Manufacturing Is Coming Back to The US

They Took Our Jerbs

But no jobs will be created.

I have been telling people for a long time that manufacturing is coming back to The US, and most people are glad when i tell them, because they think that means more jobs, and good for america...

However, this is going to be a nightmare, and semantics is important.

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The US ≠ America

Manufacturing is coming back to The US for several very important reasons.

  • Robots work just as cheaply in The US as in China
  • The US has the best property rights for corporations
  • We are at war with China, and it is just turned hot.

To have manufacturing in China, you build stuff at the whim of the CCP. But it was worth it when you could get really cheap labor without much strife. Unfortunately labor costs have been going up and protests too.

Thus, part of this plandemic was the "rah, rah, America" "Buy American" "We need to bring manufacturing back to America".

And we see over in China they have launched a nationwide campaign telling everyone that America unleashed the devastating virus.

It is all coming together to build "Silicon Valley II" They even got some wild fires to burn down all the houses in the area that will become this new mecca of the oligarchs.

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Don't be deluded. Manufacturing may be happening in The US, but employment will be going down. WAY down.

If you are not a robotics engineer, or a manufacturing engineer, or the like, you aren't going to find jobs anywhere.

Well, except for security for these facilities, and kitchen staff for these facilities, and _____ for these facilities.

"Made in America" will be hollow. It might as well be built in another country with no connection to anywhere else. Just a place that drains resources from everyone.

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Fortunately, almost immediately after they start this project, many Americans will start building their own manufacturing facilities. Robots work just as well in your garage or barn as they do over there.

Soon, it will be buy local, and you actually can. And you can get parts local. And most likely everything will be made to be repaired.

We are about to see great strides made in self sufficiency, but we are also going to see a huge gulf in the haves and the have-nots.

I would like to say we have a little time, but that's a falsehood. What we have is what's left in the supply chain, and the sputtering of groups trying to restart the economy.

On the other hand this is the best time to get into small, local manufacturing. Automation and machining tools have become inexpensive and reliable. Everyone who wants can own a CNC mill. (i remember when having a digital readout was shit-hot new fangled stuff.)

Small manufacturing is only second to getting your own greenhouse and growing your own food. This is the time to take your life in your own hands.

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