NewSteem Slot's and Proof of Spin! (We've got Slots Baby) Win 10 Steem.


In keeping with our mission which is to support users and projects that are fun and good for the Steem Economy.... We've Got #NewSteem Slots

We are a Proud sponsor of BROsino - the #1 FREE Online Casino!

I have to tell you they did beautiful work on the #NewSteem Slots and this fun and user-friendly Casino App.

This slot machine currently offers our largest winning slots combination with a payout of 160x your bet amount for landing on five of the ADSactly coin symbols! That means one 50-credit bet on one line can win up to 8000 credits!

The BROsino is 100% FREE to play...but free credits can be cashed out for STEEM! Visit the Free Credits page for more information.

If you like playing for free and winning, be a bro sponsor too!

The first 10 people to go log in at and take a screenshot of playing BROsino will receive 10 Steem each.

In this case, we are talking about PROOF OF SPIN. POS. :) Post your Proof of Spin in the comment section.

Make Steem Fun Again.


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  • @ericet

    Done. Thanks. image.png

  • @trayan

    I'm in! ;)


  • @mylord1992

    Thank You ...

  • @rival

    Yeahh a nice Spin

  • @nealmcspadden

    I did it!

  • @softmetal



  • @travoved

    I'm in game

  • @ezoterik-tk

    Here I am Снимок332.png

  • @sunlit7

    sorry about that.

  • @gduran

    Well that was a good win. And I will probably lose all in the next half hour.

  • @ady-was-here

    @adsup I think I am the 10th person, counting the pictures there were 9 persons above that posted, so here is mine :)

  • @elove888

    that's funny pg20190814100340.jpg

  • @chireerocks

    @adsup, Team this is awesome news and in my opinion effective step is, it's free to play. Keep up team and keep collaborating.

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  • @theguruasia

    @adsup, No idea how to play this, but I am trying this! Probably that winner prize for first 10 people already gone! Anyway this is interesting to check! Thanks for letting this known with interesting bounty for players!

    Update I think I have won something! But still didn't get this!



  • @ash

    do you have a referral program? :)

  • @manniman

    well well well, that escalated quickly

  • @antonzaslavski

    I will start to play Updated: I like this slot

  • @sunlit7

    I admit I am clueless when it comes to mom's the family expert on that stuff to the point that over a few years time she wiped out her and my step dads retirement savings. Probably about four years ago or so we went to visit my aunt for Thanksgiving in a town that has a casino. My mom wanted me to go with her and try it out but I am not one to gamble my money so she bribed me with thirty bucks to go. Personally I never saw the allure to watching fruits, vegetables and other oddities roll around after pulling a lever but thinking back on the endeavor I thought I'd been better off to cash out after hitting near a hundred bucks then starting over on another machine with her thirty and kept doing the same thing. That's how I think they get you, they start you on a roll then drop you down. I walked out being able to hand her back her thirty bucks which she insisted I had somehow earned by not losing it to which I quipped it was that logic that she no longer had several hundred thousand dollars in her bank account and made her take it back.

    Anyway, so I've went over to the "slot" machines here a couple times...I figure I am not losing anything so what the heck. The second time I high tail it off the site after I put in I think like a six and line 20, not that I knew what the hell any of that meant but the thing never stopped rolling and I was sure I broke So I "scattered"...I figure that must be what "scatters" are, earned rights to be excused for breaking the machine so I did exactly that. I went back to look last night to see if it stopped rolling and it evidently did but remember "mums" the word on who broke it if they had to send in a tech to do any repairs before I went back.

  • @sm-bro

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