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  • @davidke20

    That stand correct. Not every dip is profitable. Especially now, all the support has broken, technically there's no renounce point. What I can see is, may be average down do the cost averaging to fight for best deal to go in.

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  • @addo.sports

    we're going to BTC $420 and back!

    Are you serious sir? I dont know what i say :S

  • @theshaki


  • @sher-khan

    Cornoa ateck to btc

  • @avare


  • @ghaffar

    Hopefully it up

  • @nickyhavey

    Loading up on BTC this morning, set progressively lower buy orders that were already hit throughout the day which is bringing my averaging down.

    As for steem, who knows really? Internal, external problems... Just going to get steem from posting rather than buying I think!

  • @eii

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  • @californiacrypto

    There is no way BTC will go to $420. I personally don’t see it going under 3k.

  • @mamalikh13

    Looking at 5 YEARS from now over here and Imma pretty much buy whatever I can get if I get my hands on some cash.

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