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So if you missed the teaser by @blocktrades and then the official hive announcement by @hiveio you might be a little confused about the honey coated buzz that is spreading around the Blockchain.

Many people have been asking me if I will be running a Witness on Hive, will I still be on Steem, what do they have to do? This is my full rundown, packaged into my easy to understand way of looking at things - it might not be exactly correct and I welcome anyone to point out my mistakes in the comments. I am now at my three year anniversary on the Steem Blockchain, and over that time I have made many good friends, met amazing people and I will continue to remain available to you all for as long as you wish to put up with me. I'm active in most community discords and if you mention me in any I will be quick to respond, and I am active in the new Hive discord

What do I have to do right now to join HIVE blockchain?

Absolutely nothing, on Friday March the 20th a snapshot of the Steem Blockchain will be taken, and at that point the Hive Blockchain will commence a fork separate to Steem. At that point your exact position on Steem will be replicated on Hive - that is all liquid Steem, Steem Power and SBD will be replicated on the Hive Blockchain but in the new token variation.

To make this as absolutely simple as possible, think of the Steem Blockchain as a book where every page is filled with transactions, posts, comments, upvotes - everything you have done on the Steem Blockchain since you joined is on the pages of that book. On Friday that book will be replicated - an exact copy, but from then the new Hive copy will only have the things you do on Hive added to it's new pages. The Steem book will also have everything you did in the past - but from Friday it will only have the transactions you continue to make on the Steem Blockchain.

Once the Hive fork is live you can choose to make use of the front ends and dapps that support it to interact as you always have, your account and keys will be transferred and the same as on Steem (now is a good time to hard copy your keys so you have them safe, once the chain forks you can keep the same keys on both or for security change the keys on one - or both as you see fit)

The most important thing I can stress to you all is - you literally have to do nothing. If you want to stick with the Steem Blockchain - nothing changes. If in six months time you fancy looking at Hive Blockchain - you can head over and log in with your keys - that are current as of Friday 20th March - so again hard copy them now to ensure there are no issues in future.

Which is Better - Steem or Hive?

I can not tell you which is better, all I can say is that from my perspective since the unexpected announcement that Steemit Inc had sold their business, and a supermajority stake of Steem Tokens (that were always agreed to be used for Blockchain development purposes only) to Tron - everything that Tron has done since then has been hostile.

I fully supported the soft fork 22.2 to prevent misuse of the Steemit Inc Ninja Mine tokens - they were never supposed to be used for Witness voting or indeed general voting - and the new owners made no effort to contact any of our Steem Blockchain Witnesses and explain what they planned. After well over a week of no contact protecting the decentralised governance of our Blockchain was essential. Nothing was stolen, the tokens held by Tron were simply locked by the soft fork which could easily be reversed once a dialogue was finally achieved and both parties could agree with a way forward.

The subsequent hijacking of exchange funds to force Tron Witnesses into a position of control of the Steem Blockchain so they could effectively change anything they liked without consulting anyone - absolutely justified the soft fork 22.2 - Tron did exactly what they were expected to do - they just found a sneaky way to do it that nobody thought of.

It is a credit to DPOS and all our stakeholders that through a combined effort of Witness voting we were able to position ten of our own original Witnesses in the top 10 slot, ensuring that Tron could not change the Blockchain direction without agreement. But the battle quickly escalated when you have an almost unlimited amount of funding behind you, buying in additional Steem in the hundreds of thousands to push position and of course sweet talking existing holders is easy - the stand off has remained for weeks and no reasonable outcome seems possible.

Will you be a HIVE Witness

I believe the HIVE fork is the right way to go, it enables Tron and anyone supporting them to continue with Steem as they see fit. On Hive we will have our existing active and long supporting Witnesses, and will see new and exciting developements in Blockchain, Hive also has support from the majority of DAPPS we all love and use.

As a Witness I have two active Servers running, my primary Witness server will be moved over and running HIVE as soon as it goes live. My backup will remain on Steem for the short term, while the chain continues to run. On both chains I will be @c0ff33a as an account and a Witness, and on both chains I will continue to work with @derangedvisions supporting our creative, active, photography and unique content creators.

STEEM or HIVE - what should I do?

