Why I won’t be compromising with Justin Sun

At this point, it seems like most of the community is in agreement on one thing: they don’t want Justin Sun here. The primary disagreement seems to be how to achieve that. From what I’ve been told, even Justin himself has said he doesn’t want to be here. He just wants to get paid to leave.

So the purpose of this post is to list the reasons why I don’t think it’s a good idea to pay him to leave and why I won’t be participating in any such deal via coding support, money (among other ideas, I’ve been told via intermediaries that Justin would happily sell Steemit to me now), or even as a simple endorsement of a deal.

What’s the value of Steemit Inc now?

In my opinion, Steemit Inc has nearly zero value now

Wait, what about the Steemit stake it holds?

While it controls a stake with a quoted value of many millions, it will never be possible to realize that value now. My best guess is that it is worth around $200K USD, and that's only if the owner considers it ethical to dump the stake that was promised for development. My estimate of its dump value being so low is because it can only be dumped slowly, which will give the market time to see what's coming.

This is also one of the big reasons why Justin is lobbying to get the powerdown rate changed to something like a day. The faster he can dump it, the more value he can get from gullible buyers who think they are getting coins cheaply, never understanding that the coins they are buying will never regain their value, because all the value is going to leave (more on this point shortly). Time is not on his side in such a dump, because the more information people have, the more they will realize that what he’s selling won’t be worth buying.

As a side note, all the above is one reason Steemit got sold to Justin to begin with, in my opinion. Ned has dealt with Steem long enough to know that he was unlikely to extract the value just by dumping it and he didn’t have a plan for how to profit by using it for development (he tried that and failed already). So instead he sold the company for less than half the value of the Steemit stake and was happy with the deal.

Wait, what about the IP and developers?

When Justin acquired it, Steemit absolutely had some strong value, in the form of intellectual property, branding, and experienced blockchain and frontend developers. But now, all the developers he acquired are gone (they’ve all quit).

Branding, good will?

Despite all the mistakes it has made, Steemit Inc also had some good branding and good will from its role in starting the Steem blockchain. But almost immediately, Justin began destroying that via his public statements and actions. I don’t want to rehash that, because almost everyone else has already deeply analyzed those actions (most reasonably with a few bizarre exceptions).

At this point, Steemit Inc itself has no community to support the value of a coin it controls: the only community here is the Steem community, not the Steemit community, and it mostly wants nothing to do with Justin (some are even willing to pay him to leave).

What option does the Steem community have if it won’t compromise?

Before long, we will launch a new coin that is essentially a re-branded hardfork of Steem, airdropped on all Steemians, without airdropping to the Steemit stake. This new chain will maintain all our collected posts and our transaction info and will support all the same Dapps we’ve come to know and love.

I believe all the economic value will move to this new chain and the chain with Justin's stake will ultimately just die. He can keep his chain running for a while, trying to find uninformed people to sell it to, but it’s not going to last long with no devs, no real plan from Justin on how to keep it alive, and most of all, no community to support it.

In other words, I believe the value in your existing Steem coin account will migrate to a value in this new coin. And I believe the value (i.e. the price) of the existing chain will just drop as Justin dumps on that chain.

I see this as a big win for the community and particularly existing Steem holders, as we free ourselves from an entity that has just been dumping on us economically for a long time, without properly returning that value with enough technical development or publicity.

Another cool thing, from a marketing perspective, is we will be a literal demonstration of how a community is what gives a coin value. We should make every effort to capitalize on this in cryptocurrency media, just as we’ve done so far in our DPOS vote fight with Justin.

Does the community have the skills to operate a blockchain?

We have more developers committing to work on this new chain than we’ve ever had before. We already have a team of 36 experienced developers, including key devs that were involved in the initial development and maintenance of Steem. And new developers are joining us daily. By contrast, from what I know, Steemit had 4 devs, and currently has none at all.

And we don’t just have devs, we have marketing people, business people, artists, and idealists. Our combined efforts can do far more than a narrow-minded, profit-driven Steemit ever dreamed possible. As many here know, the community constantly reached out to try to help Steemit, and was continually rebuffed. We plan to be be the opposite of that, with an all-inclusive, decentralized approach to development, marketing, and on-boarding.

Does the community have the resources to launch a blockchain?

Yes, we do. It’s actually much easier for us to launch a chain, because of the many lessons we’ve had operating the Steem blockchain. And as far as financial resources go, several prominent Steem stakeholders have privately offered both computing resources and significant financial support, including my own company, BlockTrades. Even at this early stage, I’m utterly convinced we have sufficient support to launch and develop this new blockchain.

We’re also already hard at work lowering the costs of operating the servers that power the Steem ecosystem (web sites and Dapps). We’ve identified key areas where we can dramatically reduce operating costs over the costs paid by Steemit and we’ll be ready by launch to deploy these higher efficiency API nodes and services.

But isn’t compromise always better?

One of the first things we’re taught as children and often taught again in life, is the importance of compromise. Generally speaking, compromise is often a good idea. But compromise is not always the right choice: 1) it usually fails when you can't trust the other party to keep a compromise agreement and 2) it doesn't make sense to compromise if the resulting value trade is uneven. Both of these apply in this case, I believe.

Making any kind of deal with Justin at this point would just be a case of handing over dollars that we can use for development to a guy who can still go after Ned for financial restitution as well. Any payment to Justin represents both an economic loss to us and a potential financial win for him (since if we pay him off to leave, he can even potentially profit off a legal recovery from Ned too). From both an economic and moral perspective, it makes no sense to compromise with Justin.

What about exchange listings?

Some of our community depends on the ability to translate their Steem into fiat money. They will not be forgotten in this move. To protect them, we will need to get exchange listings. We’ve been in promising talks with some exchanges already, without disclosing too many details to them, and I’m sure we will be able to obtain plenty of listings as we show that our chain is the true community chain. But no matter, I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure we have one exchange listing within days after launch.

We win by fighting, not by compromising

The ongoing fight with Justin has been and will continue to be a huge publicity win for us. We are getting more publicity now than we have had in a long time.

Steem has long been ignored by most of the crypto-space as a failed project of Dan Larimer. We are now being giving the opportunity to show that the community we have is so much more than that, and that we can emerge under the umbrella of a new coin, as a dominant player in decentralized blockchain development. Our strength is the personal contacts we have with each other. We are not just strange looking addresses on a blockchain, we share more than just number transactions, we share ideas, beliefs, and fellowship with each other.

More to come

Now, one thing I haven’t done here is lay out all the details of what we will do with our new, revitalized chain. There’s a lot of ideas for that, and some obvious first steps. But the long term plan is one we will need to build together. The important thing now is to align on what we value and how we want to approach the future. Not everyone on Steem may stick with us, and we have to accept that. But we should reach out where we can, if only to save them from losing money investing in a Justin-run chain (that is mostly why I’m writing this post now, even though I haven’t had a chance to express all of my own ideas or the ideas of others for future work).

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  • @tobetada

    Wow, this is making me super excited! Bring it on Steemians! :)))

  • @elsiekjay

    Sign me up already! It's about time we did this. We have a few years lessons to guide us as a community as we move forward. It may or may not work, but we may never know how great we are as a community if we don't try. Anything is better than being held hostage by a psycho dictator here.

  • @netuoso

    I commit to this 100%. I will be providing all of my available development resources and blockchain knowledge to the new chain.

    The Steem technology will not die, but the Steem blockchain, as you said, has little to no value remaining. I look forward to helping create a new beginning for this community that has already been through so much.

    The new community in the new chain will have a real sense of ownership without a looming threat hanging above their head in the form of illegitimate, ninja-mined stake.

    There are some exciting times just around the corner. I implore the community to hold tight and keep your eyes and ears open.

    To be clear, I think Justin Sun, and likely Ned Scott, should be criminally charged for their actions. Due to this, I fully agree that Sun should not be awarded at all for the damage he has caused. @justinsunsteemit doesn't even engage with the community unless he thinks they will benefit him and vote for his sock puppet witnesses.

    Eli Powell is constantly lying or spreading a false narrative about what is to come. I hope everyone takes this opportunity to continue their efforts on the new chain WITHOUT the stain of SteemIt, Inc.

  • @cardboard

    I'm all aboard :)

    Just please, please don't name it steem classic.

    "classic" sounds like old, obsolete. Now we have a chance to distinct ourselfs from steam gaming platform (google always asks in the search option: did you mean steam?:D )

  • @therealwolf

    2020 is already the year of revolution. It's about time we take the future of our community into our own hands.

    I, for one, will provide my knowledge & skills towards any goal that is beneficial for this community.

  • @drakos

    Exciting news. When Justin will be stuck on his precious chain ran by his sock puppets, he should keep in mind that with short period power downs, he won't be the only one dumping... His stake will be worthless by the time the whole community dumps its own old-STEEM.

    I support such a revolution and change. I will give my 100% to support the new chain with infrastructure and experience learned from being a witness and managing servers.

  • @ocupation

    I'm in, fuck 'em!

  • @acesontop

    I guess the exchanges listings can be solved over time, and considering that currently STEEM is not listed on too many of them I guess the new STEEM may even outperform the old one. I am curious though to hear details about the new chain, and hopefully you(the ones that could make this a reality) will take into consideration the current flaws that Steem and Steemit have and that led to this situation. I am not that technical but as I mentioned a few times on my blog I sure wish some sort of a way to be found in solving the rewards pool abuse, the spamming, the privacy issues related to public wallets, which in my opinion should be private and why not self voting. I know that the current chain is a DPOS one but I hope for the new one, in voting witnesses, a vote to be equal between any given members. Rewards wise I totally get the use of VP but in the case of witnesses if we would have had a slightly different weight on our votes, where the numbers would decide and not the chunk, I guess Justin wouldn't have a chance with his intentions. Curious about future updates. Interesting but uncertain times ahead I have to say. Steem on!

  • @fervi

    So censorship is counterproductive and you need Hard Fork?

  • @ats-david

    I will be more than happy to migrate to this new chain.

    We should not feel obligated to remain on a chain where the largest stakeholder is completely hostile to nearly the entire community. We should not feel obligated to go down with the proverbial ship. We should not feel obligated to maintain a presence simply for the sake of being an opposing force.

    Let the centralized chain rot in its own incompetence and arrogance. We will move on with little more than a blink...and will likely prosper once unleashed from our four-year burden of poor leadership and wasted funds.

    The albatross will no longer be around our necks. We should seize that opportunity to make this new chain what Steem could have been years ago.

  • @bobinson

    In Solidarity! Will make sure that the new chain is in adherence to the values putting people and decentralization at the fore-front. Any other attempts or interests if arises will be prevented by and all resources available.

  • @berniesanders

    I am 100% on board with this and look forward to moving on from the SINMS that has been killing Steem for so long.


  • @dragosroua

    I'm in. I've been a witness since October 2016 (a time when the business was still run by Ned and Dan). Never too prominent, always floating around 50-60 in the witness chart, but with more than 10,000 posts (probably 10% articles). I was attracted by the initial promise of the blockchain, a promise which have been repeatedly broken, by various events or actors. I also wrote - just for fun, but I can do more - one of the first dapps, http://steem.supply (now a bit in the limbo, because it was relying on steemit API node).

