My resignation from Steemit

I have resigned as Head of Communications for Steemit. I’m going to take a little time to gather my thoughts and get some rest. Hope we can Steem On.

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  • @blockchainstudio

    Wow, now it's your turn. What a coincidence that one of each quit whenever I refresh the page. Who's next?

    ps. Thank you and stay blessed!

  • @crimsonclad



  • @namiks

    I'm sure you all tried to be the voice of reason. Thanks for trying, as well as everything else you did for Steem.

  • @drakos

    Jesus christ! Another resignation. Thanks for sticking to your word and integrity.

  • @acidyo

    Thank you @andrarchy for everything you've done for Steem. You were one of the first connections I made on this chain and you've been one of the most valuable members of the Steemit team.

  • @exhaust

    Respect. Way to stick to your guns in the face of what's happening. Never easy to quit.

  • @cmplxty

    Thanks for the work, see you on the other side, wherever that is. Get some rest, you deserve it!

  • @jk6276

    Thanks for everything you have done - I hope we see you with the Steem community wherever we end up. Steem on (somewhere)

  • @jongolson

    Best of luck man. I know this must have been hell for you guys these past few weeks. Thanks for your effort and hard work.

  • @dalz

    Thanks for all the efort man!

  • @rivalzzz

    My lovely one, keep the head up!!

  • @netuoso

    Sorry to hear this @andrarchy. As I told @vandeberg you will always have my support and I am very appreciative of the work you have put in here for the Steem blockchain and community.

  • @stackin

    Damn bro! Thanks for everything you did for the steem blockchain. :(

  • @r0nd0n

    Wishing you the best.

  • @lemouth

    Thanks Andrew for everything that you have done! Please enjoy your rest.

  • @distantsignal

    Holy smokes! Who else is resigning? Watching this thing implode is just the worst. Sorry you're having to resign.

  • @mrgreen

    respect, dude

  • @soyrosa

    Holy shit. Thank you. For all that you've done and for taking a stance. What a sad day for #Steem. As I said to @vandeberg, I wish I could hire you myself. Please don't be a stranger - and take a good rest. We'll #SteemOn, however that's going to look like from now on.

  • @okean123

    Thanks for all your work. Good luck!

  • @rmach

    Thanks for everything. Get some rest.

  • @novacadian

    Wishing you all the best, @andrarchy.

  • @blacklux

    Thanks for everything!

  • @tarazkp

    Thanks for the service so far and I hope that you will continue with the community.

  • @gargon

    I feel honoured to have met you and talked to you over the years Andrew. This is another proof of the type of person that you are. Your Integrity and Core Values speak by themselves . I hope somehow, something good comes out of all this shit.

  • @deadspace

    Appreciate all the work and effort you've put into this place. Lots of respect for you, dood.

  • @sumit1998

    We need you, what we will do alone ??

  • @daveks

    Thank you for all your efforts @andrarchy!

  • @edouard

    Best of luck, you will be missed!

  • @sumit1998

    Still respects your decision

  • @ericwilson


  • @chireerocks

    @andrarchy, Steem Community can understand how difficult this Decision is for you brother. Thank you so much for your contributions and efforts towards the Development Of Steem. Good wishes from my side and Steem On always. Stay blessed.

  • @isaria


  • @melinda010100

    We all appreciate you so much. Sending hugs.

  • @delapancoret

    Good Job

  • @pharesim

    Thank you for showing your loyalty. These few lines mean so much.

  • @decentralizd


  • @tamiil

    You and @vandeberg were the faces that made me believe in Steemit Inc. as not some evil corporation, but as a company that had people who actually cared about what was being built here. Steemit Inc. will not be the same without you and probably won't get much support from the community going forward. You two are going to get lots of love from everyone though. :P

  • @shadonchandra

    That's really very Shocking For us.

  • @guruvaj

    Our support and sympathy will accompany you as you take your break.

  • @dougkarr

    You were the first Steemian I met in real life and continue to be the ideal of what this community is and/or should be. Steem on @andrarchy!

  • @firepower

    Hey Andrew! Sorry to hear about this. Must've been a tough call to make.

    Thank you for updating us and more importantly for your contribution and all the effort you put in to help steer things around. Much appreciate all your effort brother. We're here for you man.

  • @m31

    Thank you andrarchy!

  • @d-pend

    Alright @andrarchy; take it easy. We appreciate the work you have done!

