Flag TV Development LiveStream + Tech WhiteBoard Session - Virus theme

Fast forward about two minutes in. Had to mute an audio source which was figured out soon after stream started. Also, figured out how to adjust keyframe interval to address quality issues but a while later. Good news is subsequent streams should be much higher quality!

Join me as I develop additional features into the SFR community and WhiteBoard to refine projects.


  • SFR Steempeak Badge Follow Script / Bot integration

     Was hit up by @solominer about what is needed for him to earn his shiny new @steemflagrewards @steempeak community moderator badge. Well.. it was a matter of me getting off my ass and coding the bot. Let's git 'er done!

  • Virtual Machine Retirement / Rebuild for fresh SteemYaLater archival virtual machine

     It's about time I put my old VM down but not without performing a backup / capturing all bot dependencies. I had loaded it w so much random junk so felt like a fresh start using a more containerized approach to application development is in order.

  • SiaCoin SkyNet Web Portal using Whitelist Host DB - Design and Architectural Consideration / Cost Analysis

     SkyNet is a decentralized Content Delivery Network (CDN) that has amazing potential to create distributed and incentivized content storage providers using consumer grade technology. I have been examining the code / capabilities and will be thinking through possible implementation.

To learn more about SkyNet, read my recent post linked in the image below:


     I may or may not get to all of these items but will serve as more or less a guide so I'm not swervin' all over the place in my usual fashion. I may go down a rabbit hole or two but gonna try to stay on track!

    Bear with me on the background fan noise. Unfortunately, our AC went out again and that's especially bad news if you're a Texan because it gets hot as balls round here. Thank God it's not summer yet!

Stream Viewer Bonus:

If you hop on the stream on YouTube, I will be dropping a link to the Deltron 3030 Virus "MIDI" I created. I've been experimenting w Audacity and a few other utilities to convert MIDI converted tunes to 8-bit style audio experiences. I still have a lot to learn but this one came out pretty well.

I'll upload to SkyNet and share a pin in the chat. Please, remind me if I forget.

Looking forward to hanging out w some peeps on Streem. Will get on voice on the SFR Discord. Link below



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