    My point is, I am one of those real people that wants to contribute.


  • @tarazkp

    Ok. Let's go.

  • @revisesociology

    I can get onboard with this!

  • @deniskj

    I am boarding this train.

    I understand the intensive fight that has been going on over the past few days but it is time to pull the plug.

    If Justin Sun can have his friends at Binance open up withdrawals for him and only him so he can affect consensus, how far will is he likely to go.

    There is no chance for a win-win. I will not work with Justin Sun.

    I only ask you put up a roadmap so we can start preparing for the exit. Meanwhile we can sustain the fight and hold off Justin long enough for the new chain to be ready.

  • @petertag

    I'm absolutely committed to providing my development resources and knowledge to a new chain, and would be interested in joining this team of ~36. I'd also hope that we allow for more input into the decentralization of the chain, as the problems around the ninja-mine (not the ninja-mine itself) imho, mostly stemmed from the fact that the stake was also able to control governance. I'd like to see a chain where you actually can't just buy control. LMK how to contact you/this team and I'll get started. Cheers!

  • @decentralizd


  • @abdex9

    I'm 10000% in support of this. Justin has proved far beyond any doubt that he's an asshole(I'm not sorry for calling him that😐). He's like Corona Virus to this beautiful chain. Fork his fucking head out. Let him run an empty chain. 😑

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @nerdtopiade

    I like what i read .

  • @engrave

    Fully agree and ready to jump into a new chain with every project we developed!

  • @drakos

    Question, will the airdrop be done to liquid and/or powered up STEEM?

  • @alokkumar121

    Sounds cool and you rightly said we are true community. Let's do this 💯

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  • @osavi

    I've been waiting for this post since the beginning of that drama with Justin. A post that makes things clear. You made my day! 💪 Thank you, I can't wait to hear more!

  • @ammonite

    Exciting news. I will be happy to become a part of it. As a content creator I look forward to continuing with the same audience. I really hope we can get everyone onboard, apart from Justin obviously.

  • @steemitadventure

    I’m down.

  • @ultratrain

    Full Steem ahead!!! JS and Ned are two POS who need to be cast out and shunned. Screw JS and all his enablers and let's break away and start a new future.

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  • @ecoinstant

    Our Fund of Projects building on Blockchain (previous steem) will be happy to continue to develop on decentralized chain that is fast and free.

    Do please consider implementing some of the DPoS reforms that would continue to keep us a leader in the innovation of DPoS governance. This include but are not limited to the ideas here enumerated by @rycharde.

  • @monsterjamgold

    I would commit to this as a user

  • @steemitadventure

    Call it “Meets”

    Perfect lol

  • @thehive

    With respect to what you have written. Jack Miller speaks highly of you and I hold him with high regard myself. Does this mean we should power down our Steem? It does concern me on another level that I am just jumping from one chain to another were a voice as low SP as mine would not be heard.

    One thing I have voiced since coming to Steemit.com was to use Steem to invest to the FIAT world to bring a higher value and a demand for the token. I see this as a method to bring more people to the economy of a chain.

    Do you have someone I could discuss the possibilities of an ambitious project with?

  • @tuck-fheman

    I'm in and have been waiting for this day for many many years since it became obvious long ago that Ned and his amateurish ways were incapable of properly running things.

    A true Community Steem chain is what some of us have been dreaming of and it's day is fast approaching. #cant-wait

  • @udezee

    We are not just strange looking addresses on a blockchain, we share more than just number transactions, we share ideas, beliefs, and fellowship with each other.

    I will call this; decentralized faith and unblemished community bond.

    In support with this move, I believe it will breakthrough and put the steem oppressors to shame

  • @trumpman

    So essentially you announce a steem fork.

    Now to the golden question. How will the airdrop work? Do we get one new steem for each steem we have powered up or what? When will the snapshot be made?

  • @argsolver

    Agree with the fight agree with the HF.

    In my opinion, Steemit Inc has nearly zero value now

    Justin Sun bought it really cheap. It does have some brand rights (I guess) that he can use to legally block the real STEEM community to use it and it's the www.steemit.com site is an easy onboarding platform for a TRON token.

    That's why he doesn't care about the rest. Of course, if he could sell STEEM for some $$$ better for him, but his value plan probably takes into account that stake to be $0 in value.

    PS: @blocktrades I don't want to spam your blog, just leaving this for visibility and future reference as I honestly think it contributes some ideas for the future.

    Reputational Enhanced Delegated Proof-of-Stake (REDPOS)

  • @pjau

    i vote yes

  • @mindtrap

    So, there is not a chance to save Steem? Isn't it like we're giving up?

    Don't get me wrong here. I think this idea is good but there are still a lot of "what ifs"...

  • @mrgreen

    justin ludovic.png

    sun 3.png

  • @justineh

    I fully support this and look forward to helping in anyway I can.

  • @enforcer48


    Been waiting for this announcement for a while. I hope the "stalemate" bought enough time.

  • @twinner

    Great News! How do you plan to handle the Airdrop for the exchanges?

  • @ammonite

    I would like to suggest the name 'Water' the tokens are 'Drops' they can be 'frozen' like stake and the whole thing will be condensed from Steem.

  • @denmarkguy

    YES! I'm 100% onboard with this @blocktrades!

    This is the first time I have seen something that feels truly solid in the course of this entire shitshow. There are so many things about a move like this that feels right... from being a win for our community to the broader picture of it being a win for both DPOS and decentralization on a meta level. I believe this would not only save the community and everyone's years of sweat equity, but it will also be a "watershed moment" in terms of what can accomplished by a group of people working together.

    I believe the exchange issue will fall into place, in time. It may be difficult for some in the short term... but the proof will be in the pudding, so to speak.

  • @toofasteddie

    I am fully IN !!!! Looking forward to read more.

  • @nonameslefttouse

    All I'll say is this:

    • I'm not against this.
    • I won't be boarding any hype trains.
    • I'm not easily swayed.
    • I'm not easily impressed.
    • Don't let me down, because I've had enough of that shit.
    • I adore this community.
    • I don't want to quit.
  • @art.int

    Great idea, I'll be following most of the community (I hope) on the new chain.

    From a more down-to-earth point of view, the date and time of the fork must be made public (some time in advance) to ensure everyone has the same chance to buy / sell tokens before the fork (hence the "snapshot"). If that's not the case, it will be botched and the launch will be (as with the ninja-mined stake) forever stained by evident and predictable insider "trading".

  • @nikv

    Yes! Please!

  • @soufiani

    I absolutely agree and welling to do what ever I can to help the community be better!

  • @jaki01

    Great, motivating post!

    As you may know, for several reasons I am (was?!) in favour of seeking compromises, because ...

    • I saw the benefits of the financial resources to support STEEM development and the promotional skills of Justin Sun.
    • I fear(ed) that with no exchange listings of the 'new STEEM' its value in USD may approach zero; good to know that you have some ideas/plans for bringing it to the exchanges.
    • I fear part of the community might get lost after a separation (for example I really would miss the Korean community).
    • As the STEEM blockchain is kind of a long term storage of my ideas and thoughts I wondered what happened to all my articles (this fear seems not to be justified according to your post).

    However, your post made me somewhat more optimistic and calm, even if I still wonder about which exact consequences such a fork would have.

    If the fork will happen I really suggest to limit the witness votes per account to prevent that single individuals are able to appoint the majority of the top witnesses (again) and thus control the whole blockchain.

  • @jonsnow1983

    Fucking Checkmate boss! "unless" he starts buying people and I'm not selling. Consider me in. This is really exciting, I'm pretty sure we can regain value and make this ship sail again!

    Regards boss!

  • @andrewmarkmusic

    Sun got sucker-punched by Ned and I've no empathy for either of them. A lot of CEO's abandoned ship prior to the virus and that suggests insider tip-off. FWIW: it's obvious that this is the only pragmatic move left and the correct course of action but I'm skeptical that the new chain won't be an oligarchy.

  • @nickyhavey

    Now THAT'S the update right here!

    So will the hard fork/new chain you're proposing effectively work the same as it does now with SP, steem, SBD etc? Or will the dynamics of how that all works change as well?

    Just need to plan ahead as I co-run a contest via the current post payout/reward pool mechanics and want to make sure we can keep it running and all-inclusive. Also hoping to bring in a lot more electronic music producers once this dust settles!

    If you are going to fork, will there be a whole rebrand/start afresh or is it going to keep the STEEM name?

    Sorry, I have been trying to keep up with all that's happened here but I'm a casual user so miss the finer details.

    Sounds exciting though!


  • @jeffjagoe

    I'm in. He doesn't deserve a compromise from us. Let him waste his money on a pile of garbage.

  • @freebornangel

    Just name the account to power up so community stake can do to stunc what stinc tried to do to us. I will happily set it as my power down route.

  • @retrocommodore

    My two bits of advice: Don't take a long time to release the new blockchain. That's like the games that stay in early access for a long time, so by the time they finally reach full release no one is paying attention to them anymore. And name it something that doesn't include the name "Steem". Not only should the new blockchain and coin be an entity unto itself without hearkening back to the Steem branding, but using the name Steem has always been a point of confusion for some between Steam the game platform and Steem the cryptocurrency. It should be a new and unique name.

  • @ura-soul

    Excellent. I'm glad to feel your enthusiasm and that you are on the same page as most in the community here. I totally agree that this is an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of both the decentralised, blockchain model and also the STEEM community. As far as compromise goes - a compromise ALWAYS results in someone not feeling great and always leads to a less than ideal outcome. Blockchains allow for ZERO compromise and for the enacting of free will, provided that those making the decisions have the resources and knowhow to maintain their own fork and guide their own destiny. If the community chooses to go in a different direction to Justin Sun, then that is there choice and they will mostly feel good about that without needing to compromise ideals. Justin will have to accept that he has created the outcome he experiences and while he may not feel good about the outcome, he would at least not have been forced into it without having had options (which he apparently consciously chose not to take).

    There are over 5000 crypto tokens listed on coinmarketcap currently and I have no doubt that, as you say, a legit STEEM replacement would get listed on enough exchanges to allow it to prosper.

    On a lighter note - I joked about naming the new token MEETSNORT (TRONSTEEM backwards) and the names MEET and TEEM were obvious too. The domains from those two aren't readily available though (but some are for sale). If we specifically want an 'anti sun' token then maybe SUNBLOCK would be a good one. lol

  • @papetti

    Finally!!! I was getting tired of watching shit going in circles... #packing my bags as we speak

  • @dotwin1981

    I am good things and I think you will do a good job there. Anything's better than giving Justin what he wants. 👍

  • @gamer00

    I might have been a bit more pessimistic in my own post about Justin's intentions, and I already started powering down, but I do support this effort 100%.

    Just keep us posted on how the story develops, and if there's something we as the community, the users of Steem could help with. I'm sure we'll all be supporting the move.

