Asian Arowana, first try on 300g Arches paper - 1001fishes artwork

Here is my first artwork on a high quality paper, it is a 300g 100% coton Arches paper. I've been taught that in watercolors the most important point to get good paper, as the pigments behave well better on the paper. And I have a pretty good feeling with it, way better than my super cheap paper I've benn using before.


It's an Asian Arowana, known in asian culture to bring good fortune and protect his owner from bad things. In my town a Christmas market is happening soon, and I'm working super hard to get good hardwork ! I will share some with you, as it should be great, even if they are not from the 1001fishes project.

Take care,


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  • @theonlyway

    It is a beautiful fish and a good technique.

    I also paint in watercolor, but I don't use paper for it, I use cardboard, where I live there is no watercolor paper and where they sell it is very expensive.

    How much does 100% cotton paper cost 300 g?

    remember that there are felines watching us

    thanks for sharing.

  • @c-squared

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