Jazbaa (Movie Review)

Jazbaa is an Indian drama and crime movie, with a run time of 2hrs 3mins. Directed by Sanjay Gupta, the movie starred actors like Aishwarya Rai, Shabana Azmi, Jackie Shroff, Sara Arjun, Chandan Roy and many others. The movie follows an attorney, Anuradha, whose daughter got kidnapped and in place of a ransome money she was asked to defend a criminal and get him acquitted.

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The movie is an interesting and a practical one. When a very successful attorney with a track record of winning all her cases daughter get kidnapped, she is thrown into a world of confusion and misery doing whatsoever it takes to bring her daughter back home. Following the instructions of the kidnapers she channelled all her anger and pain doing everything she can to get the criminal released. This criminal I am talking about was charged for the rape and murder of a young lady Sia, whose parent are divorced but so loved by her mother. In order to make sure the criminal pays the due prize for his crimes Sia's mother, Garima, took some extreme measures.

It also takes us through the journey of the lawyer and the extent to which a mother would go to see her child safe and punish those who messes with her child. In bid to safe her daughter, Anuradha got the assistance of a police officer who is also her friend but the kidnapper was still a step ahead of them, but with his help things became more easier.

Aishwarya's performance as a mother was wonderful, one could easily relate to the pain and frustration she feels. She portrayed a strong emotional strength that kept her going through it all. Yohan Irafan being her kick their ass guy also did a great job even though I expected more from him. Credit also goes to Shabana Azmi in her role as Sia's mother. Being strict, hurt and ready to go all the way to make those who killed her daughter suffer by any means possible. The director Sanjay Gupta managed to capture the audience with his choice of cast which was okay, but like I would always say there is always room for improvement.

The movie was able to relate to the real life, by way of parent especially the mothers doing all to make sure their kids are kept from harms way and if by any means they are in trouble they are ready to go to any extent to bring them out of it. Like mothers would always say "I carried you in my womb for 9months and I would always protect you" but without being biased now, fathers also love their children and would anything to protect them.

Jazbaa is a movie you can easily connect with, touching and has a great ending. Well not a must watch, but you can put it up on your watch list, it would not be in vain.

Who kidnapped Sanaya and why?

Watch trailer here... https://youtu.be/nx7z1enCLWs

My Rating: 6/10(A)

Movie Url... https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/360826-jazbaa?language=en-US

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