Steem Witness Forum Tomorrow Immediately Following the Tron Meeting on MSPWaves

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So many should have seen the post on Medium and tweets. Justinsun/Tron have purchased Steemit. They are hosting a forum at 9am Pacific time tomorrow. It's not clear how long that will run.

MSPWaves will be hosting a forum immediately following the Tron thing. You can find us at We'll be on air. This is short notice, so it's not entirely decided, but I'm leaning towards giving witnesses some airtime and then moving toward a ramble style anything goes discussion. I'll play that by ear depending on how the Tron thing goes.

Logistics Best Guess

The Dlive thing happens at 9 am Pacific at

I suspect, but don't know that it'll go for 2 hours. I imagine we'll start our forum at 11am Pacific, aka 2pm Eastern aka 7pm UTC. But in reality it'll start immediately following the conclusion of the Justinsun broadcast.


My Initial Thoughts

Steemit is a private company and can be bought and sold at Ned's (and the boards) discretion. Steem is a public decentralized blockchain. If Tron wants to make a tronit after poaching steemit that's fine.

As announced it's a token swap for steemians to get some tron thing. I think it should be airdrop to steem users and either a tokenswap or airdrop for tron users.

As it's said now it appears to be a goal to swap out steem for a tron token, which rubs me as hostile where as an airdrop seems voluntary. We'll see how this develops.

Either way. Witnesses, apps, and others can continue running steem nodes if they don't voluntarily choose to follow Ned's sale to Tron.

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  • @schlafhacking

    Fck tron, setup and vote for witnesses keeping steem up. Will do if needed. Also API nodes if steemit‘s should fail

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  • @rumblestiltskin

    So what would this do? Make all of the text stored on the Tron network? I don't know about the technical side of Tron, but can it store that amount of data? Also, would this make the Witnesses not needed since Tron has it's own consensus mechanism? I suspect if it happens like this then there will continue to be a Steem chain with a lot of the community continuing on the current chain. Some users of Steemit I assume will move to the new Steem token on Tron.

  • @uwelang

    Now it is time for some well-thought witness actions - I am too busy right now to follow all development but have to say, I am very worried! Thanks for the heads-up @aggroed

  • @onthewayout

    The problem is steemit's name recognition. We can always keep running the current code and fork their stake out but what will exchanges do...that is the question.

    Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself let's wait and see.

  • @gerber

    there is "accelerator program" to buy all witnesses and apps, in few days we will see Sun lovers on steem

  • @nonsowrites

    I will have to attend this time because I have a lot of questions in my head right now

  • @zaibkang

    Steem blockchain community and tron blockchain community should work together with a consensus its very important fighting and disagreement is not good right now

  • @chesatochi

    A great opportunity to discover Tron, and I will go with the flow of this change.

  • @ecoinstant

    Thank you for setting this up on short notice! I believe this will usher in an exciting new time, free from some historical baggage, but we must be vigilant.

  • @geekgirl

    Thanks for initiating this and staying on top of things. I hope all witnesses will rise to the occasion and protect the decentralization.

  • @lighteye

    Wow, this looks like a collision of Galaxies! Let’s see how decentralized those systems really are :)

    BTW @aggroed, you’ve melted twitter links so they lead to nowhere. Here are separate ones:

  • @uyobong

    I'm pacified with this.

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  • @stackin

    Awesome I’ll show up! 😀

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  • @fredrikaa

    Will be there. For me, the goal will remain to provide the opportunity for people to collectively own an immutable and decentralized social platform backed by a fast and future-proof currency.

    If the acquisition means we get some much-needed marketing talent and resources to promote and enable that vision, then great. If instead, it will compromise our ability to achieve it then I will be open to discuss any other alternatives with those passionate about building it with Steem as it is.

    One way or another, we'll be where this community is.

  • @davedickeyyall

    Would someone please post a list of witnesses supporting moving to TRON. I'd hate for them to have my vote.

  • @vikisecrets

    Hoping the best right now, and that the Steem blockchain will survive thx to the great work of the Witnesses, but Steem needs developers and API servers too which are currently run mostly by Steemit Inc because they are expensive. Exciting times ahead of us :)

  • @ssjsasha

    all the uncertainty is insane, nobody knows if they should powerdown or be celebrating.... hopefully those who believe in steem are able to carry us without steemit

  • @tobetada

    I have a bad feeling about this... It will probably come down to two choices: belief in a decentralized blockchain driven by a community that has been forged over the last few years that might well lose its monetary value or "sell out" to a centralized version of steemit and make profits....??

  • @demotruk

    Keep the real Steem blockchain going.

  • @roelandp

    will do my utmost best to join. I hope the announcement will clear things up about intentions of the partnership. As I am currently travelling at the other end of the world it will mean to put some alarmclocks, next to getting good 4G coverage. But wow.

  • @bluengel

    ffs ned !

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  • @steempeak

    SteemPeak witness will be represented. See you then.

  • @bryan-imhoff

    As it's said now it appears to be a goal to swap out steem for a tron token, which rubs me as hostile where as an airdrop seems voluntary. We'll see how this develops.

    Either way. Witnesses, apps, and others can continue running steem nodes if they don't voluntarily choose to follow Ned's sale to Tron.

    This is how I’m reading the situation and speculating as well. But as to your second point, I’m concerned about if voluntarily keeping Steem going will be an option. With a token swap, every user who moves to Tron hands more governance control of the original chain to Tron. It wouldn’t take much to give them full operational control over both chains, and effectively sunset Steem 1.0.

    I’d love to see witnesses immediately revisit the idea of 1 Steem = 1 vote in governance voting. IE, 50 million SP can vote 5 million weight on 10 different witnesses, not 50 million weight on 30 different witnesses! That’s an idea that’s always been logical and fair and doesn’t require forking out anyone’s stake, but gives Steem “classic” a real shot at retaining governance seats in the event of a hostile takeover.

    In the event this all goes south, I’d much rather keep working on the chain & token we have than be forced to migrate to a cloned chain, rebuild exchange listings, etc.

  • @freebornangel

    Nothing changes before the next hardfork goes live.

    Think the sps can float an rpc node?

  • @michaelakintola

    Let's see how it goes then.

  • @joanstewart

    Thanks for announcing.

    Agree with comment:

    One way or another, we'll be where this community is.

    @tipu curate

  • @actnearn

    Will join in and with community decision. Decentralization is most important feature for us to protect and if can be bought by buying the founder company then we fail to prove that steem blockchain was ever a decentralized enterprise.

  • @phusionphil

    Where does this Top 20 Witness stand on Tron possession of Steemit Inc.?