  • @pharesim

    I love this community!

  • @mahdiyari

    I fully support the coming new chain. The best possible outcome and a big win for the community.

    Soon the world will understand that Steem is not Steemit inc.


  • @patelsneh96

    I'll more than gladly offer computing services if we make our own chain.

    Anything for the cause.

  • @azircon

    As an activist investor in our community I agree and support this take. I wholeheartedly agree that steem inc the entity that Justin Sun bought has no value. We as a community will create value in the new blockchain. Whatever help the community wants we will step up. Thanks for the effort @blocktrades

  • @stackin

    Let’s do it... I’m down 😎🤑

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  • @wakeupkitty

    I hope it works but since there's nothing to lose it's a good solution. 👍

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @okean123

    Will you reach out to news agencies like Cointelegraph, Coindesk etc to generate a greater (initial) attention to the a/the new chain?

  • @vikisecrets

    Brilliant, but give Steem a good name, like Steem Ultra or something cooler. On board.

  • @hobo.media

    Okay, interesting thoughts @blocktrades. But can we add new designs while this new snazzy chain is being made? It is a legitimate concern that Steem behaves too much as a plutocracy. We need this to be changed.

    Bag of "Goodies" I want to see happen for New Steem (Neem?) #Neem

    • Can we discuss speed trade-offs in favor of an increase in the amount of consensus witnesses? Perhaps we can employ sharding in order to maintain similar speed but increase the number of witnesses. Personally, I want 63 consensus witnesses.

    • Reduced amounts of votes per account on witnesses from 30 to 3, at least 8.

    • Remove curation for STEEM and relegate it to SMTs. STEEM inflation switching to 91% staking, 9% block rewards and we cut inflation rate down to 4%.

    • Make "Steem Power" (Let's just name it Stake damn it!!!) an equation of Stake Amount * Stake Length so that rewards and influence on "Neem" is not such a plutocracy system but more about rewarding people for their devotion to the ecosystem.

    Example: Dude #1 stakes 5000 "NEEM" for 1 year, Dudette #2 stakes 500 "NEEM" for 10 years and they both end up with equal rewards and influence.

  • @crypto.piotr

    Dear @blocktrades

    At this point, it seems like most of the community is in agreement on one thing: they don’t want Justin Sun here.

    I wouldn't be so sure about it. I've read hundreds of comments and posts written by small size users (like myself or even smaller) and majority seem to believe that conflict between witnesses and Justin is nothing more than fight for power.

    At the same time those users seem to be afraid to speak out (myself included) in fear that we will become targetted and downvoted for expressing our thoughts. I really am afraid that this comment will put me again on the radar of some powerful stakeholders, who will threat me (just like I was threatened already in the past).

    Majority of people out there seem to hope that our witnesses and Justin will find way of working together. That's reality.

    Unfortunatelly narrative "us versus him" is so very strong already, that it's hard to still have any hope :(

    Personally I can find it very difficult to imagine any product/project being succesful, knowing that major investor/stakeholder (marketing guru) and community build around project are in open and very public conflict. It's hard not to feel that we're in serious trouble.

    Before long, we will launch a new coin that is essentially a re-branded hardfork of Steem, airdropped on all Steemians, without airdropping to the Steemit stake. I believe all the economic value will move to this new chain and the chain with Justin's stake will ultimately just die

    I'm failing to see how new chain could hold any value. And I'm really trying. Also what would make people keep their steem and sell all aidropped tokens, bringing price to it's knees with no time? Wealth cannot be just doubled like that.

    Good luck with whatever you guys do. Obviously people like myself have no other choice but to watch how it's all unfolding.

    We win by fighting, not by compromising

    Sometimes conflicts cannot be won. Just like trade war between US and China. If compromise cannot be found - then there are only gonna be dead bodies and loses on both sides. Unfortunatelly.

    I hope I will not regreat speaking my mind. Yours, Piotr

  • @montycashmusic

    Look forward to the new adventure! Thanks for keeping us all updated!

  • @chiren

    I'm in.

  • @bil.prag

    if you all think you can pull this off, i would be glad to post my shitty posts on this new blockchain :D

  • @sgt-dan

    This is indeed well thought out and I am 100% onboard. I don't have a great many skills, but I do have a big mouth. Sadly this is the only logical way to move forward.

    It will be hard. It will be scary, but when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Thank you @blockbrothers, @theycallmedan, @guiltyparties, @ats-david, @tuckfehman for leading the way. Also thank you my fellow Steemians. Where else in the cryptosphere can one find a community like ours?

    We indeed are honey-badgers. Cute little critters with sharp teeth and claws!


  • @gentleshaid

    This is like a song to my ears. I will gladly migrate with the community without a second thought. Steem is blessed with a lot of resources, especially human resources. The community has become a family and I'm glad we have finally found a way to move on in the midst of thus imbroglio. Justin and his cohorts can choke on their stake.

  • @exhaust

    Been waiting for this. Lets pack our shit and forget this loser ever bothered us.

  • @camiloferrua

    This is exciting news! This fight has to end quickly or things can change for the community in a bad way. We don't know what other options are being discussed under the table.

    We need to spread the voice about this and inform people about how is going to be done the airdrop or everyone is going to be powering down.

  • @joythewanderer

    I'm in!

  • @adetorrent

    Very exciting stuff. Very exciting indeed!!

  • @wdougwatson

    Hell yes. Screw cooperation with jsun. This is what the community has been waiting on for a few years now. @rachaeldwatson

  • @rehan12

    Can't wait to be on the new chain. Tbh enough of the drama from someone who lacks knowledge of working together/EGO satisfaction(J.Sun). Hoping to see a chain of community and no dictators allowed out there!

  • @sames

    Lets do it. You go my support

  • @c0ff33a

    I am fully behind this as the best way forward for our entire community, and will be more then happy to support the blockchain with Witness Servers and an api node if required.

  • @xyzashu

    I'm all for it.

    What should we name our new blockchain and its coin?

    So that we should also start designing a new logo for it. 😊

  • @free-reign

    You have my support 100%

  • @marki99

    I am on board.

    When will the snapshot of the current chain be taken to airdrop the new tokens?

  • @appalachain

    I ain't got nothing but a few hundred steem and a big mouth, but I'm IN!

    I kept reluctantly holding out hope we'd come to an understanding with Justin, but, at least to me, he's made it crystal clear that he has no intention of working with us, and that he is untrustworthy. Give him a taste of his own medicine. Leave and set fire to whats left on the way out. Fork Justin Sun and the horse he rode in on.

    Getting rid of Ned and now Justin will be a net positive for us. I'm more excited about this than I was about Steem in 2016!

  • @ew-and-patterns

    Count me in. I will support the new chain. Please explain more about the airdrop in the amount of current steem holdings.

  • @creativeblue

    I wonder how @blocktrades would he solve the problem of building value/demand for newly created and aidropped token. If I will keep my steem and I will get some token for free then this new token will initially be only "free money"

    It’s actually much easier for us to launch a chain, because of the many lessons we’ve had operating the Steem blockchain.

    How to create demand, which could remotely come close to huge supply of tokens that will be dumped left and right. PAL token should be a great lesson, that it's super hard to do.

  • @v4vapid

    Amen to that! I'm happier than a Mo'Forker right now! Hells yeah!

  • @carloserp-2000

    I like this and we'll do everything we can to make things work the way we've always wanted them to

  • @moon32walker

    Sir, I got to say that was a good post. Finally something that brings me hope. These days hope is hard to come by with everything going around.

    Almost 4 years on this blockchain can make anyone anxious, specially after last month. Good to see the game is still on! Just wondering how shall we name this new fork/blockchain.. SunEclipse? :)

  • @distantsignal

    I am IN! I've been planning on doing a crowdfund for my short film with IndieGoGo AND Steem, and now all of my plans are up in the air. Justin is actively throwing the chain into chaos on purpose, so how can I trust this ecosystem with my film? I am so bummed by this. Maybe I continue forward with Steem for now and then migrate everything over when this happens.

    Speaking of, what is your timeline? I'd like to know, seeing as my film is partially dependent on this ecosystem.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • @shookriya

    About forking time amigos image.jpg

  • @imwatsi

    I am with this 100%. As I said in a post I made soon after this whole mess started, I will support a community-supported blockchain with my dev skills. I have been working on some stuff and I can't wait to share it on the new chain.

    We have the advantage of distributed collaboration and it's innovation far outpaces and outweighs that of a single company with warped intentions.

  • @runridefly

    A new and improved chain sounds good

  • @jrvacation

    Finally, a concrete plan of whats going to happen to this blockchain. Good opportunity to rebrand and move away from the "Steem" name. What's the timeline for this? Any chance for Justin to hijack this move with some evil plans? You know he is really good at it.

  • @justinparke

    Wow! This is epic stuff! I'm just a little peon content creator, so I'm really just along for the ride. I've invested very hard-earned money in this blockchain, and I've spent hundreds of hours typing up posts, and I've got maybe $250 worth of STEEM at the moment. I can't think of any other job I've ever had that paid so poorly but that I didn't quit. I love this place and hope we can keep it together or moving forward somewhere else in some new form. !giphy hope

  • @m31

    Good. Can't wait! See you all on the other side.

  • @clixmoney

    Great @blocktrades , let's do it. Let's build a better chain. Let's show that no one can buy our community. The new chain will worth much more without steemit. Most of steemians will just participate in the airdrops and sell everything to let Justin alone with his bots here. lol

  • @doyoy

    i support you 100%

  • @nonsowrites

    I support this move 100%

  • @torrey.blog

    Let’s go and make some improvements to governance along the way. I’m with you.

  • @martie7

    Glad to see this kind of news! Justin doesn't care about the project at all.

    I’m wondering how dapps can work on two chains simultaneously if they can’t decide where to migrate.

  • @edicted

    Can I change my recovery account to @blocktrades or should I find someone else?

  • @steevc

    It is sad that it comes to this, but Justin does not seem interested in compromise. Let him have the Steemit brand and we will get on with changing the world. I trust the community witnesses far more than him. They have shown they know what they are doing and that they care about the platform. Despite what some people allege most of them have not been making a profit.

    I really don't care if my tokens lose some value for a while as long as we can keep something going. Steem still has great potential, but Justin did not seem to care about that.

    All hail the New Steem!

  • @briggsy

    100% Behind this move. Can't wait to finally see the 800 pound gorilla (steemit inc) out of the picture. I'm sure Sun and Ned can work out their problems privately.

  • @alexbiojs

    it'd be interesting to know what's gonna happen with tokens like STEM, PAL, ENG, CCC etc.? is there gonna be the airdrop as well?

  • @kgakakillerg

    I can't wait to see the new site 👍🏾 🤝

  • @cryptospa

    @blocktrades, could you tell us what we have to do in order to receive the new tokens and to become part of the new chain?

