Crowdin e-mail for eSteem Translation

Hello everyone

I have never ever done any translation before but last month I did it. I have done some translation for Hindi language prior to the launch of the recent update of @esteemapp and today I received this e-mail that there are some new words added for me to work again. I did it for about 100 words and I can see most of my words are approved in crowdin.

Esteem app is making steemit experience superb and with each update its getting awesome. s0a0s2.jpg

This is the email that I received and I will work soon to finish translation for 18 words mentioned in the mail.


Crowdin is a platform that offers translation and since eSteem app is multi lingual so they have used this platform and I have got approval as well. Its the time when people like to use apps in their native language and Hindi language has bigger audience. I also tried to use Hindi language with the app but then again I switched back to English. Since I am good in English so I like in this language only but I have seen many Indians writing their posts in Hindi so for them Hindi language addition is so helpful.

I hope my contribution will help eSteem team to this awesome app even better.

I am making this post to @dcooperation HIVE community for the first time and its found by @clixmoney

Thank you so much.

Have a great day ahead..

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