The Coming $100k Bitcoin Parties and Buying That Lambo

When Lambo?

This year we will see $100,000 bitcoin

And the most important thing about this level is that it is a point at which many bitcoin millionaires will start to trade bitcoins for physical things.

AND! the number one thing that future crypto millionaires talk about is buying that Lambo.

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i hate to be wet blanket on the crypto parties that will be happening... BUT

Along with the population rushing into bitcoin there are going to be several things also happening.

  • Many little people will be noticing that we are in the Greatest Depression. (Make America Great Again, yep)
  • The dollar will be even more shaky.
  • The first signs of major crop failures start to hit the stores.
  • The "hatred of the rich" drums will reach fever pitch. (not really the music crypto millionaires expected at the party)
  • We, in the northern half of the world will be staring into the worst winter we have ever experienced. (until the next one)

- - - - - - -

So, just when you got the money to buy a Lambo, you will find it the worst investment you can make.

You will probably be able to drive it for a year before it will be too dangerous to be seen in it on the road. Already people are showing anger at things like mere Porches driving by. It is going to get worse.

Further, the roads aren't going to get fixed, they are only going to get worse. (muh roads anyone?) A car with thin fat tires does not do well on broken roads.

And, this is the time you really want to buy farmland and all the equipment to feed yourself. Growing food in the near future will require a greenhouse. Energy for heating homes will be at a premium, and so, get an earthship or a well insulated house. Make sure it can survive baseball sized hail.

Electricity will become more and more sporadic as the power lines are destroyed by ice or roving bands of the lost generation. So, having alternative sources of energy is a good plan.


Food is paying 12-18% ROI... and it will be an even better performer in the coming years.

In the end, buying a Lambo was a neat idea, for when we had a society that admired self-made people. It was the ultimate status symbol. It is just so sad that almost at the exact time when many early crypto adopters could afford a Lambo, it is also becoming a boat anchor tied around the ankles of those who will be drowning in the coming floods.

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  • @j85063

    Sure won't be a good thing to be seen in a lambo when the world is crashing around us. Best put that money to better use.

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  • @kiwisteem

    what a beautifully bleak picture : )

  • @randr10

    I stopped wanting a Lambo about halfway through college, long before I could even think about affording one. I saw kids my age driving around in their lowered American and Japanese "sports cars," scraping on the ground everywhere they went, constantly chasing maintenance on their high octane turbocharged rides. A Lambo is just an even more expensive version of this liability. Hot rodding is supposed to be fun, and buffing some paperweight with a diaper and using it only to show off your wealth, that don't sound like fun to me.

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  • @starving

    time to hodl infact

  • @katharsisdrill

    Also the pork will be crazy expensive due to illness in the Chinese pig farms. As a real Viking that will be what my btc will be used for. Freezer upon freezer with pork!

  • @solarguy

    Lot's of good points. Have you seen the new documentary called American Swamp? S01E04 is all about the failure to keep up infrastructure in the USA. I found it very enlightening. How not keeping up with good road, plumbing and the lot is actually costing more than it would to actually fix and update the issues. Wild word. Good post.