What are you doing with your Steem Power? - Up, Down, leave it alone?

Hello everyone!

I'm wondering, yesterday I got more than 30 comments on my poll post.

It makes me realize there are still many people here on steem, at least lurking.

Also, please disable your Gina Notifications about me, I will be posting a lot on Steem these days but it will be short content and you will get bored of it.

So, if you're reading this tell me:

What are you doing with your Steem Power?

Oh by the way, if you leave a comment, please drop your Twitter username (if you haven't done so in a post of mine yet).

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  • @ssjsasha

    Down for now, since many will be powering down for 13 weeks.

    Most likely convert to bitcoin to trade with, but I am hoping I can buy back all the steem I powered down, but at a much lower price, keep the difference, and pray steem pumps

  • @whatsup

    So excited about your new project you have to milk this one I take it.

  • @davedickeyyall

    I'm powering down 80% on both chains

  • @zhanavic69

    Hey, buddy, cheers, be well.

    Maybe I won't tell you because among so many contests, writings and I don't have you with GINA I'm sorry, but I always look for you, but I do follow you.

    What are you doing with your Steem power?

    My power is there, rising little by little, when I think I need to use it I will, although sometimes I need help to know how to reverse it.

    I'll leave you my twitter user there and I'll follow you too.


  • @whack.science

    Powering down for the first time. Leaving 2k liquid, buying hive with 10k steem.

  • @diabolika

    Canceled the power down.

  • @eirik


  • @marcybetancourt

    I had decided not to do anything in steem. However, I have noticed that many "powerful" users are still here and I don't understand that attitude. Not that I am radical but we must be consistent in our words and actions. I took several votes today.

  • @karinxxl

    yoooooooooo!!!! I just sold some liquid, and powerer down a bunch but will be active on both when I have time in this damn outdoor crisis hahah

    be safe amigo!

  • @iamjadeline

    Powering down as well and felt weird doing it. First time powering down.

    My twitter account is @JadelineLee =)

  • @lisfabian

    Hello @anomadsoul, voting giving even if it is encouragement and encouragement with my simple vote, if you have something better to offer please let me know. See you soon. And I added you to twitter and another anomadsoul too, that one is in capital letters. If you have good ideas, let me know. Of course it's a win.

  • @pardinus

    Powering down ­čÖé

  • @antoniarhuiz

    Si revisas mi blog, no hay publicaciones desde que comenz├│ la migraci├│n. Con mi sp? No he comenzado el apagado porque no s├ę c├│mo hacer para llev├írmelo, una vez que apague.

  • @darrenfj

    right now I'm full-on doing nothing

    Was going to power down but some people I follow are still here..

    So, for now, it is a 'wait and see' attitude..

    likely power down in the future though

  • @warpedpoetic

    I was powering down before the split and I still am. It is more of a financial consideration than because of anything. I am not powering up or down in the other one. I do not know its worth presently.. My twitter handle is @warpedpoetic85

  • @jphamer1

    I plan on doing nothing. Putting all your eggs in one basket is stupid. Ill carry on supporting both chains. Both have ups and downs. I anticipate a hive pump since most will be converting. Ill most likely dump my hive airdrop in a few weeks once everyone here is powered down.

  • @theaustrianguy

    I guess I will continue powering down at least 50% on both chains, then decide what Chain looks more promising and then go 100% to the one I choose :)