Like Witness Voting your choice is YOUR CHOICE. Decide your path and follow it, nobody can or should tell anyone what to do in this situation. Read, learn, assess and make an informed decision.

My personal perspective is this, it is not financial advice, and you should choose to do with your investment in Steem as you see fit.

Hive as a fork of the Steem Blockchain is being actioned and backed by pretty much all our existing Top Twenty Witnesses, for me this is the work of people I have respected and believed in for over three years. It also has the backing and support of Witnesses throughout the ranks, the majority of DAPPS and a large amount of third party infrastructure for api nodes. From launch HIVE will have for more supportive Witnesses, api nodes, infrastructure and backup then Steem. The experienced coders that have worked on the last 22 Hard Forks, who know the blockchain code inside out are part of Hive.

Steem has no community developers working on it, the Steemit Inc developers that were purchased have all quit. It is very unlikely they have anyone capable of coding a smooth hard fork, in fact at present without the support of our existing community developers it is highly likely the Steem blockchain will crash completely from any hard fork because there are no experienced coders left working on it.

It is your choice, look at the options and make the decision. I can not tell which blockchain to support, and your investment is your investment you must choose how it is best utilised for you.

Personally I am looking forward to Hive, everyone the is working on it is super focused and they are committed to making it the standard in DPOS Blockchain. If you want to be part of game changing Blockchain, and see a great return on investment then support HIVE.

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  • @jayna

    Thank you for that clear explanation! The book analogy helps a lot! I will be watching to see which platform has the most interaction, as I don’t think I will be good at maintaining a presence on both. One thing for certain. It’s going to be interesting! And I am really proud to be a part of this community. The commitment to making sure we can carry on as we have always intended is impressive.

  • @ninahaskin

    Thank you for the much needed update, trusted information and your continued hard work as a Steemit and future HIVE witness! @c0ff33a💪

    We're all in this together so let's make the best of this new chapter in our journey to HIVE !

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    Really clear explanation indeed rt01lr.png Thank you 😉

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    This is an interesting development. It's encouraging to see how hard the Steem community is fighting for our chain!

    Thanks for the simple explanation. When I first read about Hive, I was kind of worried that things were about to get super complicated, but you've kind of put those fears to rest.

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    Any information about requirements to run a hive witness? Same as STEEM I would imagine 🤔

  • @article61

    Great analogy with the books, that really helped. I’ve just wrote a post asking a few questions about this hardfork and you’ve answered a good selection of them. Thanks for taking the time to explain things. See you on Hive 🤩🥳

  • @crisangel
    It is something very surprising and revolutionary ... this leap year has started with everything, a real revolution inside and outside the blockchain. The year started with a virus that spread very quickly worldwide. A few weeks after the beginning of the year I suffered from a liver affection, after more than forty days of absolute rest and strict diet; in Venezuela they send us to protect ourselves to avoid the spread of the virus ... it has been almost three months now and I still cannot mobilize as I wish. Now everything is being canceled or delayed, a great revolution. Inside the blockchain there has been something similar, strong disputes and discussions to know what fate holds for us, but everything indicates that money is the judge in this, our community trying to unite to foresee it, all attempts continue without a clear direction , then now in a few hours a new blockchain produced as the base of Steem enters the game ... a revolution in the real world and within our beloved blockchain. Thinking of leaving Steem behind is something difficult to assimilate ... since for much or at least for me ... it has been a space for growth, evolution, and financial support in moments where I have needed it most, it has allowed us to know great people and also getting to know them physically ... the whole trip has been completely great, now thinking about leaving it behind is somewhat complicated. I know that the new blockchain is designed to continue to maintain our freedom and decentralization, but we will not really know what will happen or the direction all this will take if we do not start swimming in this new vast ocean. We are all waiting for it to happen and many are doing their best to obtain the solution that benefits us all equally. For now what I can recommend is, how in moments of current crisis, try to stay together as much as possible and close to our loved ones.
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    You’ve answered some of my questions. Thanks!

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    I am sad what happened to steem but I hope that it will live long and both HIVE and steem will coexist for a long-term. @c0ff33a

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    Great effort and unity in actions and mind!

    What a way to go!! This is very exciting indeed!! We are seeing principles in actions! Humanity still has hopes for a brighter future!

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