Day 2 Steemfest 4 ‘A Story of Steem’ by Buttcoins

So here is my video of my steemfest presentation. I wrote a big long presentation, but the day before i was due to read it i had a freak out. I realized i needed to just be me... and share a presentation from the user of Steem perspective. So i tossed my speech out the window and winged it. I went and Buttcoin’d Steemfest. I blibbled and babbled, stuttered and stammered and spilled my guts out on the stage. I hope you enjoy a simple Butt’s story. That maybe this talk gives/ gave even 1 person pause to think about what their own unique story of Steem is.... well that would rock for me!

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  • @whatsup

    And personally, I loved it. :)

  • @captainbob

    Awesome job my man. Great story.

  • @ds-tech

    Hey I commented to you on Dtube as well, but now that I found your video on Steemit I have to ask you: How did you get your video post to appear the way it did before Dtube split from Steemit?

  • @tibfox

    Awesome speech brother! And the 360 cam ? Wtf it is the bomb!! :D

  • @melinda010100

    I loved your time on stage!

  • @mattsanthonyit

    Great story 👍

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  • @raj808

    Great presentation from the heart. Loved it mate. Also, loving all the experimentation with the 360 camera 🙂👍

  • @outlinez

    Your speech was very inspiring. With so much emotion and dedication, good results are inevitable. !trdo

  • @mvd

    I loved your speech at steemfest. I watched it on YouTube 😀. Storytelling is essential, especially if you want to sell something 😂.

  • @blazing

    steemfest turning out to be so cool

  • @trendotoken

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