Quick thoughts on Steemit Inc being Sold to Justin Sun



My initial reply which I clarify further below:



My suspicion:


Of course, it's too early to say definitively what is going to happen but it doesn't look great.

If StInc pulls their nodes, this means more pressure on others offering public RPC nodes (such as @anyx, @themarkymark and @gtg) that have been offering free services to the chain. This has been done most likely at a loss from what I understand per discussions w Marky.

God bless you kind souls

This means the load on other RPC nodes will be increased. Again, this is only speculative that StInc will pull the plug but I believe it is certainly a possibility that should be considered.

How long can we expect others to shoulder the weight to keep this chain going the way it is currently?

Hope for the Best. Prepare for the Worst

I'm not saying we need to start panicking. What I am saying is we need to plan accordingly. This means we need an archive of all meaningful data, all repositories and anything else that could be lost during the coming phases.

Good luck everybody!

Let's not allow @ned to determine our destiny. We can choose for ourselves.


P.S. I haven't carefully weighed out the market implications but the notion of a token swap seems suspect. May cause some weak hands / potential buying opportunities for Steem. (Possible P&D coming). This is not financial advice!


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  • @simplifylife

    So confused right now. This was extremely unprofessional to just announce the merge without any details whatsoever. They should have figured out the details first before making the move to tron.

  • @cadawg

    Archived Repos: https://github.com/SteemClassic

  • @acesontop

    You kind of lost me in technical details but I pretty much got the idea. I don't know why but I never liked Justin and always felt about Ned being a sneaky one. From what I noticed even news outlets are talking Steem and Steemit as if they were one and the same. I really really hope that this blockhain and its current apps to remain unaffected. I only use twitter besides Steem, and if it would go to hell, that means most of my online life would flush down the toilet. My vote is weak but at least a resteem I can offer and a proper tweet share. I guess those are the times when communities have to prove being strong.

  • @avare

    I was very surprised by this news. I couldn't believe it sounded like a joke. But after the tweet news about this tron, steem flies. Maybe it's good. I don't know, but Justin Sun is someone who loves advertising. $trdo

  • @raj808

    Hey Anthony 👋

    Just a quick question. Does this essentially mean that all the Development around communities and SMT's were pointless?

    If the majority of dapps migrate to Tron and we have some type of strange token sway, won't that kill steems price subsequently destroy the potential of SMT's as no one wants to use proof of brain tokens that are worthless... apart from maybe the brainless 🤣

    All Joking aside tho, it looks pretty bad on the surface. Kinda like SMT's were just one giant distraction!?

  • @futuremind

    lol @ "Intestinal fortitude" ;););)

    I think that tweet should have been: "Steemians and twitterers, after 4 beautiful years of leaving you all in the dark, ignoring community feedback, and never letting any of you know wtf is going on, I decided to..."

    Thank you for composing your thoughts for us here, I echo the same concerns.

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