I do not agree with everything my top witnesses say or do. But they are still my witness. As a top 40 investor in steem blockchain I have voted my top 20 Witnesses. It is symbolic to me and should be to you. We will sort our differences later; but NOBODY COMES; KICKS MY FRONT DOOR AND GET AWAY WITH IT!


Nobody should collude a democratic process and call it a "hack" publicly.

Vote for Witnesses here

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  • @abh12345

    A minor miracle is required but the idle stake is there....

  • @cloudspyder

    I have set @therealwolf to be my proxy. Yes we have different opinions but at the moment, we shall set those aside first and take back what is ours.

  • @callmecrypto

    I wont be this time as I have no idea who to vote for I think many sit on the sidelines when they shouldn't. Guilty btw.

  • @bozz

    Yep, I just did this on my other accounts.

  • @livinguktaiwan

    I see some people upvoted the 'fake' witnesses. Some may have a beef with the 'real' witnesses and others may not understand what the call is all about. Hopefully those who have voted for the 'fake' witnesses, no matter how big or small their vote is, can reverse it.

    Just to be clear, DO NOT vote for witnesses runing on v0.22.5


  • @justinparke

    I have!

  • @abbenay

    Is time to grow in other decentralized social networks such as creary.net. Witnesses! Here is a tutorial to create a node in this community. The consensus it is 25 witness nodes. See you there tutorial >>> https://creaproject.io/set-crea-witness-node/

  • @fionasfavourites

    The least we can do, at the point, is put our differences aside and vote in the people who have had this blockchain and its community at heart. Voted.

  • @clove71

    YES!! I just posted about this too!! Great post!

  • @youarethewhale

    @azircon I have a "victory proposal" that could wake up non-voters!


  • @spectrumecons

    Getting close now.


  • @holm

    Fuck Justin Sun and his smirk ass smile. Voted with all I could. Resteemed 3 posts of this kind and will keep on resteeming more of them to make sure those who follows me only will see this in their feed.


  • @rcaine

    I voted wish I knew more of the people on the list to make better picks.

  • @cryptocurator

    Would be great to see @yabapmatt in the Top 20 tonight. Just need some more friends in high places to cast their witness votes.

  • @karenmckersie

    I see yabapmatt as top witness right now.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ https://sdk.bitmoji.com/render/panel/058e674c-7fb0-4e3c-9856-9f5b00e66682-2b851cb9-3222-436b-9bb7-ff7645be9ace-v1.png?transparent=1&palette=1

  • @fingolfin

    Making progress, 1 down, 20 to go :)


  • @for91days

    I did my part and spread the word to our Travelfeed community and via social media!

  • @florian-glechner

    Voted, dont have that much steempower but Vote is vote.

  • @cflclosers

    I'm about to. I commented on another post asking who to vote for. This makes it easier. 21 and up to 31 right?

  • @amr008

    Just voted. We might actually pull this off.

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  • @mkdragon99

    ive only logged in once before but ill log in just to vote against justin sun and his cronies

  • @freemotherearth


    Here ya go. I am onboard with this plan!

  • @ew-and-patterns

    Calling our top20 witnesses hackers triggered me soooo hard.

  • @marfonso

    also voted :) + 0.063M for each image.png

  • @athunderstruck

    I've just cast my votes on all of these in the list too !

  • @naturereality

    i do vote because what is done😊

  • @guruvaj

    Yes, I have given up my vote to the original 30 Witnesses eventhough my SP is small.

  • @geekgirl


  • @suntree

    I have voted all of my 30 witness votes :)

  • @derangedvisions

    The community coming together has been awesome.

  • @joeyarnoldvn

    I voted.

  • @miti

    "united we stand, divided we fall"!

    In this way you will vote your witnesses in safe mode (steemconnect).

    1. VOTE FOR ---> @roelandp
    2. VOTE FOR ---> @yabapmatt
    3. VOTE FOR ---> @good-karma
    4. VOTE FOR ---> @themarkymark
    5. VOTE FOR ---> @anyx
    6. VOTE FOR ---> @someguy123
    7. VOTE FOR ---> @blocktrades
    8. VOTE FOR ---> @ausbitbank
    9. VOTE FOR ---> @cervantes
    10. VOTE FOR ---> @gtg
    11. VOTE FOR ---> @thecryptodrive
    12. VOTE FOR ---> @drakos
    13. VOTE FOR ---> @steempress
    14. VOTE FOR ---> @therealwolf
    15. VOTE FOR ---> @followbtcnews
    16. VOTE FOR ---> @lukestokes.mhth
    17. VOTE FOR ---> @emrebeyler
    18. VOTE FOR ---> @aggroed
    19. VOTE FOR ---> @steempeak
    20. VOTE FOR ---> @ocd-witness
    21. VOTE FOR ---> @abit
    22. VOTE FOR ---> @curie
    23. VOTE FOR ---> @stoodkev
    24. VOTE FOR ---> @jesta
    25. VOTE FOR ---> @liondani
    26. VOTE FOR ---> @netuoso
    27. VOTE FOR ---> @pharesim
    28. VOTE FOR ---> @arcange
    29. VOTE FOR ---> @riverhead
    30. VOTE FOR ---> @busy.witness
  • @acesontop

    Done that myself too. I really hope for the Steem blockchain to remain the way it should be and hope for the new top 40 elected witnesses to do their job as they should being active and some of them to stop circle jerking and support the community a bit as well, because without the community there wouldn't be a Steem blockchain anymore,and I also hope that we gave an example to the whole crypto world. A good one in defending the decentralized nature of a decentralized blockchain. I see all of this as a rebirth and I am aware that we should be more careful from now and things need to be fixed. Wouldn't mind to see self upvotes going away, with Sun, from this blockchain as well. Interesting and uncertain times ahead, but sometimes challenges get people together as a community.

  • @vlemon

    I did and would like some coverage on this post showing that we need to continue voting and making a shitstorm on Twitter.

    I count on you !


  • @wakeupkitty.pal

    What does that mean "top 40 investor"? Just symbolic is not enough to me to understand what this is about and to make a statement. Somehow I have the feeling the post written and most comments are not honest. You do not agree with everything they say or do but it's easier to forget their hostility and blame a new owner? The mess I see is not the result of his acts but the result of a group witnesses and ...

    I wish someone gave me an objective answer and I had the guarantee loyalty is paid. For some reason I think many of the Steemians being here daily had it with the lies and tricks, the downvotes etc and this will not stop. As soon as the top is back the voters are backstabbed again. That makes me said.

    Votes are not given to a person who likes us and gives us a hand but to blame someone for the mess we made out of this platform.

    As soon I have normal access I will check my list again. I wish you a great day. πŸ’•

  • @trafficinsider

    Maybe throw out the first set of witnesses who fired the first shot and the Tron/Sun set of witnesses and bring in a whole new group. Be done with the drama and stop with the threats. Either hard fork and go your own way or don't. Neither side is blameless in this mess.

  • @mima2606

    Yes I have. there is nothing more important right now! Greetings Michael

  • @eirik

    Yes, I have.

  • @xels

    Voted πŸ’ͺ

  • @hotbit

    Sure I did. As you are a prominent community member. may I ask you for your opinion on 30 for 1 rule that centralizes governance and poses security risk to Steem blockchain?

  • @alexs1320

    Yes, for all 20 Sun's witnesses

  • @in2itiveart

    nope. I unvoted all my witnesses because I don't believe in "voting" and government.