HF 22.5: Binance, Poloniex & Houbi Take over Steem

Every action causes and equal an opposite reaction....

An hour ago 3 Chinese exchanges used customer Steem they held to power it up, take over the Steem blockchain and return to Steemit Inc centralised control:

  • Binance had 32M STEEM
  • Houbi 10M
  • Poloniex 2.2M

They used an account @dev365 to replace all the top witnesses with unknown accounts by setting it as proxy for around 46M Steem Power which had been powered up by the above exchanges.

They then did a hardfork 22.5 which reinstated the ninjamined Steemit Inc accounts which had been frozen by HF22.2, which then also voted for the new witnesses.

What this means for the future of the Steem blockchain and the great community that we have here, I don't know.

The old Top 20 witnesses, who represent some of the most talented active people on Steem have been shafted. They did HF22.2 "to protect the community" but the war that has started may now divide or destroy it.

If they leave Steem because of this, then much of what has been created here will be lost.

Lets hope that some compromise settlement can be reached.

Screen Shot 20200302 at 13.14.22.png

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  • @baah

    So it has begun.

  • @aagabriel

    Not sad, not surprised.

    Just disappointed and angry. No one was willing to fight, everyone was willing to suck the cock of empty promises and this is what they got.

    What now?

    More fucking Hope? Hope at this stage is when the executioner puts the blindfold on you and hear the bullet with your name on it get loaded into the chamber.

  • @aagabriel

    Lets hope that some compromise settlement can be reached.

    1. "Hope" is a weak word, vainglorious and impotent. Hope is what fuelled the greed to be complacent and hope my #STEEM would not turn into a shitcoin.
  • @shmoogleosukami

    Everyone should try withdraw their steem from the exchange and then sue them for not having the fund since it's all powered up right now.

  • @chekohler

    I guess its them banking on well their are more people who don't know about steemit than do, we can piss off everyone and secure more bag holders in the future who won't question a thing and just use the service

  • @steemitcuration

    So they tried shafting him and got shafted. "You play with feathers you get your ass tickled"

  • @ura-soul

    Here are my thoughts on this: https://steempeak.com/witness/@ura-soul/ura-soul-witness-update-anarchy-vs-empire-tron-replaces-top-witnesses-and-takes-over-the-steem-blockchain

  • @mintymile

    Oh, my God!!! ...this is awful!!

  • @alexvanaken

    @justinsunsteemit is such a dumbfuck.... I had a feeling something equivalent to this would happen since day 1...

  • @valued-customer

    Our communications are dependent on centralized mechanisms at multiple layers. From ISPs to the physical network, we speak at the pleasure of overlords. The Steem blockchain itself is but a tertiary expression of this vulnerability.

    In fact, this notification of our vulnerability to censorship is an extremely valuable warning.

    Our ability to know facts enables us to act to secure our lives and property from danger. Today across all enemedia, we are being misled regarding a pandemic that may threaten all our lives, and society itself. Steem is inconsequential in comparison, as I'm sure everyone values their lives and families more than their wallets.

    I sincerely and even desperately hope that devs, network engineers, and coders immediately undertake to create a mesh network through which we can reach each other as long as the physical network is powered up, to run blockchains, troll each other, or let us know about outbreaks of plague in our cities.

    This is not a drill. This is life or death. We need not to exist at the pleasure of overlords.

    Let's live at our sole option.

  • @joeyarnoldvn

    Should we run off to Weku or what?