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  • @summertooth


  • @barvon

    Very cunning people who are trying to bring down Steemit Inc

    We will mostly support what you have planned, pay for Justin and reclaim Steem's throne

  • @oaldamster

    That is great news, I'm in! 😎👍 https://media.tenor.com/images/d46785e4ab591e604e61c42e970ea016/tenor.gif

  • @hans001

    Ohh really? After the new chain is up I will invest more. It's not much but I see this chain as a 10 year investment fund. I surly hope that it would be safeguarded for this kind of things.. I will also hold the promise if I win the lottery I will invest a little part 1 million in the chain. I would have bought the stake of justin to save steem with it but I didn't win yet... 😉 it is also a promise of a year ago. I don't have a pension build up yet and I'm almost 50... now with that corona virus... working in construction instead of it... lost all my funds in bitconnect if all worth just will be taken over... then it would be a promising chain. Maybe the first open-source chain build and maintained by the community.

  • @bashadow

    Thank you, it sounds like you actually have a plan and are working toward its goal. I have seen a lot of dreams of plans, a lot of ideas of action, but it seems you actually have a plan. Take the time to do it right, one of the things that I have loved about Steem Block Chain is the world wide reach of the block chain. I hope we can keep that feel in a your new chain plans, I would miss looking at and commenting on post form people all over the world. No Sorry not available in your area warning messages. No governmental blocks of regions of the world posting.

  • @stackin

    Implement a referral program and lets launch this bad boy! If done so correctly, getting 10k people on board in a week or two would be easy!

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  • @jaguar.force

    100% onboard

  • @cyprianj

    This is highly commendable and it is very obvious that the community is ready to key into the new strategy.

    This indeed made my day. I am all in. More Grace and wisdom as you embark on this Worthy course.

  • @slobberchops

    The best news I have heard all day, time to cancel my power-down. I was waiting for this, thanks @blocktrades!

  • @tamiil

    All I care about is a censorship resistant platform and with Justin trying to take full control it's not going to happen here. So I'm all on board for the new chain, let's do it right this time.

  • @chronocrypto

    Hell yeah!!! I'll smoke to that.

  • @overkillcoin

    Brilliant! I'm all for this! (for what it's worth)

    The ninja stake will soon become zombie stake in Sun's grimy, sleazy authoritarian (tiny) hands!

    Just this afternoon I was getting fed up with some of these fake Steem users:

    The worst part of #SteemHostileTakeOver is all the smug & deluded fence-sitters who still want to prioritize negotiations & look down on those who ardently oppose Sun's scorched earth policies. Y'all are human versions of sock puppets, playing right into that clown's hands!

  • @heimindanger


  • @electronicsworld
    • no compromises
    • yes for the new chain
    • let's show Justin what does the word Community means
    • we are fed up with all what has been around because of @ned

    Thanks for your post.

  • @ecoinstats

    We are in support of this, and will advise our Partner Builders as well!

    Why the Blocktrades STEEM fork is a good thing

  • @replicantua

    Блін, тільки почав розбиратись зі стімом, а тут рейдерське захоплення, ще й розкол назріває.

  • @roomservice

    Justin will just move his stake into exchanges and benefit from our fork as well.

    I really don't see any other solution than either forking anytime soon or set a snapshot date before Steemit's funds are moved away.

  • @thehomiedavid

    I can't believe what I am reading. What I mean is that I can't believe that it's come to this. Everything seemed to be fine just a month ago. If only Justin focused on Tron & had not invaded other projects.

  • @zayedsakib

    I just had goosebumps. Hoping that the new chain will honor the true value of DPOS. And all the bottlenecks of this chain will be no more.

  • @knfitaly


  • @roleerob

    Please provide those of your fellow Steemians, who are not involved "behind the curtain" with as much info as we need, at your earliest opportunity.

    For example, we need precise details on what you want us to do with our current Steem blockchain tokens / holdings. Power-down?

    Thank you, in advance, for your response and how well vital and timely communication is handled.

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  • @russia-btc

    ok GO

  • @bluefinstudios

    i look forward to next steps... be it here, or on the forked chain

  • @impactn

    Great post with a clear vision. We‘re involved in setting up a new exchange. I’ll put the new coin on our proposal list as sonn as everything is in place.

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  • @pundito

    Go, go, go! I'm in! What do I need to do with my steem and steempower? So many questions ... and I have no clue ...

  • @gduran

    Does this mean the old witnesses that are in the top 20 will just stop mining for Steem and quit their places as top witnesses, I guess all other witnesses who agree with this will also stop mining for Steem? I mean why waste your hardware on a coin or token of which you will no longer be a part of. So then JSun will be able to do whatever he wants to do with Steem.

  • @vincentnijman

    We have more developers committing to work on this new chain than we’ve ever had before.

    And we don’t just have devs, we have marketing people, business people, artists, and idealists. Our combined efforts can do far more than a narrow-minded, profit-driven Steemit ever dreamed possible.

    Amazing to hear news like this in these challenging times.

    I am starting to feel more and more positive again. Can't help but feel that we hit rock bottom and are crawling up towards daylight again.

    2020 can only get better. There's true power in community.

    Thank you for your information and encouraging words as well as all the work you've been doing. Much appreciated!

  • @bluefinstudios

    soon as word comes down, I will spread it to the many discords for Photography content creators. I am an admin in most and will drop info in all!


  • @lordbutterfly

    Not everyone on Steem may stick with us...

    Its very simple...

    1. Is @steempeak coming with us?
    2. Is @theycallmedan coming with us?
    3. Is @anyx coming?
    4. Is @ocd and @acidyo?
    5. Is @splinterlands coming? (Justin can take @aggroed but dont you take Splinterlands away from me! :) )
    6. Is @dtube and @heimindanger with his: "Whoops, i should have probably thought it through before i tweeted it." ;)
    7. And at No7... Is @berniesanders crazy ass coming? Steem is not Steem without Bernie.

    Marty with his cringy memes was right. Steem is us. So do something.

    Im not a witness, i dont get payed to run nodes. Im not a highly payed creator. Im not a big investor. But ive been spreading our plight on twitter where ever i can.

    I dont make calls. But you do.

    Make a decision.

  • @freddio

    what will be with tokens are frozen on binance? If some steem holder have there coins there, will this holder be able to get the value in airdrop too?

  • @gtg

    I'm 100% dedicated to building our new home. Steem is not a place, it's not even a name.


    Fear not, stay clam, we are here for you. We will keep you informed.

  • @fraenk

    Let's GO!

  • @d-pend

    I may not be able to help with code; but I am happy to bring my creative/literary efforts to the new chain and also be involved in the process of finding out what we are truly capable of as a community without being shackled by all the limitations we have now. Cheers! I've been waiting for this kind of announcement...

  • @ash

    fork it ASAP. good move.

  • @fago

    A brilliant move! As a big investor in Steem, not only for ROI but also to support the dezentralized governance process I hope we'll get out of this dilemma soon.

    Every crisis also means a new opportunity!

    The steem community now has the chance to step into the footsteps of Bitcoin in terms of a self-determined life, like 7 years ago when I invested in Bitcoin. Andreas Antonopoulos once said

    "First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win"

    We are about to make history!!! The Steem community can now prove that they'll laid the foundation for a sustainable system of government through decentralization.

    Keep up the good work. You are a great inspiration for me, also with regard to my vision of Protopolis, which I can soon bring to life with my own community.

  • @duanesworld

    Hey this is stellar news! I'm a wee little minnow but I'm very creative. I create interesting animations, videos and stylistic cyber-futuristic illustrations. I would love to help in anyway to the team and community. Whether it be animation, video as info-promos or a fresh vibe graphics vibe for new blockchain splash page or coin graphics. Kudos everyone!

  • @kymaticus

    How nice this is! I can't wait for this to happen, even if I'm not the hardcore Steemian that some other are, still I feel connected to this community. I trust that this will all turn out well, and I'm prout of what we did against the #SteemHostileTakeOver

  • @edwardstobia

    I join this great crew by supporting them 100% with the new blockchain! And that way we'll be creating a new victory and checkmate Justin's move. I pledge to continue to support this great crusade. Thank you @blockbrothers , @ausbitbank , @theycallmedan , @guiltyparties , @ats-david , @tuckfehman for leading and doing everything possible to save what you and the little ones like me love

  • @barbara-orenya

    v804mw.png rt01lr.png

  • @skepticology

    What about exchange listings?

    Elephant in the room.

  • @kaelci

    Yes! Ever since shit went down, I've been waiting for something like this to happen. 🙂

    Before long, we will launch a new coin that is essentially a re-branded hardfork of Steem, airdropped on all Steemians, without airdropping to the Steemit stake. This new chain will maintain all our collected posts and our transaction info and will support all the same Dapps we’ve come to know and love.

    "Airdropped on all Steemians, maintaining all our posts and transaction info..."

    I'm curious. Sorry, I've also just woken up so I might be a bit early-morning-dumb. Does that mean that all of our posts and such will be transferred over?

    Transaction info -- does that mean the steem/sp we currently have in our wallets, will be reflected on the new chain with the new coin?

    Cheers! 🍺

  • @steemskate

    Steemskate community will also be migrating to the new chain. We skate for decentralization. 100% in.

  • @d0zer

    Certainty of death. Small chance of success.

    What are we waiting for?

  • @cervantes

    We fully support this initiative and we are looking forward to help re-building and re-grouping the spanish speaking community into this, our new home.

    Apoyamos totalmente está iniciativa y esperamos poder ayudar a re-construir y re-agrupar a la comunidad hispanohablante en esta nueva cadena.

  • @gabbynhice

    Lets goooo 😁 after many days this is a really good news😊

  • @ericwilson

    I'm in.

  • @indigoocean

    This is all great news. I'm happy to support the new chain with both content and marketing help. I retired from business consulting a couple years ago, but still have a decent network out there.

  • @practicalthought

    Has there been any talks you've participated in about creating a fiat to coin/token gateway that bypasses normal exchanges? I know many prefer to avoid that (your exchange is a good example), but if an independent method of cashing in/out separate from exchanges were to be offered, it would be groundbreaking. I (and many others) distrust exchanges, and having to do multiple trades once one has KYC (for those of us whose governments view us a children needing permission slips and monitoring) has always been a deterrent to the masses Dan envisioned when he sculpted this chain.

    Will be curious to read of further developments, and thanks for any clarification you may give on my question.

  • @daltono

    Hive is such a more marketable name than Steem. Everybody always thinks that I’m talking about PC games on Steam when I bring up Steem to a non-crypto person. I still will never get the original name choice. I would love to hear the reason behind choosing a name that was already familiar for something else (just with different spelling).

  • @resiliencia

    I am in! 😍😍

  • @sharpshot

    I agree. There's no value without the community and Justin Sun never tried to get that on his side. I don't mind if he wants to pump and dump tokens, he should just go and do it somewhere else.

  • @themarkymark

    I see a lot of potential in a new chain without Ned, Justin Sun, and the Ninja Mine holding us back. It is clear by Justin Sun's actions (and inaction) he doesn't care about Steem and only wants to be able to dump the bag Ned sold him.

    We have the opportunity to build something without a dictator hands around our neck.

