Weekly Staff Picked Actifit Reports #37

Hello everyone, hope you're having a great weekend !

We are happy to once again present this week's top Actifit curated reports selected by the Actifit team. We have 12 staff picked reports this week.

These reports were selected based on various factors, including content quality, originality and the information within. They can be an inspiration or a motivation for all of us and of course, it helps to make more friends :)

This is an initiative to bring quality posts and their creators to limelight and give them the exposure they deserve. Although we do our best to find the best reports, some may be missed, we are only human :)

So, without further ado, let's proceed with this week's selected reports!

Staff pick 1 by @wenchebakken

@wenchebakken is going for a walk...

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  • @offgridlife

    Thanks ,... I need to convert my afit to Steem or Hive .... how do I do this ?

    I sent you 1 Steem to activate ... But now it says I need afitx to Power down ??????? could you help ? I have about 9,706 afit ....