Only a Few Hours Until The Premier of “Finally Friday – On the Blockchain”


Hi Steem Family!

The countdown to our show is finally here! (pun intended) We are really excited to be doing a decentralized exclusive live stream and help promote the Steem community.

Make sure you are following @cryptofinally so you don’t miss our live show on @threespeak.

There will be a replay after the fact – but we look forward to hopefully seeing as many of you in the chat as possible during the show!

XO, Lea

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  • @davedickeyyall

    Your promotion of the STEEM blockchain was successful. Justin Sun bought it.

  • @pennsif

    Good luck with the new show Lea.

    Any particular hot topics in the news that you will be talking about today... 😀

  • @coruscate

    ‪Hey everyone - Rachel’s internet is having issues and so we might need to reschedule. Stay tuned. ‬