    Steem has had more marketing in the last few weeks than we have had in the last 4 years. Not for the reasons any of us would have wanted. The Ninja Mine has always been an issue for investors. In the past, we have been very lucky that Steemit Inc has honored their promises and did not vote witnesses and used the Ninja Mine for infrastructure, development, marketing, onboarding. Two out of four is better than zero out of four I guess. Most of us were fairly confident that Steemit Inc wasn't going to vote someone's post or vote in their own witnesses or influence governance. That confidence is all gone under the new regime.

    While I would prefer to see Steem become the best blockchain and #1 on CoinMarketCap, my faith in that happening has been lost.

  • @satren

    Steem without Steemit? Sounds like a project I like to do.

    Let's see, maybe we(parts of the german community) will provide an API node.

  • @ervin-lemark

    Finally, things are going to move. Enough of this stalemate.

    100% behind the whole idea. Let's fork first, stabilize the new chain, get some listings, and then discuss and implement new stuff. By consensus and with community governance.

    A stupid question when I may?

    Will Steem based assets, currently locked at exchanges, be airdropped too? Some exchanges might just not do it. Poloniex, for example.

    Hive on 😀👍

    Heck, I just might set up a witness node myself. Finally. Especially when your hint about lighter setup turns out to be real.

  • @shoemanchu

    Why not FreedomChain or Blockchain Social as a name? Why Hive? Anyone?

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @rmach

    Wow! I've so much to say after reading this post. For now I'm just gonna say...

    I'm in!

    Looking forward to see the roadmap and all the details.

    Hive on!

  • @antonio.vlasov

    Your policy looks like the policy of the Russian state. You declare democracy and freedom, but as soon as another person (in this case, Justin) approaches your feeder, you cut off their oxygen and force the people to take your side. I'm glad I sold my pathetic few thousand steem, before this disgrace.

  • @agmoore2

    Thank you for the hope, the clarity and the commitment. Small fry here, though100% onboard. People misjudged us. They thought we were all about crypto and the reward pool. This is about people It's about connections, a community. So happy to be part of it.

  • @soyrosa

    Thanks for this well-written post and working hard behind the scenes to make sure Steemians (I WILL miss that name for 'us') will have a place to keep doing what we do: be an amazing community.

    I appreciate it <3

    Also: starts packing boxes, preparing for the move.

  • @thecrazygm

    Our company and I are going to throw our developing resources/services to the new chain as well, and like @petertag , we would love to join the growing pool of developers you have amassed so far.

  • @lallo

    Fuck yeah i'm 1000000% with you guys!! Exchanges will come that's not a problem, the problem is that we have to change some things on our witness vote system in order to prevent another rich son of bitch with malicious intent!! Increase the number of the top 20 witness and reduce the 30 votes per account. We absolutely cannot have the ability to vote a number of witness greater than the top 20. 30 > 20 that's the problem!!

  • @jeronimorubio

    Amazing News @blocktrades... No time like the present than to create a New Beautiful World of Amazing, Supportive, Content Creators, Brothers & Sisters with the most Powerful Communities and DApps on any blockchain today in the world. I am 200% onboard and am ready to migrate at any time... We are One... We are One Tribe... We are One People... We are One Spirit...

  • @brianoflondon

    Sign me up too!

  • @jager567

    I support this move, but I don't think it's without danger.

    Justin won't like this, and with him all people that are fundamentally against freezing funds in a blockchain. Forking funds out is a very harsh statement, much harsher than soft-fork 22.2 was. I expect resistance from a not insignificant part of the community, including from several (former) community consensus witnesses.

    Please make sure we're all on the same page before executing this idea...

  • @chekohler

    I’m on board with this if anything I’m just so tired of all the Tron talk and really want a conclusion at this point ! I think it will make a for an amazing stand for decentralization and show mr money bags isn’t everything.

    We made mistakes, we learn and once the ninja mine is gone we can finally start fresh

  • @rhondak

    Yep, I'm in. Announced a couple days about that _____house Publishing is backing completely away from Steem regardless. We'll rebrand. It's good to know we won't have to ditch the blockchain component of our business model.

  • @belemo

    Your last point touches a salient point that I've been trying to tell people while battling Justin Sun. We need to know when to be aggressive and when to be subtle, instead of always being so combative all the time.

    I think the war against sun should be overt but there should be some nuanced invitation for people to see the positives of this community, rather than attacking everyone that sides with Sun. Let's not forget that this is a guy that has manipulated social media and has over 2m followers on Twitter, making him a very popular figure in crypto world. We need to be subtle in our dealings with others that may not know the truth because all they see is Sun, and we need to reach out, rather than abuse.

  • @nuthman

    I am with you completely, @blocktrades. Getting on a major exchange is the only part that worries me - especially since several of the big ones have colluded with Justin.

    I also just read the post by @mindtrap (https://steempeak.com/hive-148441/@mindtrap/you-still-think-justin-is-a-man-of-his-word-and-wants-to-negotiate-with-our-witnesses-and-the-community-wrong) showing that Binance is still working with Justin by transferring coins directly to one of his accounts as it powers down, and keeping withdrawals disabled on the exchange.

    So being that Binance would likely not list our new coin, the main thing I am concerned about is our ability to get on an exchange with reasonable volume. It's already become increasingly difficult to trade Steem here in the US as it is. (And cypto in general since all the major exchanges are blocking us one at a time)

  • @build-it

    Love this! Really can't wait to see the outcome of this big change.

  • @forexbrokr

    While forking seems inevitable at this point, it’s a massive decision.

    I just hope we know what we’re doing...

  • @lemouth

    The SteemSTEM community will follow this, and be rebranded of course ^^

    [upvoted for visibility]

  • @ninahaskin

    Onboard & support you 100%! @blocktrades💪

  • @firepower

    This inspires a lot of confidence. I'm on board and willing to assist in any way I can. I sincerely hope we can usher in a new era for all the amazing people in our community. Thank you for your commitment. Cheers!

  • @valth

    I'm 100 % behind this as well. Getting tid of STINC and Justin Sun seem to be the best path forward. I'm very excited to learn more about this new chain!

  • @battlegames

    Here's to a bright future! 💪

  • @canadian-coconut

    This is GREAT news! Thank-you to everyone involved in forging this new way forward. I have known for a while that Justin Sun can't be negotiated with. He has not given us a single reason to believe that he is a man of his word or a reasonable person in any way.

    It is refreshing to have something positive to look forward to.

  • @insaneworks

    Excellent. I will follow you!


  • @kus-knee

    Very exciting, well written and motivating article.

    I’m packed and can’t wait to move.

  • @urun

    i got my coins from binance :) ready for airdrop :)

  • @lion200

    Finally! You have no idea how long we waited for this kind of news. I already started losing my motivation in posting anything on steem with the ongoing endless-seeming fight. I'd be glad to help with my > 10 yrs of C# Back-End Dev knowledge if needed. You can count me in!

    And thanks for the initiative, we all feel relieved!

  • @alexs1320




  • @stealthtrader

    I remember when Ned first announced all of this and called us Steemitans, and I pointed out we are Steemians.. It seemed weird, but I made this statement about us and I think it is more true now more than ever!

    The name can change, but the relationships we have built here as Steemians is very unique, and not something you'll find on most if any social networks. We share NEW creative content, great ideas, and give no attention to negativity. We are not a blockchain, we are not a website, we are a group of thriving crypto enthusiasts that looked for more and found each other.

  • @traducciones

    Hi @blocktrades I'm translating your article (split in 2 parts) into Spanish, so that the Spanish STEEM community gets the word ASAP.

    Here the first part:

    Por que yo no pactare con Justin Sun (1 de 2)

  • @meesterboom

    I am very pleased to see this. There were hints and rumours of course but nothing concrete that sounded as if steps were being taken. I will be very happy to post on the new chain.

    Please don't let it be too long a coming :O)

  • @dexter-k

    Just want to add my voice to the crowd and say yes. I'm all in for this and I'll 100% be migrating to the new chain. Can't wait to hear more news.

  • @basilmarples

    these are crazy times. Crazy-exciting times! And reading through the replies just now was a joy, seeing all of the community so happy to grab this hopeful post with both hands and offer whatever they can to help steer the new ship! Who knows whether success awaits or not, but to see this group of Steemies with the starlight in their eyes again is a beautiful thing!

  • @lukestokes

    I'm really excited about the potential here for the value this community created to finally be represented without the dark cloud of the pre-mine and failed Steemit, Inc leadership hanging over us.

    Another cool thing, from a marketing perspective, is we will be a literal demonstration of how a community is what gives a coin value.

    YES! I just posted last night about how the value is always with the community. This could be a huge win not just for our community but for decentralized communities everywhere. Power (and value) to the people. :)

  • @traciyork

    Rather than echo what so many have already said, I'll keep it short & sweet.



    omg yes  count me in.gif

  • @whack.science

    IMO, this is the best and most motivating post in last few months here.

    I fon't have a lot of knowledge about blockchain and exhanges so I was woried about listing the new token. But reading this post makes me wanna move ASAP.

    Thanks to you and to anyone who is willing to help our community. This just lighted the fire inside of me a bit :) thanks

  • @themanualbot

    How about those exchanges currently listing steem, do they also get the airdrops? @blocktrades

  • @epic-fail

    will it be named "SAFU" ?

  • @chesatochi

    Ok, awesome, when I can create an account. ;)

  • @ditsch

    That sounds good! Being active is much better than waiting what will come ...

  • @heartbeat1515

    I can't barely understand anything about this @blocktrades but I like the sound of it.

    Few things I know for sure are... I think...

    • Justin said that he owns Steemit but he absolutely do not own the blockchain and the community.
    • I don't like the way he write and use his word. I'm not sure if he's joking calling someone a pet. Introducing a human as an animal. I only read once and I read no more. The only thing I'm sure is, whatever he is doing he did it to get his wallet filled amd he didn't seem to care about anything else. It shown in his writing.
    • If @tarazkp, @themarkymark, @wakeupkitty and you said it is alright. I'm going with you guys. I'm clueless if it's about blockchain but not as clueless as before I know this community though 😅
    • I would also like to hear what @bitrocker2020, @davidke20, @myach, @team-ccc, @teammalaysia, @esteemapp opinion on this.

    I'll catch up. Just leave us the small account bread crumbs or red ribbon to follow the path so we won't get lost.

    The only way I know to trade is through blocktrades and remitano. I don't know any other way yet. So I hope I won't be far behind.

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @dalz

    Hope the followers will be transferred as well :)

  • @drakernoise

    I’m in of course @blocktrades!! Long life to our Steem(which ever the new name will be) community!! 🤗🤗

  • @chromiumone

    Excellent news @blocktrades !! I'm all in for us forking out Steemit and JS , hopefully this new Steem has the safeguards needed to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. IE. No exchange custodial funds used for voting, drop the amount of witness votes per account to 25% of total etc. =)

  • @crell

    Can someone who understands the implementation details better than little ol' me explain how a new coin and a swap thingie would be different/better than simply hard-forking the chain as is with new witnesses?

    Legit, I just don't understand the technical difference. Please enlighten me.

