Yogi Adityanath- Indian Muslims did “No Favour” to the Country 😆

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Muslims who chose to stay in India when it was partitioned following independence from Britain did the country "no favours", Yogi Adityanath, one of India's most controversial right-wing politicians, has said. "They should have opposed partition, which led to the formation of Pakistan," he told BBC Hindi's Nitin Srivastava in an exclusive interview. Mr Adityanath is the chief minister of the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state and home to nearly a quarter of India's 200 million Muslims. His government has recently been accused of using excessive force against protesters, especially Muslims, opposing a contentious new citizenship law.

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Source: Yogi Adityanath: "Muslims did no favour to India by staying here" https://www.facebook.com/130148817071986/posts/2979262088827297 Location: India

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  • @andesitegravel

    If there are 200 million muslims in India at least some of the must have done something good.

    Posted using Partiko Android

  • @kaduni

    though yeah there are some muslims who can be very deadly and ready to kill anyone who opposes their beliefs in islam,but i still believe every muslim cannot all be evil,there should be good ones,even if they are very few..

  • @scalpo

    i do not believe we totally have bad religion,i believe what we have is bad people.....and those bad people hide under "religion" to perpetrate evil...

  • @kragon

    in as much as i do not agree with his opinion but i guess he has his own reasons for saying that and i respect that...

  • @ranso

    everyone should be entitled to their own opinion,he only expressed his own opinion....

  • @slupp

    i never knew there were so much Muslims in india until recently when i watched a documentary that talked about that...

  • @brainly

    if he says so then there is a reason behind why he said such and people should at least give him a listening ear......

  • @wofunmi

    i do not have problem with the muslims,i only have problem with the religion itself.....