  • @farizal

    What the....

    I don't know what to say. Hopefully this is not the sign for the end of STEEM because I love this Blockchain.

  • @nateaguila


    I can't wait to see what you tackle next.

  • @enjar

    Thank you for everything you have done.

    Enjoy your rest. It is well deserved.

  • @traciyork

    I can't even imagine how difficult this whole situation has been for the core Steemit team, especially coming from your position as a user-turned-employee. Thank you for everything you've done, and tried to achieve, for the blockchain. You will be missed.

  • @oaldamster

    Sad to read this, thanks for all your input, all the best for the future.

  • @fredrikaa

    Shit. I really feel for you as I know how much of your passion and creativity was put into Steemit and what it could potentially achieve.

    Hopefully, there's still plenty of room to build on so many of the ideas and visions we've shared over the past 2 and a half years where I've felt I've been lucky to call you a friend in this space, and that we can indeed Steem on further than ever.


  • @retinox

    The reason for the resignation is pretty clear. The Steemit team bought by Tron was not informed about the block chain take over (all top witnesses are installed from Tron with the help of the SP of the bigger exchanges) a few hours ago. So now we know that Steemit didn't know about it or was forced not to communicate that. And it's not a good sign for the announcements planned for the next few days. What can we do? Everybody who has STEEM on an exchange pull it back on the steem blockchain into YOUR account were you control the secret keys. I'm curious to see what will happen if everybody tries to transfer his/her STEEM. Spoiler: The exchanges have powered them all up. So they can't give them back to you! They make their business with your SP. ! Please take control again about your STEEM, login to your exchange and transfer your STEEM to your steem account.

  • @jerrytsuseer


  • @marc5

    Thank you @andrarchy. It's time to show we are a trully decentralized platform, with decentralized governance.

  • @agr8buzz

    In light of recent events this would be the right choice imo! Rest up, reflect, keep your head up and come back stronger.

  • @jeffjagoe

    Thanks for being one of the greatest STEEM ambassadors over the years. Had a lot of great talks at the past 3 STEEMFests. Hope to have more. Cheers to a bright future

  • @geekgirl

    With you all the best. Your talents and leadership will be appreciated in many other companies. Thank you for everything.

  • @noganoo

    I'm still coming to get my money! See you soon!

  • @klye

    Respect man.

    What a fucking shit show.

    Were you forced to resign or was it your own decision? I've seen that Vandeberg stepped down too.. Is Justin cleaning house or are you guys just sick of his asshat shit?

    Anyways man, thank you for your service to the blockchain. Best of luck in your future endevours.

  • @flemingfarm

    Good for you and thank you for your work and dedication to the chain. Let's spin up the new chain and get this rockin again.

  • @nonameslefttouse

    Good luck, man. Thanks for everything. I'd like to be able to say more but I can't today because it just starts with fuck and ends with this.

  • @alexvanaken


  • @thelogicaldude

    I hate to see it, but glad to see that the actual Steemit team didn't support the move. Good luck!

  • @thekitchenfairy

    Wishing you the best, and hopefully we will still see you around.

  • @pouchon

    What a way to show support for the community. Thanks for your hard work these years.

  • @bluengel

    사임 한다고 책임 면책 면피 아니쥬~!

    이럴때 일수록 더욱 더 서로 힘내게 힘내야쥬~!

    말로만 스팀 가즈아~냥~?

    Steem ♨♨♨ On ! FFS !

  • @jaybird

    Shudang :/

  • @michealb

    thanks for all andrarchy. wish you well

  • @cryptictruth

    Wow what is happening this is such a shit show right now. Mad respect to you and thanks for all you have done.

  • @cryptonewz

    Time to pack our bag together with you my man...

  • @notconvinced

    I can only respect those with an honorable character and your actions are just that, honorable.

  • @broncnutz

    this sucks but i understand why. thanks for all you did for this was a lot.

  • @patrickulrich

    Thank you for all that you've done for the Steem community over the years @andrarchy. You've shown today to be a man of honor and I deeply respect you for it. I look forward to your future endeavors and wish you all the best.

  • @onthewayout

    That is the only honest think to do...kudos.

  • @derangedvisions

    You will be missed. Thank you all you have done for our community.

  • @eirik

    Thank you Andrarchy!

  • @ericvancewalton

    I’m very sorry it ended like this. Thank you for your contributions to this community!