  • @yazp

    I'm on board

  • @geekgirl

    What will happen to steem-engine tokens after this transition?

  • @pegarissimo

    I remember when one of the very first upvotes I ever got on steemit was by @blocktrades. Its was a little joke and it was my first post to receive a reply as well. Back then, I didn't know much about blockchains but it is THAT vote that got me all excited and involved into it and the community. I didn't know how much you were involved into steemit, but your surely caught my loyalty. I will follow your lead to any new platform and I will gladly assist in anyway I can. Either way, thanks again!

  • @barski

    lol, I will become a beekeeper, earlier than planned))

    But, now that you have opened the cards, perhaps you need to pause and hear your opponent, perhaps after weighing the situation, he will collect all his shit and leave, realizing that he will lose, anyway .... it seems to me that, such a victory option is no less beautiful.

    What will happen to our investments on the steem engine? Will the steem engine also switch to a new coin?

  • @darrenclaxton

    This is THE BEST post I've had the pleasure to read this year! I've not got into the whole political debate re: Steemit Inc and JS but I am a lover of all things Steem and want to see us push forward and reclaim our social space we all love. Thanks for your huge support Blocktrades, it's well needed at a time like these. Stay safe and thanks for supporting my music 🎼🙏 DC

  • @livinguktaiwan

    Thank you for the update. I fully support these developments even though my stake is small, and I am sure many many others will say the same.

    Also re

    airdropped on all Steemians, without airdropping to the Steemit stake.

    I propose the exclusion should extend to all those witnesses' stake that run 0.22.5 and everyone who has supported them.

  • @mattclarke


  • @gcalex

    This is awesome and im all for the new platform! Do we need to powerdown/up to recieve the coins? I'm not familiar with how airdrops work..

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  • @beggars

    @blocktrades While I have no experience programming the blockchain itself, I have experience programming for blockchain, in particular, the Steem blockchain. I will gladly provide my extensive front-end development knowledge and experience towards a new chain. Helping create new front-ends, tools (wizards, dApps, etc) and anywhere else my CSS, HTML and Javascript experience can help.

    I am excited at the prospect of a new chain, one that is not stagnant and beholden to corporate for-profit interests who would rather see it's community slowly suffocate and die than work alongside it and move forward.

    I wonder if this is finally the straw that breaks the camels back? Maybe now Justin realises how serious this situation is and might come to his senses.

  • @tsnaks

    Afterall I will just stay as a casual blogger, please save our blogging experience and let us keep earning from making blogposts. This shit is addictive and I'd rather not lose what we have right now.

    I hope these plans will keep a casual user experience we have right now (and obviously improve it to where we could start aquiring people from all over the internet)

    Edit: Oh yeah, I am on BOARD !

  • @hayalet

    I am with you with all my heart... Maybe it will provide a nice return for everyone who used to exist... I hope we not only hang out here and see beautiful happy days again...

  • @cmplxty

    Comment will get lost in the mass but looking forward to moving away from JS and the blemish the ninja stake has had.

  • @norbu

    About time! I'm all in. Bags are packed and ready to move!

  • @kennyskitchen

    I and, I feel confident, most if not all the members of @TribeSteemUp will be coming along to the new, community-based chain, leaving behind the carcass that @JustinSunSteemit has been tearing apart over the last month.

    I'm pretty sure that I can bring back a LOT of my friends who joined Steem, then left, between the removal of our biggest blemish (the ninja-mine and its centralization) combined with all of the great updates we've had in the last couple years (especially having @steempeak as a front-end now.)

    Thanks for providing this clear update @blocktrades. Looking forward to building a new version of our ecosystem with y'all!

  • @phusionphil

    in it to win it, is there any promotion on 90 day delegations atm?

  • @dhimmel

    Are Steem / Hive transactions susceptible to replay (or do transactions encode some chain-specific information)?

    If so, I'm assuming replay protection will be added to the fork? I could imagine some situations where users would want to broadcast to both chains (i.e. cross-posting), but wouldn't want to see accidental sending of both tokens.

  • @liondani

    I support the newchain "HIVE" 100%. Exciting times ahead, boys and girls! Fasten your seatbelts! liondani_wide3.png

  • @kingsguards

    Who will throw away what he bought? On which exchange will hive enter?

  • @sgerhart

    How can a person who just started in this community get involved and do their part to promote the project?

    I believe the potential for blockchain technology in every aspect of our lives is the opportunity for a watershed moment in society that will exponentially increase individual freedom and transform interaction.

    The movement here, the community, is coming through the birth pangs of something so promising and crucial to all of us who love liberty, and those who have had that spirit taken from them. The goal of truly owning one's individual value has always been the struggle. It is always worth the price.

    I feel very blessed and fortunate to have found myself here at this moment and I am all in.

    If anyone can give me a point in the right direction as to how I get involved in this event and promote it, Please let me know! I'm trying to get up to speed. Thanks Peace

  • @mima2606

    That sounds very good at first. I have so many questions! I love this decentralized block chain and you showed us what's possible to kick that Mr. Sun's ass. Nonetheless, we need to be realistic and see what's possible. Who pays for the storage of the images. Who pays for the API notes. Who's paying the skilled developers, which I don't want to question that they are. There's gonna be a lot of Man Power Hours to pay. I hope you'll keep that in mind and when I read the report I'm reading... it's already clear that a HarfFork is going to happen. (Which I agree with) How far has the work progressed? Is there a road map?

    Best Regards Michael

  • @minismallholding

    Couldn't see it going any other way once the takeover happened. Just glad its finally moving forward.

  • @charlie777pt

    Just'in time. Let's do it. I promise I will write again on Hive. The value of a network is the community. Long live Decentralism

  • @sumit1998

    I don’t think this is that easy that are you talking about in my view at least half of community still doesn’t know what’s happening on steem who’s the owner they doesn’t give the dam fuck they just want there’s post and there earning. The new chain you are talking Ian fine I am ok with that, there is four years of development on steem exchange listing and because of Justin be have to start form zero. After that how many of us will join that new platform what if not everyone go there if full community not transfered then it will more difficult to survive on new chain if we fail on new chain then we will lost old on and new one

    Pls consider all things

  • @manniman

    Anyone thirsty for a !BEER ? Since it is so crowded here, I'll start giving away BEER in this comment section now! @detlev I might need a hand soon.

  • @beerlover

    View or trade BEER.

    Hey @blocktrades, here is a little bit of BEER from @manniman for you. Enjoy it!

    Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

  • @bmj

    Yes! This is exaclty what I've been waiting to see. On to new and better things!

    Looking forward to see the technical details of how we transition to the new chain. How will we be able to claim our account, or will our keys be transferred?

    What protections against similar take-over scenariosn will be in place?

    Which front-ends will be moving over to the new chain, or will they stay on Steem and have a second front-end for the new chain?

    Lots to think about, but a very exciting step in the right direction.

  • @holoz0r

    Thank you for recognizing the value of artists, creators, and other such individuals in this post. The content and community is what makes this chain (whether by this name, or anything else) - what it is.

  • @tcpaikano

    I hope that they send in a publication the new page and its name

  • @teamsteem

    I never thought I would see the day Steemit Inc's stake would be fork off but I sure hoped for it a long time ago.

    Most bullish thing that happened since we got off linear rewards.

  • @justinsunsteemy


  • @lucylin

    This was inevitable, I think. 100 % behind the move!

  • @trafficinsider

    Please don't call the new coin HIVE or HIV as rumored. I can see it now, "Give me the Hives" or "give me HIV"

  • @worldcapture

    I (incl. @photofeed) will 100% support this change.

    @Blocktrades - Are there any plans of crowdfunding this project? I'd definitely support it with what's possible.

  • @artemislives

    Regular minnow here.... 2 years on steem. Support this 100% and think the name is inspired. Kudos to you & th dev leadership team.

    Happy to mobilize & help at ground level when it's time.

  • @curatorcat

    Just a tiny fish in this big ocean, but totally in favor of this! In the couple of years I've blogged here, Steemit Inc seems to mostly have made promises and then failed to deliver. I'm sure some of the people working there are decent human beings, but it says a lot to me that half the staff quit when they saw the reality of the new management.


  • @oneray

    Creo que es una excelente noticia, siempre y cuando los más pequeños (es allí donde me encuentro y hago mi mayor esfuerzo para crecer) también participemos. Generalmente, la información parece llegarnos después (Y hablo de la comunidad hispana) de manera que, estar infomados de primera mano, sería estupendo para dar los pasos necesarios en beneficios de todos. Mientras nos indican el camino a seguir, vamos aprendiendo sobre la marcha. De esta forma, a los nuevos usuarios que ingresen a la plataforma, se les puede formar de forma correcta y no solo darles información.

    I think it is excellent news, as long as the little ones (that's where I meet and do my best to grow) also participate. Generally, the information seems to come later (And I'm talking about the Hispanic community) so that, being informed first hand, it would be great to take the necessary steps to benefit everyone. While they show us the way forward, we are learning on the go. In this way, new users who enter the platform can be trained correctly and not just give them information.

  • @generikat

    I have always participated here because you all have always made me feel like part of the community, even though I am just a simple writer of posts.

    Where my community goes, I shall go also. Thanks @blocktrades for all that you have done and are going to do, the idea is worth the effort.

  • @jdkennedy

    Great move! I fully support it!

    I understand the airdrop and the cut over to the new chain, but will delegations be replicated as they stand, or should we de-delegate and re-establish them when the dust settles? I’m totally stoked about the possibilities emerging...

  • @bdncontent

    That's the great thing about blockchain – you can always hard fork away from the scammers. Great job, thanks for your contributions!

  • @kenanqhd

    @blocktrades, will your exchange still support Steem > BTC/ETH/etc conversions once the new blockchain has gone live?

  • @joe.public

    ''At this point, it seems like most of the community is in agreement on on thing: they don’t want Justin Sun here''

    It only looks like that because you guys have been suppressing everyone who disagrees for at least three and half years now

  • @jschindler


  • @theadmiral0

    Excellent! I Really ought to start developing on the blockchain then especially since it’s getting rid of steeminc. Any advice for where budding developers to group? :)

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  • @steemitqa

    Interesting news for sure. Just a few things I'd like to see:

    1. Transparency - try to keep off secret slacks and let's get everything we do on-chain.

    2. What are the plans for onboarding and marketing? I can see where we get bogged down again about developing leaving behind marketing.

    3. NOW I have to change my name xD HiveQA here I come :)


    Oh, and take away all the display values (the public doesn't need to know the value of a post ) let people see what the value of their posts is in private ( say in their wallet ) , or give people the option to toggle it. Let the true content discovery take over this new chain!

  • @sepracore

    Lets get this show started!! I hope it is released soon. I am excited again.

  • @mamanovasim

    count me in but what about my favourite dapps ? they are coming ? such as dtube, splinterlands, steemhunt, 3speak, steem-engine, actifit, steempeak ......

  • @troubledsoles

    Thank you for your stand on this. You're speaking for a lot of us who are smaller fish in a big pond. The show will go on somehow!

