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07/05/20 05:29 30 AM Retweet: Amazing view of tonight’s #supermoon absolutely stunning! pic.twitter.com/g9aIkzTbP8

07/05/20 05:50 22 AM Retweet: Perfectly timed photo of the supermoon aligned with a radio telescope #supermoon pic.twitter.com/lWNphQOJ6p
06/05/20 03:46 56 PM Retweet: Start your day with good news!

You are welcome to exchange $HIVE on http://StealthEX.io

We're really glad to have @hiveblocks with us. Now, you can exchange #HIVE for 250+ #crypto without sign-up.

Try now: https://stealthex.io/?to=hive pic.twitter.com/Yb4RFLcS1C

05/05/20 03:11 25 AM Retweet: The two Americans detained in Venezuela are Luke Denman and Aaron Barry. Both are former special forces colleagues of Jordan Goudreau, who has claimed responsibility for what Maduro says was a failed raid to destabilize his rule @AP https://apnews.com/fb3b0e84b1d58cb876fd38c7a9493fd5 …
06/05/20 06:06 47 AM Retweet: There is a bug on #steemit, you cannot see new posts. It has been almost 15 hours now and no one has any idea what is going on. Why? Anyone with any talent left #steem.

Said to see something you put years of your life into go down in flames. pic.twitter.com/HWx1uI8dAN

05/05/20 08:21 08 PM Retweet: Justin Sun buys Steemit, community leaves for Hive.

Justin Sun buys DLive, PewDiePie leaves for Youtube.

Bittorrent investors holding their breath.

05/05/20 10:19 54 PM Retweet: I can’t believe there are people still out here shilling HEX... you guys really just deserve to get scammed at this point.
05/05/20 06:20 55 PM Retweet: #TRON is back to having 0 value. (Not that it had much before)

#Pewdiepie left @OfficialDLive, the only asset worth anything on the whole blockchain.

It was expected to happen sooner or later.

The criminal and scammy activities of @justinsuntron were bound to reach Pewdiepie

05/05/20 04:25 08 PM Retweet: Again - they don't want you to see this. pic.twitter.com/At2cQ8qTts
05/05/20 04:32 15 PM Retweet: The New York Times is lying to you again, by only telling you the 50% of the truth, the 50% which favors their goal of conducting a human rights crime.

If you do not factor this by testing growth, you are conducting oppression of a people. https://twitter.com/nathanielks/status/1257676886358007814 …

05/05/20 05:14 19 AM Retweet: X Æ A-12 Musk
05/05/20 06:49 26 AM Retweet: Jeffrey Epstein court doc names 70 people who 'knew of sex trafficking and underage victims,' according to 'sex slave' https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11548479/jeffrey-epstein-enablers-named-sex-trafficking-underage-victims?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebarweb …
29/04/20 12:11 52 AM Retweet: Maybe, instead of giving/throwing money at private schools (which they don't need) to re-open (bad decision) GIVE IT TO THE Bushfire victims - who are still waiting for the (invisible) $2 Billion promised! #auspol #AuspolSoCorrupt #CrimeMinister
01/05/20 09:52 12 PM Retweet: Has the #RubyDutton inquiry released a copy of the passenger manifest yet? Didn’t think so. #AuspolSoCorrupt pic.twitter.com/QIgKyWgPmZ
05/05/20 04:04 22 AM Retweet: CAPTURED: U.S. mercenaries Luke Alexander Denman and Aaron Barry are in custody of the Venezuelan government. The two Silvercorp terrorists claim work security for President Trump. pic.twitter.com/jc7vwmjuTB
04/05/20 06:19 01 PM Retweet: With all of the increased awareness flooding #hive, the price rally, exchange listings on @HuobiGlobal, @binance, etc. we decided to put together a long-form guide to the Hive #blockchain ecosystem. It's available right now at https://leofinance.io/hive https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@khaleelkazi/qlzyrsgk …
04/05/20 01:17 17 PM Retweet: Small Assange protest outside court #Assange #WikiLeaks #Covid19UK pic.twitter.com/18NcyI5txr
04/05/20 03:06 27 AM Retweet: Each time I view this clip, I think of Clarke’s third law. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. pic.twitter.com/6reZVIOI7D
04/05/20 10:22 22 AM Retweet: Parties will try to set a new date for Assange's postponed May 18 extradition trial. Prosecution can't do July, which judge suggests. Defence lawyers want September, which no one else can do. The next suggested date for a three-week hearing is November, which is four months away.
04/05/20 10:16 22 AM Retweet: @wikileaks founder Julian Assange's hearing is due to begin in the Westminister Magistrates Court in about 45 mins or so. I'll be Tweeting proceedings #Assange #WikiLeaks

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