INSPIRATION & ADVICE | Do you think both have impact someones life??

Hey good morning

Lets talk about our life something different topic thats everyday impacting our life and sometimes its give so much effect our life so many decision.


Hey guys i hope you all are doing well and enjoying your all work at home.In this year so many bad things going with us.I know in this difficult situation many are tens.But i hope soon one day will come we will get back one normall life again.So i will say just keep positive thought in your mind.


Also i will say just try to safe in this situation because its really important for our life.Because its not just about our life.If we will affect our family others member also can be affect so just try to be safe from all these things.

Just we have to be more careful about covid-19.So guys i will say just stay safe now.I hope we all will be okay and we will overcome this situation.


Lets dicuss about INSPIRATION & ADVICE??


Anyway guys in my todays blog i want to discuss with about our life something important matter. I think this things really effect everyones life.Everyday because these two things many peoples life so many way they change.

Its not happening just from one days.I think its happened one person life everydays.I can say inspiration and advice making change one peoples life everyday.Its impact in our life with hard way.Because many people always take there decision after getting inspiration or They take some advice from others.

So in this way i will say its impacting everyone life.Because if we are young we think old people have more knowledge about life.In this way we try to take advice from others person who are older than us. Or who have more knowledge than us.

Anyway in our life both have effect.But sometime its create some problem.Because we all know everything have positive and negative both side.But sometimes people take negative vibes also in their life.So sometimes we feel so many problem.But i think we should always take positive things from every object.


Lets talk about INSPIRATION & ADVICE both positive and negative object....

In our life both have hard effect in our life we all know.


In our life ithout inspiration sometimes our work will be like robotics work.We will not have any happiness after doing our work.Then we will not have energy. So for make our work more good we need inspiration.

Without advice sometimes life is hard. Because sometimes we dont have so much good knowledge about so many things.So thats time if we will get advice from our olders. Our life will be easy.We cam handle so many problem easily.




Inspiration is really something thats we need for doing something good in our life. Without inspiration we can't get aim in our life.Because for doing something good in our life we need inspiration.

Let me give one Example. Sometimes we can see many poor student they know they cant good in their exams.After if someone will give them them some inspiration or They seen some inspiring words they get some mental support.Becase of thats things they get some strength for work hard in their study.

Also in many people life we can see if they seen some positive or inspire words they take it positive and try to use it for something good.So in this way i will say inspiration making someones life better




I think in our life advice is really one important topic.Because for everything. Whatever is really new for us.For use that we need suggest.In our life we always try to take advice frol our olders.

Because they know so many things more better than us.I know in recent situation if its about technology our new generation is advance.But about our personal life so many problem with olders suggestion its hard to solve.

*Because they spent their lots of time in this world.Also from study to every sector if we are new at anything for good we need advice.Without advice we can make so many wrong things.So in our life every sector we need advice for make one perfect life.


At the end i can say...

Both have good effect in our life.Without these two things may be our life will not be good like we want.Because without inspiration we will not get strength for make something better in our life.

Also i will say in this two things have some negative effect also.Because sometimes people watch something bad they got inspiration from thats things to do bad.Like this way people are making mistake.

So we should not take any negative inspiration from anything that can harm our life or others life.Also from advice people also sometimes give others wrong advice So its create sometimes big problem in others life.

Also sometimes people always try yo give advice thats not related with our life.So thats time our thinking changed about these things and we feel extra advice really making life hard.


I will say in our life have so many effect. But as my opinion we always should choose things using our heart and we should always something thats will effect our life positive and will make our life more easy.

So guys let me end here today.I just shared my personal thoughts in my todays blog.Let me know whats your opnion.I will feel happy if i will get feedback. Also stay safe at your home. Always stay bless.


Thanks a lot for always reading my blog



Stay bless Stay safe. Biggest love from AFRIN




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