OpenLedger Shuts Down Even More Access to BitShares.

Not much more than a day ago i posted that OpenLedger had shut down their gateway because of the "bad things" that happened with CryptoBridge.

Now, you can't even sell out of your Open____ (OpenBTC, OpenLTC, OpenETC...) positions. Trading has been turned off.

I very much hope that OpenLedger reopens everything and bitcoin is way up, so you wouldn't have sold it anyway, but that is in the future, and requires lawyers. And every time lawyers need to be involved, in rapidly becomes easier to not do something.

This is not a happy time to be left in the dark. I hope that OpenLedger is keeping people informed on twatter or f-c-book or something, because these ground shaking news items are not on their front page. No, you have to search for them.

It looks like i sold my OpenBTC just in time, but i am not happy with losing out of this 10% spike today.

Good luck out there

and i hope for a really decentralized exchange soon. (yes, exchange, because it will become one, giant lump, as soon as anyone makes any bridges between them)

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  • @sauna

    Openledger and Cryptobridge are both bad news. Isn't this the problem with bitshares? The gateways can do whatever they want with your money, by their ability to turn off trading indefinitely or delisting an asset without proper notification. Or, as in the case of cryptobridge, simply freeze your account until kyc is done.