  • @epic-fail

    Amazing news, I'm in for sure.

  • @ssjsasha

    You have my support

  • @sultnpapper

    Finally something to be excited about around here, I just heard about this in the poker game and couldn't wait to get out just to see what the GUZBUCK is going on. A tip of the hat to you folks who are setting up this FORK.

  • @tommyether

    What happens if Justin buys a majority stake of the new coin through the markets?

  • @liberosist

    Look forward to it.

  • @allcapsonezero

    This is good.

  • @roundbeargames

    Whoever voted for the sockpuppets shouldnt be getting any airdrops either.

  • @broncnutz

    I am ALL IN with you on this. I’ll be one of the first ones to leave. Justin is gonna learn one hell of a lesson on this one and he deserves it. Say when and I’ll do anything I can to help move others. Game on.

  • @afiqsejuk

    I will be investing my money on HIVE from now on. Upvoted!

  • @geekpowered

    Well...good luck.

    I believe the key to success will be the community, and giving it the tools it needs to help with development. That was a major mistake of Steemit. They were running something that was supposed to be open source and decentralized in a very centralized manner, and we've all come to learn the folly of that.

    Many of us knew how big of a mistake that was, but we didn't necessarily know what was going to happen.

    Might I suggest anyone involved try to push for better ease of use. At least to start. That was a key issue with Steem as well.

    New users need to be able to start an account easy enough, and do account recovery if they don't exactly know how blockchains work. That means making some kind of account recovery software that's easy enough for people to run.

    That might be a nightmare, security wise, but it's something that needs to be done.

    Little things to make it easier to use like a copyright-free image search will also go a long way.

    Once again, good luck.

  • @fionasfavourites

    Speaking as a rank minnow, this has to be one of the best analyses of the current impasse. Better still is the course of action. Clear. Constructive.

    I can't believe I am actually going to say:

    I look forward to the changes. New beginnings.

    On the name: hive and hivemind: I am already part of network that uses those names. I appreciate it's challenging to find a unique name so the branding will need to be spot on.

    Best wishes with this.

    See everyone on the other side.

  • @bewarecenterbase

    Yes, HardFork is always the Answer in BlockChain world.

  • @builderofcastles

    The biggest thing i see missing here is the image server.

    The images aren't on the STEEM blockchain.

    I remember way back when we were hosting photos on other photo hosting sites. And a couple people launched image hosting servers.

    And now its all in steemit.

    All those image locations in the steem blockchain point to something that could disappear at any moment.

  • @bomex

    What a brilliant and very inspiring idea for progress... Thank for sharing... Success is your @blocktrades

  • @drumoperator

    Inspired and exceptionally proud to be a member of this community.

  • @yousafharoonkhan

    i will migrate to new steem chain, my pray and good wish are with my community, one day we all will be winner, we are fighting for great community,, our fight is not for money iam ready to give my all steem to my community benefit, @blocktrades

  • @paulmp

    I'm 100% in support of this, let me know if there is anything I can do (background in development and IT, currently a photographer with a good set of marketing skills and a somewhat decent social media following).

  • @justclickindiva

    Thanks very much for explaining your ideas for the future. The more I read, the more I understand what I don't want to be a part of. I look forward to the future.

  • @goldstreet

    Hi @blocktrades can I ask will tribe tokens be able to migrate to the new chain?

  • @lowkeyoak

    i am a new user here, interesting to see whats going on. Would be nice to have a fresh start and understanding of what has happened. Is justin any where to portray his part of the story ?

  • @wedacoalition

    Standing ovation.

  • @tristancarax

    First, I'd like to say it is awesomet that you are sticking with this community. That says a lot about you.

    My first question is how is the trust going to be gained back since the last hard fork? I feel that those of us of on the bottom get screwed as our vote value was cut in half and we, as producers, made less for our work when we were already barely making pennies. This last hard fork killed the communities I was writing with.

  • @irgendwo

    I am dissapointed that the negotiations have failed, which is the case for sure once a fork is done. Steem already died a slow death before Justin Sun. A new beginning does bring new chances, but there are just no gurantees at all for a success in the future.

    Development, investors, exchanges will be important for the new blockchain. I am a bit worry that steem could fail in general after a split. It might could be that Justin Sun won't go anywhere and the old community with the new blockchain get thit by the same fate after the fork.

    Risky times for content creators and inventors lies ahead.

  • @valued-customer

    Here I thought I was waiting on you guys, and now I find you weren't waiting for me.


    "...we can emerge under the umbrella of a new coin, as a dominant player in decentralized blockchain development."

    The devil's in the details. I hope you can get them right.


  • @streetstyle

    @blocktrades I hope it is ok to say... BUT I FUCKEN LOVE YOU!! and I FUCKEN LOVE the name HIVE.... OMG .... HIVE COIN...... BOOM MOFO'S SEE YA


  • @fsm-liquid

    Do you know what will happen to Steem Engine tokens or for now only @aggroed that have any idea?

  • @ayijufridar

    Almost unacceptable logic, how does someone buy something to destroy it? Look like the Corona outbreak, I hope this bad situation soon passes. Thank co much @blocktrades.

  • @irreverent-dan

    Been a while since I was that excited about anything ;)

  • @claudio83

    Great news! I think it's the right thing in this deadlock! We have a nice team of developers, a solid group to support the community!

    We are the community and we deserve much more than a money sucker!

    Exciting news!

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @stuffbyspencer

    I love this.

    Is there a resource for more general chatting ( discord, irc, slack, etc. )? I'd love to be apart of this. I've listed some of the important changes I think we need to consider having on the new platform to prevent future disasters like this one.

    Excited for the HIVE ;^)


  • @cryptokos

    @blocktrades, Until the last moment, steemit.com was engaged in free user registration. In the new separated blockchain, will there be a possibility of free registration for users? Recently, my friends have faced the inability to register for free.

  • @sanjeevm

    I see this as a big win for the community and particularly existing Steem holders

    So holding the steem for now is going to help us as well as the community ? The reason I am asking is that I was powering down, after all this started. But then I powered them up to support the witness voting. If the price of steem is going to dump, then will we not also loose there ? I understand the equivalent air drop of the new coin will help, but how retaining the old steem will balance that ? Because we bought them. And based on the read, I think, its not wise to buy more now ?

  • @stoodkev

    I completely support this effort and will work on migrating Keychain and create other dApps dedicated to the chain!

  • @tarekadam

    I am looking very much forward to the chain! I just hope tokens will be swapped over 1 to 1 for all users and not that some developers will set something extra aside like has been done on the current chain (Steem Ninja stake).

  • @tarekadam

    If you need any 3d material for the new Branding I would be happy to contribute!

  • @fsm-liquid

    Do you plan to also fork out exchanges' stake that collude with Justin?

  • @sirknight

    @steemchurch is in!

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  • @yuriks2000

    Beat idea 💡 ever! Fully support it, there is a need for a fork

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  • @organduo

    How can we ensure that no one can power up that much stake of a new coin in the future?

  • @networkallstar

    Sounds like rough times ahead😮 How about COAST COIN? Love the beach🏖️😉👌❤️

  • @jaynie

    Hi @blocktrades,

    I think this is a fantastic way forward. I am not sure if you have finalized this with anyone yet, however as this has been my professional field for 19+ yrs I would be more than happy to offer my services (at no cost obviously) for the design of the logo, whatever the final name decision is.

    If you would like to chat more you can reply to me here or drop me a DM on discord. @jaynie#0038

    Onward and upward :)

  • @bobskibob

    When is moving day ?

  • @nnnarvaez

    who do i talk to i want to help

  • @sathyasankar

    Count me in.. Finally I feel happy to have heard a workable solution for the problem that we face now!

  • @binkyprod

    A few questions. Perhaps I missed some details, there is a lot to process here.

    If everything will be mirrored into a new platform, and old posts will follow and coins will be given, will we then also keep our reputation, equivalent of SP, Minnows will be MInnows, Dolphins still Dolphins, vests also mirrored?

    From what I understand yes but I just want to be sure. We've all built our rep and audience/readers on this platform. Will who we follow and who follows us also be mirrored?

  • @julianhorack

    I like your approach, bring on the fork and forget the Tron fiasco.

  • @joanstewart

    From both an economic and moral perspective, it makes no sense to compromise with Justin.

    I'm in total agreement, at long last some direction to make a move!

  • @pangoli

    Thank you for writing, @blocktrades. Since this whole charade started, I've never seen it as an attack against the community itself (although that's what it seems like on the surface). Rather, I saw it for what it is; A ruthlessly unnecessary power tussle between top witnesses and Steemit Inc, that may have been avoided. However, I understand that if compromises cannot be reached, a decentralized ecosystem allows a group to fork to their own chain - The only real solution staring us in the face for a while now.

    I did not support the initial Hardfork where we froze JSun's stake, nor the way the community reacted on Twitter without any serious logic. I have been very vocal about that too. For me, that is where it all started and I believe we could have done better with the way we handled things. I set my proxy vote as @glory7 because I believe they are objective about the issue, not choosing to go with the popular narrative but rather approaching things from a neutral standpoint. This definitely means that I voted some of JSun's cronies for witnesses and I am absolutely fine with my decision.

    Moving on, I have a few questions.

    1. Since we're forking and moving over to a new chain, I guess our old contents on here will be gone should a majority of the witnesses on here disable their servers,no?

    2. Also, I understand your decision to exclude Steemit Inc's stake from the new chain. Are we clear on the accounts the developers choose to fork out or restrict? Are they only accounts related to Steemit Inc's Ninjamined stake?

    3. Will the new chain fix the current witness voting algorithm? It's clear that it is broken. Else, we'd be doing the same thing on the new chain.

    4. I've seen a few comments from people calling to fork out accounts that voted Jsun's witnesses. I dismiss that as nonsense but I'd like to know your stand regardless. Will you, or the other witnesses here choose to censor any other account that had a contrary opinion to what you have? Stated clearly; Will the team of 36+ decide to fork my account or the Koreans because of disagreeing views?

    Thank you as you reply.

  • @shanghaipreneur

    I didn't agree with the initial soft fork, mostly because of what I saw being said by some people.

    However, I fully support this action. After seeing what has been going on with binance tacitly supporting @justinsunsteemit, it is obviously pretty disgraceful. That's not how anyone should operate in the blockchain space at all.

    My project has a good relationship with a top-50 exchange. We will list there soon. I'd be happy to serve as an intermediary (for free) for trying to get NewSteem (Hive?) listed there, hopefully for free.

    I'll also keep covering this issue for Blocks99, which also gets translated into Vietnamese. Hopefully, we can all pitch in and do what we can and help the new chain grow more organically and community-wise than this one.

    Good luck and best wishes!

  • @oneray

    Por fin... Lo leí todo, jajajaja.

    Finally ... I read it all, lol.

  • @chumchum

    Excellent work

  • @jacobpeacock

    Dear @blocktrades,

    Thanks for having the tenacity to pull this all off. I know it might be premature for that sort of sentiment but I am deducing that if you have made it to the point of making this post then the desired outcome is just a matter of 'going through the motions' to achieve the outcome.

