Game Changer


Somehow I feel inspired to post this video here today. If you've never seen it, it's the video I made the last time Ned spoke to us.

We have had some game changing news, which has had an effect on the price, and everyone is still processing it. There will be a broadcast tomorrow after which things should be more clear.

In the mean time, I've got a cup of coffee and I'm enjoying watching the Steem price tick up. With any luck, it will go right past my Dollar Cost Average at some point. It's probably a good thing the 4-week powerdown proposal hasn't been implemented yet :)

I keep going back and forth in my mind whether this is a good or bad thing. Again, after tomorrow's broadcast, things should be more clear. I hope as many witnesses and developers as possible will be around to ask the important technical questions.


Peace and Love ✌🏿 Adé

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  • @josediccus

    I'm so disturbed, Tron taking over might mean starting all over again, many are already threatening to Power down, it's like crowning Sun a sort of a dictator

  • @joebrochin

    I'm not freaking out and probably won't even watch the broadcast. It is what it is.