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26/04/20 05:49 51 PM Retweet: While #hive is pumping like crazy, LeoFinance author @Pacemak3r makes the bullish case for the Hive #blockchain in the long run:

  • Decentralized Development Fund
  • No More Ninja-Mined "programmatic sales" by Ned
  • Liquidity
  • Better Marketing
  • ... https://leofinance.io/binance/@edicted/the-bullish-case-for-hive-even-after-going-x4 …

26/04/20 11:01 00 PM Retweet: This is a fun article, but @HuobiGlobal only plays a small part in the buzz around #Hive; it truly is the embodiment of decentralization and is pioneering a new path in the social media #blockchain space.

https://cointelegraph.com/news/to-justin-suns-chagrin-huobi-listing-spikes-hives-price-by-600/amp?__twitter_impression=true … #HiveIsAlive #Crypto #10bagger

26/04/20 04:33 07 AM Retweet: 1/ More than 40 academic and industry-based experts in Australia have joined together to call on the Clth Govt to be open and transparent regarding its COVID-19 tracing software application. #covid 19australia #covid19au #covid #covid_19 #covid-19 See: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T-CVzfKDTZOK7DYUyHNR4RsoN4uuKcQux8UvYU9u6AE/edit …
26/04/20 08:56 07 AM Retweet: Kim Jong Un.

Nobody warned him there is somebody more unstable than he is. pic.twitter.com/TnfwUQsVxH

26/04/20 10:45 03 AM Retweet: Julian Assange attorneys look again to postpone extradition trial over coronavirus: WikiLeaks - Washington Times https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/apr/25/julian-assange-attorneys-look-again-to-postpone-ex/ …
26/04/20 10:01 54 AM Retweet: Heard some of you missed the first days of $HIVE and are crying.

Well don't cry. There is still a chance. Look at the trend!

And there is a way to make up for your loss.

Deposit & share 100,000 HIVE!

https://bit.ly/HiveNow pic.twitter.com/n5DkSdBEGG

26/04/20 09:40 42 AM Retweet: Since @CoinMarketCap seemingly isn't capable of updating their trading pairs in time for a historic price jump, I took matters into my own photoshop-hands #Hive is on pic.twitter.com/4RTeLWZYZS
26/04/20 09:47 11 AM Retweet: Have you seen the latest buzz and price action with #Hive? It's a pretty awesome demonstration of #DPoS and #blockchain governance.

Would you consider supporting #Hive and/or #HiveDollars on #Gemini?

There's a truckload of trading fees to be made if you move quick. I can help.

26/04/20 04:01 41 AM Retweet: Empty shelves are evidence of government interference in the free market or an economically ignorant population educated by said government. In free markets scarce goods are always available at a price and competition keeps it as low as possible.
25/04/20 03:00 15 PM Retweet: We know, we know... poison is reserved for a long list of people like Jeffrey Epstein... and servers. Am I right? https://twitter.com/HillaryClinton/status/1253697753479331840 …
25/04/20 05:52 55 PM Retweet: #HIVE is over 3x the price of #Steem & almost 10x the 24-hour volume.

Like @officialmcafee said, you can't buy a community.

Sometimes it pays not to sell out. pic.twitter.com/LDgEZJI5zf

25/04/20 06:03 57 PM Retweet: @blockfolioapp is by far the best for tracking crypto currency price, news, updates, listings, etc.. @blockfolio even now has a beautiful #Slack app to make it even easier to freak out of the CRAZY #HIVE price increase!

Up over 300% in the past week. Well over all time highs!!! pic.twitter.com/Ydv4ohqRyd

25/04/20 07:57 30 AM Retweet: Looks like $HIVE is entering the top 20 by trade volume on http://cryptowat.ch Sitting pretty in the 18th spot at the time of this post! Onwards and upwards! #hiveisalive #hiveworks pic.twitter.com/XnQdY0Yg7n
25/04/20 12:59 40 PM New public #hive rpc node now available https://peakd.com/witness/@ausbitbank/new-hive-public-rpc-node-online …
25/04/20 02:16 15 AM Retweet: Introducing Quello - A question and answer platform built exclusively on Hive -- by quello https://ift.tt/2S0oQlh #hive #hiveisalive
25/04/20 01:10 25 AM Retweet: $Steem vs $Hive, which will survive?

I didn't hold back on this one pic.twitter.com/QBj87ghml2

24/04/20 05:18 45 PM Retweet: YOU denounced specific code, forced witnesses to state they'd NEVER run that code while holding consensus hostage, COPIED tha EXACT CODE you promised NEVER to run & forced out anyone who DIDN'T run it. Stand by your actions: blockchain shows the REAL truth of everything you do.
24/04/20 06:09 05 PM Retweet: UPDATES: Change your SteemPeak settings to direct to http://PeakD.com https://peakd.com/hive-175001/@steempeak/updates-change-your-steempeak-settings-to-direct-to-peakd-com …
24/04/20 06:14 48 PM Retweet: As $Hive zooms past double the value of $Steem does anyone want a Hive account? I can create them quickly and for free. I will delegate to good content creators. DM me if interested.
24/04/20 06:24 05 PM Retweet: The success of a crypto project is NOT the same as the price of the crypto project. Sometimes technology can be undervalued due to a failure in marketing and execution.

I still believe price is agnostic of success, however, this sure feels motivating.

#HIVE #HiveIsAlive #Crypto pic.twitter.com/gjaxSh343E

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  • @hone.heke

    yea but the facts are still facts and the same same forces that fucked Steem will do the same with hive. Take your profits while they are on the table. It wont last forever