  • @roleerob

    You and @vandeberg both appear to be men of integrity @andrarchy. Once you have had some time, we hope to hear more from you and your perspective about all that has taken place today. "From the heart," as I am sure you have light to shed on events that may help us all in processing what has taken place.

  • @keys-defender

    Thank you for all your hard work @andrarchy

  • @aggroed

    Many blessings of peace and rest today. Thank you for your service to the blockchain!

  • @nuthman

    Oh, boy.. This is getting real. Take care of yourself! I hope somehow this can all be worked out.

  • @buttcoins

    Damn man.... you represented what was right to me about steemit leadership. This is a truly sad day for me and so many. If for gathering those thoughts....if a vacay is in the cards... i got your back... mi casa es su casa...hit me up without hesitation!!

  • @cloudspyder

    Respect man.

    Thank you!

  • @theycallmedan

    The Steem community stands behind you. TY for your years of service to the Steem blockchain. Long live the king.

  • @stevescoins

    Thank you for your work here. Good luck, and sorry about what happened here

  • @galenkp

    Thank you for your efforts and all the best for the future.

  • @lordbutterfly

    I gave you shit.. Im not giving you shit anymore.

  • @definethedollar

    Steem is us, the community. We’ll be Steeming on one way or the other.


  • @theguruasia

    @andrarchy, You just resigned from Justin's sh!t, not from the Community! Get back to work, we have a chain to develop ;) $trdo


  • @hightouch

    Wish you the best!! Thanks for being always present and supportive for the community!

  • @jaki01

    Hope we can Steem On.

    I really hope you stay part of the STEEM community - wish you all the best!

  • @pegarissimo

    Sorry to hear that and I am happy for you to take stand instead of staying in the middle. But here's something more positive to think 🤔 about that you don't hear alot on Steemit these days :

    What if the Tron acquisitin is a good thing (despites all the moral values). Think of it this way, whales eat whales. The original objective of Tron is to take over all (a bit like amazon). So in the long term, if the goal is maintained, steemit would be in the way of Tron. The fact that steemit is approached in the early stages of Tron's dream of total dominion, just shows that steemit has power and would be a great ally.

    In the long run, only the giants will exist. For the development , I think Tron is great!! I got further in dapp that steemit, and that in a matter of days.

    See this communication issue as a highier plan that you had no control over. Your long term reputation at steemit should not be trashed, but reinforced after thoses events. Hopefully those arguments will help and will be seen as constructive...even if there all only a bunch of 'what if'.

  • @bobinson


  • @preparedwombat

    Thank you for all you have done. And know that there’s a place for you in the next chapter of this community.

  • @mytechtrail

    Sorry it came to this, look forward to hearing of future endeavors.

  • @bluefinstudios

    Much respect, Andrew!

  • @phortun

    Thank you for everything you have done for our blockchain and community. Stay strong. I hope you are right and we will Steem On again ;)

  • @birdinc

    Sad day @andrarchy. Best of luck.

  • @pwny

    Are we seeing steem fall apart right now?

  • @oppongk

    This is unbelievable!, why are we experiencing this as community of steemit, Inc., lots of well devoted team leaving the post vacant?....hmmm......only time will tell.

  • @janicechua

    Good Luck and all the best. Thank you for everything!

  • @darthnava

    It sucks that you gotta resign but integrity and principles come first.

    Can I invite you to join us in Our whales are kinder and no downvotes exist because of a tipping system.

  • @anyx

    Thank you for everything you've done Andrew. I still remember our conversation on the boat tour during steemfest 1. How young and hopeful we were back then :) I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.. and keep in mind, the bigger journey has just begun, the path just looks a little different now.

  • @barvon

    Respect for you.

    why now one by one people resign themselves. What's wrong with Steemit? Good luck always comes for you @andrarchy

  • @ayijufridar

    One by one the best people gone from Steemit. I feel lost you @andrarchy. You once helped me with a recommendation from @donkeypong when I had a problem with my account. Maybe you have forgotten, but I have never forgotten your kindness.

    I hope you stay abreast of developments at Steemit Inc. even though it's no longer in the system. You have a major role and service in developing Steemit. and don't let Steemit dive into a cliff. Steemit communities around the world expect this platform to continue and continue to grow.

    Good luck @andrarchy...

  • @fxsocieties

    stay safe bro

  • @synrg

    Thanks for your work here Andrew and keeping us in the loop. Respect for the tough decision. Maybe see you on Steem classic or something. :)

  • @hafizullah

    Wish you all the best, always respect your great service.

