What To Do When You Have Always Been Social Distancing

Living under a rock.  Home sweet home.

Since i have been living under a rock, i have always been social distancing.

And now, that they are enforcing social distancing, part of me wants to rebel. But it is just safer to stay under my rock.

My biggest problem is that i do not like making people feel uncomfortable. It is easier to just adjust to whatever they feel / say the norm is. The norm has always been highly irrational to me anyways.

- - - - - - -

So, what does one do?

We want to resist tyranny. We want freedom. We do not want to be oppressed.

However, is the desire to get out and protest the best course of action?

In many senses, it is exactly what an evil tyrannical politicoach would want.

Oh, protest, protest all you want. Bwaaahahaha! Waste all your time. You will never vote us out, because we are all the choice you have.
Come on, are you going to burn down your own town? Do you need some matches?

Instead, what feels to be the better path is just talking. Post on f-c-book, ThemTube or anywhere about changing people's perceptions.

The narratives that govern-cement is essential. That police officers are good people, and there are only a few bad apples...

These narratives need to be challenged. And it is only after people un-brainwash themselves is any revolution actually possible. So, talking about it may be the best thing to do.

- - - - - - -

But, there is one better thing to do. Start living free.

Disconnect yourself from their system. Supply your own food. Supply your own water. Supply your own electricity.

Instead of protesting, i should spend my time showing people how to live a sustainable lifestyle.

I should spend my time writing about how to build green, continuously available, electricity.

- - - - - - -
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    Keep working, stop paying!

    If we don't take our freedoms while we can, we won't have any. We'll be their cop of the year, if only for our own lives.

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