Steem RPC Node Following Anomaly - Glitch in the Steem Matrix?

Steem RPC Node Following Anomaly

    Seems I've encountered anomalous data attempting a get_following method invocation against @anyx's full RPC node. I thought I was going insane.


See it for yourself

    The problem can be reproduced by performing the following using Python3.6.

from beem import Steem

nodes = NodeList().get_nodes()
stm = Steem(node='')

stm.rpc.get_following(,'darth-azrael','blog',1, api='follow')

     If you try any other account, the ouput will return the same account but, for some reason, @darth-azrael outputs @ond. Let's try running it against another account.

 stm.rpc.get_following(,'rollingbones','blog',1, api='follow')

    As expected, this returns the follower dictionary representing the @steemflagrewards Community Moderator badge account following of @therollingbones as can be seen below:

 [{'follower': 'badge-127001', 'following': 'rollingbones', 'what': ['blog']}]

    I entertained the idea that perhaps the account having a hyphen could have caused this but this theory was scrapped after running the RPC call below.

>>> stm.rpc.get_following(,'sbi-booster','blog',1, api='follow')
[{'follower': 'badge-127001', 'following': 'sbi-booster', 'what': ['blog']}]

My question is what the F is going on?Is this a one-off or could there be a broader issue?



    Although it is difficult for we to isolate the fault on a system that we do not have administrative control over, we can speculate as to possible causitive factors.

Something to consider is that most accounts that @badge-127001 has followed were were followed today.

(Yes, that IS my representation of the loopback IP address. Had to snag it! #justITnerdthings)

    It could be as simple as a glitch / system error on @anyx's node or something else. That something else could be a lot of things. Considering we have a slew of sock-puppet witnesses, I won't dismiss the possibility that one of the systems screewed the pooch in block production.

Bear in mind, this is merely conjecture at this point.

    I'm hoping someone will be able to shed some light as to what caused this inconsistent and unexpected result. Worse comes to worse, I'll need to develop some sort of logic bypass but I would rather not go to that length.

What do you think?

Is this just a random bug or a sign of FUBAR to come? Hope not but guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there! 🌉

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  • @bobinson

    127001 --> in the user name is peculiar to me as its the loop back address ;-)

  • @avare

    Interesting $trdo

  • @hans001

    Well for once I agree.. If someone took over steemit inc set 20 witnesses in the top 20 to take over the blockchain. Wants to sell the developmentfund of the steemblockchain. What about the rpc of steemit inc... Yeah I set the rpc server to anyx.

  • @reviewzzz

    That is usually happen we need stable node

  • @drmrc1884

    Great INFO , New era of cryptocurrency

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  • @simplifylife

    Hey Anthony. This is not related to this post, but we can't send messages on steem so...well!

    You've been the one calling for a hardfork since day 1 this Tron Saga began. I really enjoy the way you put things into perspective and I would love to hear your thoughts on the upcoming hardfork and the HIVE Blockchain.

    Hope you're doing well and your wife has recovered from her illness you mentioned in one of your posts!