  • @zaibkang

    Please reconsider it steem community definitely undo all the actions taken by justin sun and his team or supporters

  • @wesphilbin

    We only met briefly in #theramble, but you were kind and informative. I wish you the best of luck my friend... thank you...

  • @ubg

    trustin justin

  • @bobskibob

    They don’t deserve you . All the best and thank you

  • @doingdailies

    the biggest sin in life is to not have tried so i think your soul might yet be safe :p ... if anyone still believed in the holy twennity and king steemit inc as the saviours of the chain by now i'd call naive b/c i don't wanna use bad language ... you got talent you got skillz, AND you got the moral of having quit a company that's trying to get itself in trouble :p

    im sure there will be openings hahah

  • @crypticat

    Thank you for everything you have done for Steem and best of luck in your future endeavours!

  • @ervin-lemark

    Good luck and thanks for everything. I really appreciated all your efforts!

    Ps: I was waiting for and expecting this announcement. You are a person with integrity and values.


  • @zord189

    Thank you for all that you've done for Steem and the communities. Rest well

  • @bue

    try to get everybody to withdraw steem from exchange. that is all we can do to help steem network

  • @detlev

    He Andrew, as all other said, the commission with you. Get some rest but please stay in touch with us all.

  • @erikah

    Respect and thanks for all the hard work you and the team has done. Good luck in the future!

  • @jedigeiss

    Hey Andrew thanks for everything you did! it was a pleasure having you around. I am crossing fingers that you can clear your head and we all can steem on. Yours Jan

  • @jozef230


  • @ramzan786


  • @joythewanderer

    Good luck, Andrew 🍀

  • @lordjames

    This is hard man, you were one person I loved the most at STINC, I pray you success in your future endeavors.

  • @drutter

    Is it really you, or somebody posting with the account?

  • @elektropunkz

    I’m sure a dying community is not what Justin had in mind when he bought steem. Steem is the community, not the ticker or coin

    Go your way, take your time, be reenergizing and come back a tenfold stronger.


  • @borran

    Thanks for everything, and all the best for the future!

  • @joanstewart

    Thank you for the time invested, respect your decision, wishing you well in next venture hopefully meet up again soon. #steemsouthafrica

  • @capuloy

    make sure you'll be back.

  • @cryptopie

    This is so sad @andrarchy and I just hope that with some miracle steem platform will be saved and would flourish.

  • @capuloy

    RealTalk: In buseness, employee will resigned not because of his/her job, but because of people!

  • @techslut

    Oh no... If Andrew's out, Steemit inc is dead. The last one out shut the light. Srsly considering a power down.

  • @joeyarnoldvn

    Can you move on to a different place? Like Weku?

  • @fionasfavourites

    I was very sad to see your tweet - to which I responded. For many, and I include myself, you were (as your role required) the voice of Steemit. It made sense and was sane.

    I have no doubt you have been in an untenable situation for the last while.

    You deserve more than just a rest - I hope that you will find peace in all of this.

    And do what I would do: cuddle my spouse and the kitties.

    Be well and yes, I agree:

    Hope we can Steem On.


  • @revisesociology

    Thanks for everything,

    Be interesting to hear your views on recent events once you're ready!

  • @denmarkguy

    Thanks @andrarchy for everything you did during your tenure... I still remember getting a feeling of hope when you joined the team and we suddenly had a Communications Director, someone who might actually interact with the community.

    Much respect!

    Oh yeah, and cats rock!

  • @vimukthi

    Wish you the best for your future!

  • @skramatters


  • @dmitrydao

    Sorry to hear that. It should be a lot to handle. Keep in touch, you've been one of the coolest people I've met from Steemit Inc.

  • @ewkaw


  • @dragosroua

    Congrats for doing the right thing and for all your work here. I support you.

  • @stoodkev

    Thanks for taking this decision Andrew, I bet this was not an easy one, and we are not forgetting what you did for this community!

  • @paulag

    this saddens me, but I very much respect your decision and I hope you can get some rest as I think your skills might be needed on a new project soon :-)

  • @eturnerx

    Thanks for the work you did. Steem was a much better place because of it. It was great crossing paths at SteemFest4. Best wishes for your future success.