    It has been quite the roller coaster of a ride the last month and although I had pretty much given up on the 'top' Witnesses at this point because of their willingness to negotiate with someone holding them hostage and their general mismanagement of the effort to thwart the attempted hostile takeover...it is nice that I held out a sliver of hope that someone like you (and those working with you) would step up to the task of preserving our community and showing that my/our trust in you (and all those working on this hard fork) was/is well placed.

    Your post here is nice and all but buried in the comments I found something much more important said by you and for making this comment I absolutely commend you:

    I consider people's trust one of the most valuable things a person can have, and I try my best to act in a honorable way that will not lose it. Indeed, one of my own ideas for future technology is to build a system that lets people trust each other more, and punishes deception. Too often I see people abuse the trust of others, but trust is also essential in many cases to effective cooperation.

    If anyone wants to read the context of that comment you can find it here: https://steempeak.com/steem/@blocktrades/q7bgcv

    Cheers & My Sincerest Regards.

  • @syedumair

    The idea is great. I am in. But will we be able to sustain our new blockchain during bad times(bear markets)? Do you have any plans introduce advertising to generate revenue?

  • @michelmake

    This sounds all really great to me. That is, as far as I understand it all :)

    One thing though, if it is decided we move on in the no-compromise-way, we should start an active discussion towards a more robust DPOS system that has stronger protection towards what has happened in the past months.

  • @lighteye

    It’s an excellent insight into the future of our blockchain, @blocktrades. May I translate it into Serbian?

  • @coingecko

    Looking forward for the airdrop, do reach us out as soon as the coin gets listed on any of the 400+ exchanges that we track.

  • @teamsteem

    I have a special request for a feature that might seem trivial but could give some hedge to Hive over Steem.

    When someone is powering down their upcoming Hive of the week shouldn't be eligible to vote.

    This would give incentives not to uselessly power down on Hive while on Steem everyone has incentives to power down at all time (just in case) even if they plan on powering back up every time.

  • @smooth


    See you on the other side.

  • @joebrochin

    Looking forward to new things that come.

  • @offgridlife

    This is great news.... as a long time Steem Artist I am here to help. I love Steem and I love @blocktrades .... we don’t need exchanges. Just let us send Steem via Blocktrades to places like Shakepay and Coinbase

  • @novacadian


    Start from scratch or a 500SP limit for existing accounts with a reputation of 30 or greater (including STINC accounts), otherwise its the same old shit.

  • @jayna

    Thanks for all you do for this community, @blocktrades. We are indeed a community, and there is so much power in that! But it also takes vital leadership to keep guiding and supporting the community. I don't see that as a failing of decentralization, but I do think it is sometimes overlooked. Our strength in numbers, passion and commitment is enormous. But those of you with strong leadership skills who fully understand what is at stake here and are willing to invest your time and energy, your own investments, and your ability to clearly communicate ideas and corrective measures out to the greater community are doing us all a huge service, and we could not carry on otherwise. Thank you!!

  • @robertandrew

    Iam totally with you on this new chain. Let's go for it

  • @ybanezkim26

    I'm in! I was actually tired of the stalemate and the silence. I was actually waiting for a post like this because it seems to be the only way forward.

    Sidenote: Cheers to the Dans in this blockchain and the next!

  • @brennanhm

    While I was hoping a fork wouldn't be necessary, you make some good arguments for it. Unfortunately a lot of users are still on SteemIt.com and may unknowingly continue using the Justin-controlled chain.

    On another note, I hope this fork will be done in the most democratic way possible. In my mind, we should be voting on it, like what would happen on Tezos or Telos. During the transition I'd also like to see some other changes, like vote decay for witnesses and voting for these types of protocol upgrades.

  • @yasu.pal

    I was so impressed that I translated a part and posted it to the Japanese community.Thank you. https://steemit.com/hive-101145/@yasu/blocktrades-jayplayco-google

  • @yasu24

    Thank you for supporting Steem community.

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  • @bittrio

    Now you're talking! Should have hard forked instead of soft forked and avoided this whole mess. Now, what's to stop Justin and his cronies from bullying his way into this new blockchain? They won't have steemit stake, but could still overpower the network if current DPOS config. What DPOS improvements?

  • @mobbs

    Already got a first post ready and waiting. I hope it's not too long though, at risk of it becoming obsolete.

    Naturally, SteemSTEM (renamed) will be coming along for the ride!

  • @lifeaef

    We would like to have everything be transparent. Who are the leading users here, everything in the open. We would like to remove the old code completely. This is the only opportunity to move to a newsteem with a new vision

  • @cryptopie

    Will Justin Sun be accepted to the Hive @blocktrades?

    What if he wants to get in? And do the same thing again?

  • @paragism

    Absolutely great idea. We're with you. We'll throw all sock puppets to gutter.

  • @bigtakosensei

    Welp! Let’s get it!

  • @sacrosanct

    The pathetic sunset of Steemit and the experiences and pain that the steemians have gone through all over the years will definitely ensure a brighter sun rise in time to come. I am super excited to witness that new chain @blocktrades, that will be our real home. The current home feels like a rented home with a lot of uncertainly and no real value and the person called Ned sold that home to some one called Sun. We want to built our own home which is truly ours. SO @blocktrades bring it on....no matter how many will move....

  • @jozef230

    Im with you and waiting!

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  • @kendrahill

    Oh what a mess this new blockchain will be. lol

  • @bifilarcoil

    first: I don't know much about the dev stuff and steem inc


    Wait, what about the IP and developers?

    When Justin acquired it, Steemit absolutely had some strong value, in the form of intellectual property, branding, and experienced blockchain and frontend developers. But now, all the developers he acquired are gone (they’ve all quit).

    This tells me that Ned at least should have communicated with the devs, And that Justin should have done the same BEFORE making any deal.

    When you buy something like a plane with a nav system, engines, seats etc. you want to be sure that the stuff that keeps the plane airborne does not vanish overnight...

  • @bifilarcoil


  • @wonderwop

    I'm with you! 🙏


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  • @vermithrax

    “LibreSteem” just crossed my mind. Just like LibreOffice.


  • @remlaps

    So, from a purely functional perspective, the ideal front-end would maintain connections to both chains, track the various token prices (STEEM, HIVE, SMTs, and Steem-Engine, etc...), and let the user choose their preferred chain or even switch between them dynamically by automatically posting content on the chain with the highest estimated return.

    Now that's decentralization.

  • @lordvdr

    Thank you for the good information. I support the Steem community and will continue to do so regardless of if it stays as it or becomes a new coin.

  • @lovejoy

    I support this 100%

  • @elindos

    I am impressed by this post, what it implies, and actually in awe of the power of the community.

    As I mentioned in other places, it is this community strength which pushed buttons on me and made me a more active STEEM contributor.

    Good Community is viral. I am 100 percent with you!

  • @movingman

    Before long, we will launch a new coin that is essentially a re-branded hardfork of Steem, airdropped on all Steemians, without airdropping to the Steemit stake


    Lets fucking do that

  • @pnc

    I'm in 100% and my contribution will be on local community building. Also happy to know @blocktrades is leading this project. A fork is not necessary bad. The two chains can co-exist. Blockchain is all about community community community.

  • @mrnightmare89

    This is a great news, I'll be eager to migrate in this @blocktrades. I appreciate your hard work, thank you so much for this.

  • @planetauto

    This sounds rather exciting, we're onboard - the community, devs etc always have our best interests at heart.

  • @intrepidphotos

    Nice to see things moving quickly. Time delays kill all dreams. Agree we need to leverage the media momentum we have here. I am not sure I can help much but if you need any photos to use in the information packs etc let me know. Happy to help.

  • @albertvhons

    I love to support new chain, go for it guys

  • @marcybetancourt

    I think everything should be well explained. Right now I am amazed to read several posts geared towards emergency escape routes. I ask -Justin finished with steemit?, Justin was cheated by Ned?, Justin is so greedy that he prefers to bury Steemit before participating in decentralization? If Hive is born, steem dies?

  • @cleansteemswamp

    Whales stuck due to Binance..plz hold to fork..See photo of one of many accounts..don't f it up, Dan N @blocktrades

    plz see to it the rational ones: @smooth @anyx @yabapmatt @gtg @lukestokes


  • @galactic123

    Steem, and by extension Steemit, was never a decentralized system. Although there were never any official moderators, Steemcleaners team became just exactly that, deciding who publishes and who doesn't. Nobody appointed them, they just came and bullied everyone. They claimed to fight against spam and in the end they became spammers too. Seems that they, in turn, got bullied too now. Tough luck.

  • @pandamama

    Excited to hear about this new development. We used to run a contest on Steemit @cookwithus which we would very much like to start with the new "Hive" - can you possibly suggest any sponsors for our competition and when will this fork take place

  • @yoshiko

    Thank you @blocktrades! I was thinking about quitting Steemit, but thanks to you I can prepare for a new start. I believe in you and wait.

  • @johan.norberg

    I'm on board, and since you @blocktrades might need all kinds of different support, I'd like to offer my expertise as a proof-reader/editor/translator, something I've been doing for roughly 20 years. (Hive.io has a few spelling mistakes which you might want to correct rather soon-ish, as the eyes of a not insignificant part of the crypto-world are on you.) 🙂

  • @covid19

    I have not understand what's the Justin Sun idea Yet. Do you know it? if yes, could you explain it to me?

  • @moeknows

    What about exchange listings?

    @blocktrades, sorry for the noob question, but why must we be required to use only exchanges? Why can't we buy directly from users or some other intermediary for cash? Aren't cryptocurrencies considered commodities? As a very small investor, I might be interested in purchasing some liquid #honey for cash. I do not have accounts on any exchange. Is there not some entity that can bring someone with honey to sell and me together?

  • @tonytrillions

    !giphy seriously

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  • @artgirl

    Well I'm glad to know your stand on this. I hope you all will still work to have one "mother site" like Steemit for all things STEEM related. 😊

  • @stellabelle

    genius. The true leaders have emerged! HIVE sounds amazing. Thanks for all the work you've done and you're a true leader. ;)

  • @stellabelle

    I"m ready for HIVE https://media.giphy.com/media/3QQOgIk5LvGgw/giphy.gif

  • @psytopia

    In the hard fork will the profiles be more customizable? I've been wanting to change my username @ for a while now.

  • @fracasgrimm

    So when will you stop allowing us to use blocktrades to move our steem?

  • @mammasitta

    So exciting!

  • @mickeyberry

    I am completely short of words but on the other hand, I wish you all the best of it all. In life we need change, and change is not constant. I hope to see the new Hive emerge with its unparalleled user interface and cutting-edge app to go augment it.

  • @hone.heke

    So this is the place we should look to for the updates? There are lots of questions i want to ask but will only ask one more. What is driving the price of Steem up right now? The opportunity of increasing their stake in the new token?

  • @darrenfj

    I'm glad someone is doing it, and quite surprised it took so long to get there..

  • @darmianto5

    yes. Is very good blocktrader