Let's make a poll :D

Hey everyone! I am wondering who is reading this.

I have more than 13k followers, I'm arguably a top 30 most followed account (without counting projects and spammers) so, I want to check how many people this post reaches to.

If you are reading this, can you leave a comment here?

Better yet, if you have a Twitter account, leave the username here and I'll give you a follow! :D

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  • @louis88


    Gina told me u made a Post ^^

  • @darkfemme

    Well... Follow You is very interesting!

  • @ylich

    Ginabot tells everything... ;-)

    I don't use Twitter often, but here it is: https://twitter.com/YlichElRuso

  • @yonnathang


  • @lifeworship

    I've been gone for a bit, this is one of the first posts I've seen upon returning.

  • @jayna

    Hi @anomadsoul! I’m seeing your post. I have not abandoned Steem. I’m on both Hive and Steem as I have time each day. On Twitter I’m @jaynatweets. ❤️

  • @manniman

    @RealManniMan but you should follow me at the HIVE xE

    Let's do Inception here!

    If anyone reads this comment: https://strawpoll.de/ew6srrz <<--- answer that one real quick

  • @manniman

    I don't even know why I follow you... no clue... 0

  • @antoniarhuiz

    Ja,ja,ja...Bueno si eso quieres, está bien. Abrazos. https://twitter.com/arelisrh1

  • @davedickeyyall


  • @mafalda2018

    Saludos @anomadsoul te sigo en Twitter: https://twitter.com/EricFNa

    Mi Twitter:

  • @lisfabian

    Hello, I hope everything goes well, take care of yourself @anomadsoul.



  • @hope-on-fire

    Twitter account @metalgrow

  • @mballesteros

    Hey I'm here reading! I'm also going to follow everyone who leaves their Twitter account here.👍


  • @kneelyrac

    Hello there!

  • @josediccus


  • @carlos84

    Hello @anomasoul, I hope this post is an excellent initiative and stimulus to raise the spirits of many users who still believe that steem will stand.

    Of course I've been following you for quite some time, I became my user account in steemit in September 2017, and among the users who commented positively to guide me and to guide me were you, here the test:


    If you are curious about it, you can check it here: Hi steemit, everyone is welcome to my cover letter(SPAIN/ENG)

    At that time I was just starting and I didn't even have a clue how to use the labels so that my posts would have a correct promotion.

    Well I think you are an example to follow for many users that like me have time in steem.

    To not lose the essence of this post you wrote here is my profile in twitter my user is @CARLOSJB84.

    Greetings friend @anomadsoul

  • @madushanka


  • @galenkp

    I read it mate...I'm one of your 13,000+ minions. Lol.

    No Twitter though.

  • @diabolika

    I am still following you!

  • @lizelle

    Twitter - @LizelleBright My friend Gina who knows everybody's business told me you posted;)

  • @nonsowrites


    (@IAM__NONSO): https://twitter.com/IAM__NONSO?s=09

  • @tarazkp

    upvote me kind sir

  • @anneke

    O I wish all the followers would vote but they do not even read.

  • @livinguktaiwan

    Why are there still so many people here? Need to get off ASAP pd done

    I'm livinguktaiwan everywhere, twitter, FB, WP, IG coz no one else does

  • @phortun

    Still checking my Steem feed too to see who still linger here so yeah, I saw and read this post but I hope it´s one of your last on this chain ;) :P

  • @sacra97

    It looks like a Facebook message, to see who takes a minute to say hello, it is a good technique, I like it, knowing who you can count on. @mariatornero60 @anomadsoul I think I already follow you twitter

    Se parece a un mensaje de facebook, para ver quién se toma un minuto para saludar, es una buena técnica, me gusta, saber con quién se puede contar. @mariatornero60, @anomadsoul creo que ya te sigo twitter, grateful for your creative ideas, agradecida con tus creativas ideas.

  • @iamjadeline

    Although late, am reading this. My Twitter account is @JadelineLee.

  • @aibeluz

    Hola @anomadsoul he estado algo alejada pero aun sigo en Steem y forma parte de tus seguidores....Excelente iniciativa. Mi Twitter es @Membresia_zat

  • @manncpt

    @manncpt also on twitter. ;)