Hi, I am Sotubo Adesoji omokolade, my steem handle is @adesojisouljay. I am a motivation speaker and a musician.

I have been on steem for the past three years. I joined steem in December 2017 and I have gradually been growing and evolving.

I have stood for steem both online and offline. I have represented steem amongst my friends and colleagues.

In my attempt to spread the good news of the steem blockchain, I began a program called steemit outreach shortly after I joined steem. Then I would make sure I register at least one member each day and I would post the names of registered members every weekend.

See examples of post on steemit outreach ;

I also created @steemmusicng for the purpose of promoting steem through music. I created a steem music band, and we recorded our first song titled 'STEEM UP' in 2018. We had a studio already, but my friend who was the music producer now is dead! This is a major challenge to the @steemmusicng's project.

See example of posts on @steemmusicng's project ;

After that I created another tag which is #steemtothepeak, this aims at providing solutions to the complex challenges that stands to hinder the growth of the steem blockchain.

You can see posts on the tag #steemtothepeak

I have been working with @surpassinggoogle even to see to the growth of the Ulog community.

I am always available in doing promotion work for communities and providing ideas, that will enhance the growth of communities. I am into public speaking and counseling.

I hope I meet up the requirements, thanks @xpilar for the opportunity given me to showcase my efforts and works on steem.

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  • @xpilar

    Hi @adesojisouljay

    Thank you for your application to become a "community moderator"