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16/05/20 07:26 12 AM Retweet: When you absolutely, positively want your dinner guests to fuck off early and never come again. pic.twitter.com/dYRzBuqJVw

16/05/20 12:03 01 AM Retweet: Pretty much, although massive currency issuance by govt central banks is making Bitcoin Internet money look solid by comparison
16/05/20 05:18 50 AM Retweet: Without Priya's mobile, Aussies would never have seen how Peter Dutton had guards drag her onto a plane in front of her little girls. Pls-tap http://bit.ly/DialDuttonDown , sign & share the National Justice Project's petition to stop Peter Dutton taking mobiles from people in detention pic.twitter.com/zbgI2PH6sM
15/05/20 08:35 08 PM Retweet: Ok who did this? pic.twitter.com/fGt3PJHwdL
15/05/20 10:09 03 PM Retweet: Now using the http://hiveonboard.com/create-account as the #HIVE onboarding tool for http://hivelist.io Great job on that site! Making it super easy to get on the #blockchain
15/05/20 04:58 03 PM Retweet: If you want to manage and explore NFTs on #Hive Engine check out this: https://okean123.github.io/NFTExplorer/home.html …

It's a tool I started working on recently. It doesn't look great, but it works! Currently you can view and transfer your NFTs, more to come soon.

15/05/20 09:22 40 PM Retweet: It's not even been 2 months and #Steem trending is already WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE! UNBELIEVABLE!

If you're on #Hive: you've made the CORRECT decision!


15/05/20 04:30 45 AM Retweet: Shout out to my beautiful wife @Gabbygoldenxo for putting this together. Thanks to my friends and family for the birthday wishes.

This was one of the best gifts ever! https://3speak.online/watch?v=gabbygoldenxo/pwdlrxgt …

14/05/20 06:22 28 PM Retweet: #Reddit creating tokens just proves ONE of the many use cases of #Hive many of us saw years ago.

The net will be tokenized; Hive was literally created for this purpose.

More of Web 2 will be jumping onboard & blockchains that are scaled & ready will absorb a ton of value.

14/05/20 01:17 23 PM Retweet: #freeassange #Assange #fakejustice pic.twitter.com/WWmzQ1e17K
14/05/20 12:25 15 AM Retweet: It’s gotten so bad people started to self-censor in fear of being censored.

This creates a mindset that has tremendous consequences for future generations.

It’s not OK to be censored, period!

Sites should conform to fit your needs, not the other way around.


13/05/20 10:55 22 AM Retweet: I have not PURCHASED crypto in a while.

Impossible to show the fiat origin of my funds.

They Let me DEPOSIT without warning me or telling me there is something wrong with my account. Then they Block me.

Has anybody had this happen to them? Please help.


13/05/20 12:01 21 AM Retweet: So exciting, especially for anyone who's read Dark Emu:

Bruce Pascoe leads first harvest of mandadyan nalluk ("dancing grass") in 200 years. This week they milled seed into flour and baked a loaf of bread.

Beaut story by Lorena Allam and Isabella Moore. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2020/may/13/its-time-to-embrace-the-history-of-the-country-first-harvest-of-dancing-grass-in-200-years?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other … pic.twitter.com/rRzLfpBBQZ

13/05/20 06:57 18 AM Retweet: Only 3 days left to get your entries in for the first #Hive Hackathon. Over $4,000 in prizes!

https://peakd.com/hackathon/@themarkymark/only-three-days-left-to-get-your-submissions-in-for-the-stemgeek-s-hackathon … #gohive #crypto #CryptoNews

12/05/20 01:19 47 PM Retweet: So are we not going to talk about Binance quietly listing their own leveraged tokens a month and a half after delisting FTX's leveraged tokens? Are we not going to talk about CZ claiming it was because he wanted to protect users? pic.twitter.com/e5DJssaks8
11/05/20 09:38 07 PM Retweet: I wonder when is @cryptobuyer going to integrate payments with $Hive to their list of accepted crypto in Venezuela, the @hiveblocks chain has a large community of Venezuelans and we would love to use our $hive to buy easily on any shop soported by @cryptobuyer. #HiveIsAlive
11/05/20 09:24 54 PM Retweet: #Bitcoin Halving occurred on block 630,000.

We're now in the 4th Epoch.

11/05/20 05:53 26 AM Retweet: Today marks the official release of the #Hive Ledger #Nano S v1.0.0. This project has been a long time coming and has taking many hours of work and late nights

With #Ledger support Hive has taken a big step towards #crypto #security http://github.com/netuoso/ledger-app-hive … @hiveblocks @Ledger pic.twitter.com/6csDRtIZMR

09/05/20 09:04 05 PM Retweet: The UK-US extradition treaty clearly prohibits extradition for political offenses pic.twitter.com/Q0MoKH1V2Z

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