Trip to Blue Lagoon - Couce Valongo | Portugal


Continuing the previous post, and already in a terminal phase, I will explain what happened at the end of the day, to still have the opportunity to visit the famous blue lagoon and get to know the access point.






We were all assembled and ready to make the return journey to the open space where the cars were parked, when we presented a scenario at least comical, when a gentleman crossed the suspension bridge at a running pace and with the vibration of it, left it behind a whole swell that made other hikers have retreated and for those who had no opportunity to retreat and were caught in the middle of the bridge, they had to cling to the ropes to avoid falling into the river, and for our Spanish this man was nothing more than me than Fila, a childhood friend who used to run around alone in the middle of the forest.





There we had to send two screams to get his attention and after a brief conversation to see if everything was okay and how life was going, we ended up asking him if he knew where he is and in running mode we went running after him to the place that is camouflaged in the middle of the vegetation. Once there, he said goodbye and continued the race, and we stayed behind to make quick records to return to the place where the wives with the children were waiting for us.





Unfortunately I was not prepared for what I found there, a typical scenario of the adventures of Indiana Jones, but one day I want to go back there to make a decent record of the place. The images speak for themselves. After this quick visit, it was finally time to go home.



That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

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