  • @maxsieg

    take a good rest you earned it :) once you gathered your thoughts i hope you can send an application in for getting hired and developing by and for the community

  • @pele23

    What the freaking hell is all of this shit! Come on...

  • @yogajill

    Lots of Love❤

  • @buckydurddle

    Andrew, you and the core team have been in our thoughts. This must have been (is) an incredibly stressful time. No decisions are easy in this environment. Thank you for all your inspiring work and I look forward to your continued inspirations.

  • @free-reign

    Thank you for your contributions and savvy!

  • @sweecee

    Delegate POS was the weakness, they exploited it. bitmessage, zeronet, i2p, freenet etc don't have this flaw. I know it's hard to hear, facts remain.

  • @alexs1320

    Thank God you resigned!

    You were not able to articulate a single meaningful thought. You were not able to generate 1000 YouTube views. Your message resonated with no one.

    The whole Steemit team was so incompetent that you were only able to destroy 95+ % of the marketcap.

    If you were a bit less cocky, now each one of you would have a mansion and a Ferrari.

    Enjoy as an unemployed person


  • @brittandjosie

    What to say. First thank you or I understand? I think it’s understandable but after 4 years that must hurt and indeed gathering thought I guess is the best thing. I wish you wisdom and well and hope that we see you On the steemisfere. Appriaciate the last interview with Marc last week and for Steemit and all members, it’s a loss for all of us. Take care Britt

  • @yehey

    I know you from here, followed and read your posts. I know good things will come out with your decision and good luck to you. We will keep steeming.

    Posted via

  • @abh12345

    Hi @andrachy

    I respect your decision.

    Would you consider voting for the witnesses currently outside the top 20?

  • @chekohler

    All the best with your next move! Respect all you've done even if we did give you shit for it many times, it was all love man!

  • @apshamilton

    I have the greatest respect for you in standing up against tyranny.

  • @esecholo

    Thanks for being with the team for all these years! Best of luck to you and I hope you enjoy the time off!

  • @mammasitta

    I appreciate all your hard work you did for our community and platform

  • @waybeyondpadthai

    Sad to hear but wish you all the best. Must have been quite difficult lately that's why you all going in the same direction. Take care but I'm sure we will see each other around here anyways :)

  • @sunscape

    I am so sorry to hear this. But, we understand that sometimes in life one just needs to take a break and step back to gain perspective. Thank you for everything you have done for the blockchain. We love it here and hopefully, it will continue to move forward in a postitive way for all concerned. Best wishes for you. ♥

  • @gikitiki

    @andrarchy, This was just a hurdle in the road. I believe that after you gather your thoughts, the next leg of the race will be better than the last.

    Thanks for the all of the awesome work you have done for the crypto (much broader than just Steemit) community thus far. ...

    'until we meet'

  • @offgridlife

    Thank you for you hard work and dedication to the Steem Blockchain.

  • @vikisecrets

    Thx for the hard work, I wish the chain could hire you somehow :)

  • @nedshair

    $190 payout? Not quite as good as what me and @Ned got before bailing out of this shit hold but you gotta take what you can get when the ship starts sinking and the rats start jumping over board. I gotta say we have had a lot of heads of communication roll through here and honestly I don't think any of them have really ever communicated with the steemit eco ssytem very well, if at all. Good luck on your adventures. I gotta get back to partying with Ned, This cocaine isn't gonna snort itself off these lady boy hookers asses itself.

  • @rhondak

    It's a very sad day, @andrarchy. My thoughts are with you.

    Thankfully, Steemhouse Publishing will scarcely be affected by the latest developments, other than needing a name change and some rebranding. We'll carry on. Please stay in touch.

  • @d00k13

    I am curious to hear what transpired 🤘 take it easy homie ❤️

  • @arynews218


  • @thabiggdogg

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  • @wakeupkitty

    Congratulations. I wish you a great life. 💕

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  • @phusionphil

    Thank you for all you have done.


  • @stefano.massari

    Sorry to hear about this.


    Trendo projects will stand with human witnesses & with the community. The community needs your support than ever now. $trdo

  • @marfonso

    For vote is simple From Top1 , vote in all who has Versin not equal to v0.22.5 (these are fake) :) Let's vote ... all together we are stronger :)

  • @mattsanthonyit

    More blessing on your path @andrarchy

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  • @nohaa

    I am very happy to read this wonderful news. Congratulations to you from the heart, sir Andrew I was very pleased for you Greetings, long as you love.

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