed up.

    Oh I also subscribed to you on YouTube, in the hopes that you'll have more Steem community related videos.

    Thanks for your contribution.

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    great info, thanks! Have you considered uploading to DTube and/or 3Speak?

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    Communities is looking like I hoped. Just want it now as we need it to get more people using Steem.

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    Rad thanks for the valuable info on the communities. I realize this post is over 2 months old but it still valuable info. Honestly unlike other social platforms that's what I've hated about Steemit is it seems like people only interact with posts in the inside 1 week frame of rewards.

    Where's your Heavy Metal community? I couldn't find it. I wanna shout at the devil \m/