Day 2 Steemfest 4 ‘A Story of Steem’ by Buttcoins

So here is my video of my steemfest presentation. I wrote a big long presentation, but the day before i was due to read it i had a freak out. I realized i needed to just be me... and share a presentation from the user of Steem perspective. So i tossed my speech out the window and winged it. I went and Buttcoin’d Steemfest. I blibbled and babbled, stuttered and stammered and spilled my guts out on the stage. I hope you enjoy a simple Butt’s story. That maybe this talk gives/ gave even 1 person pause to think about what their own unique story of Steem is.... well that would rock for me!

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  • @whatsup

    And personally, I loved it. :)

  • @captainbob

    Awesome job my man. Great story.

  • @ds-tech

    Hey I commented to you on Dtube as well, but now that I found your video on Steemit I have to ask you: How did you get your video post to appear the way it did before Dtube split from Steemit?

  • @tibfox

    Awesome speech brother! And the 360 cam ? Wtf it is the bomb!! :D

  • @melinda010100

    I loved your time on stage!

  • @mattsanthonyit

    Great story 👍

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  • @raj808

    Great presentation from the heart. Loved it mate. Also, loving all the experimentation with the 360 camera 🙂👍

  • @outlinez

    Your speech was very inspiring. With so much emotion and dedication, good results are inevitable. !trdo

  • @mvd

    I loved your speech at steemfest. I watched it on YouTube 😀. Storytelling is essential, especially if you want to sell something 😂.

  • @blazing

    steemfest turning out to be so cool

  • @trendotoken

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  • @kaerpediem

    I had to watch it again.... Sooooo gooooood :) It was so good to have met you

  • @flipstar

    loved it as well but now I am curious about the speech you had orginialy planed


  • @abh12345

    I'm late arriving but that was a good talk man, cheers!

  • @prettynicevideo

    I was just getting out of the hospital I'm so sad I missed this but I'm watching now. @theycallmedan said your steemfest stuff was powerful so I'm here. Ok. I'm watching now I'll bb

  • @prettynicevideo

    Great job on tossing the speech and speaking from the heart!

  • @shaidon

    This was a great speech. In summary it’s about making connections to people. I’ve been attacked by trolls here for saying as much unfortunately, but I want to thank you for reminding me that it is possible to have fun here and bring some joy where there is often doom and gloom.

    And you’re right, we do own a piece of the block-chain, like buying shares in Facebook almost.