Your Out-going Vote Weight History - Excluding Self

It's been a while since I've bored you all with some charts, a little inspiration from @crokkon today, and the fact that i need to pay arcange soon for the monthly subscription to @steemsql. I use it most days so cannot complain, but 40 SBD a month is 204 STEEM right now - ouch!

That's my chart above, and is for the lifetime of my account, up-votes only, and without self-votes. I figure I might get a couple more punters if I don't include the selfies.

I'm pretty happy with the 67% going out to people outside of the top 20 votes, 2/3rds of stake seems reasonable.

Out of the 20, most are at least dolphin status but seeing as the majority have been active for a years now, that is to be expected isn't it?

Another stat, I've met 7 of those names (and no, none are my alt accounts).

A prize for the person with the prettiest chart, which today is highest % of votes outside of their top 20 voted for.



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  • @galenkp

    Hey mate, hope you're well. Any chance I can get me one of those? 😉

  • @joythewanderer

    Yo yo i see my name, thanks Asher!

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  • @johndoer123

    Very interesting brother. And i really like the fact it's for the life of the account. I'll gladly pay 20 steem for my chart and help you pay up mr. arcange. Also if your into any programming and want to make a 1000 steem for a little work let me know. I hope all is well for you brother. Oh, and i think spending quality time with some friends is a great way to spend the holidays,regardless of where it's at. But if your a person who enjoys drinks, a pub is an awesome place. I love you brother and I'm sorry I've not hit you up here much lately. I bought a homestead and started homeschooling my son and I'm in the middle of building a real world use for our awesome chain. So i haven't had much time for digging in my feed and leaving many comments. Anyway, i need to go but i hope the rest of your week is great!

  • @justineh

    Pie me please 🙂

  • @soyrosa

    Please show me how bad of a circle jerker I am 🙈

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  • @soyrosa

    !BEER for while you’re at work.

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  • @georgemales

    Looks perfect... same like the #newsteem... When we will be just like less then 100 on this platform don't wonder why... and most important don't wonder why our stack will worth less then two digits... #newsteem is the reason i stop posting... same people voting the same people! For me #newsteem is the #greedsteem, and your voting distribution tells the story... Circle j... voting 100% Should i say more?!?😲 PS: This comes from a person who never power down and never took a single steem out of his amazing wallet...

  • @enjar

    Ouch that is a fair amount of Steem. We need prices to go up a bit!

    Lifetime that is going be a lot of data. It will be interesting to see if any names are no longer active.

  • @deirdyweirdy

    I'm up for some pie if you're still game.

  • @sparkesy43

    I'd be interested to see how I stack up please Asher

  • @por500bolos

    Well Asher, I suspect you not only excluded in your chart the self-votes. But also your more regrettable shameful votes too. Since I couldn't even find my username within that big 67% greyish area in your hall of fame pie. And I have the hunch it was on purpose. };)

    Yeah mate! now pie me up. If anything, just to contrast my upvote history against that of everyone else here who is sane. Hahahaha

    Cheers!! :)

  • @stackin

    I might be a circle jerker 😂😂😂

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  • @improv

    I'll take a pie!

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  • @riverflows

    Me please 🦒🐤🐥

  • @dswigle

    Are you still serving pie, Asher?

    As an aside, I was on a cruise for a month and the Italian Cruise Line's internet blocked me out of steemit, so I need to play catch up tomorrow with the League! Sorry!

  • @traciyork

    It might be a !DERANGED thing to take part in, but it's hard to resist when someone offers me pie... via GIPHY

  • @deranged.coin

    deranged You just received DERANGED @abh12345 Keep up the great work, view all your tokens at

  • @bubke

    how/where do we produce this pie?

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  • @carlgnash

    Pie me up good sir :)

  • @mytechtrail

    Would like one of those, Nice colorful graph.

  • @bashadow

    I'll take a chart if you are still doing them. I think I know how it will look, but not sure.

  • @organduo

    I'd like to see my chart too please.

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  • @kaerpediem

    Your pies are always fun....;p Can I have one please?

  • @tawasi

    I am low key stalking people's charts for interesting reads.

    Also crossover to see who reads what I also read.

    Do mine?!?

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  • @tarazkp

    Whenever you are ready :)

  • @michealb

    mine pretty please

  • @simplymike

    I love pies. Pretty curious how mine will look.

    Here's some !SHADE 5 for you, just to bring back those summer feelings

  • @transisto

    How's that different than Steemworld's outgoing vote pie chart? Beside only you being able to generate them?

  • @nickyhavey

    Pie me Asher... PIE MEEEEEEEE 😀

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  • @andywong31

    Been really curious how my pie looks like. If you dont mind.. 😁

  • @felander

    cool to see that @surfermarly is still in there, she is missed :-P

    I know have met at least 5 of those people as well which is kinda cool but if you get to go to one steemfest you will encounter a lot of people. Still bummed I missed this years party

  • @blazing

    lets go check that out :D

  • @glenalbrethsen

    Hey, @abh12345.

    Still slinging pie?

    I prefer pumpkin this time of year, but I guess you're wanting something with gray on 2/3s of it and multl-colored the rest. :)

    I guess we'll see how much the last five months affect my pie colors, if you don't mind passing me some.

    As it is, though, I'm not sure if I'm actually onboard with the spreading the vote thing anymore. I've understood it in principle (get outside your usual circle of votes), but I've had at least four so-called circles disappear over the course of nearly two years because people either left or seriously curtailed production.

    So, by necessity, I've ended up following dozens of different people, and the times I spent trying to get STEEM in the curie curation contest, I felt like I was largely wasting my time, reading things I had very little interest in because someone decided it was "quality" content.

    By and large, I would say the posts were quality. I just wasn't into whatever it was they were talking about.

    And if I wondered off on my own even into tags or subject matter I thought I wanted to read, it's been hit and miss (maybe more miss than hit).

    So, anyway, more commentary than needed on a post where you ask for a piechart—and certainly none of this is directed to you or anyone in particular—just me working off some frustration with all sorts of things this morning, probably. :)

  • @meesterboom

    Hmmm. Is it wrong to fear such a thing? I'm an OG, I have dark things buried in there. Perhaps not for me!! :0D

  • @melinda010100

    I'd like to see my chart! !Tip

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  • @ninahaskin

    Any leftover pies available by chance? @abh12345 All these pretty charts piqued my curiousity!

  • @rentmoney

    If your still doing them I'll take a slice of pie.

    I'm curious as to what the chart will look like because admittedly I don't search for new content to upvote as much as I once did.

  • @buttcoins

    I like pie too😘

  • @doitvoluntarily

    this is so cool, nice of you to show everyone their pies, i wonder what mine looks like too?

  • @doitvoluntarily

    hi @abh12345 i am wondering how did you make the pie? i thought i had made or seen the circle before but now I cannot find the tool? 🤷