Pies. No pies!

Bet you thought you'd never see it - yes, it's a photo of me in the gym downstairs, and is that a sweaty forehead I see?

Yesterday I gave out some Pie charts (unique and unavailable anywhere else!), and today I had a decent go at losing a few more, off my beer belly.

At around lunchtime I finally found motivation enough to load my go-to video for abs/core, one that I have been using off and on for over a decade now. It is the Ab Ripper X, from the P90x collection of workout videos and I promise you, if over 2/3 months you can complete most of the 13 minute program 2/3 times a week, you will notice it.

As I have been a complete slacker this year apart from a few weeks just before I left Spain (the sun had arrived and the pool was bearable), the short ab routine is beyond my capabilities at present. There was a time where I could nail it and would religiously stick the video on as soon as I got home from work, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Today though it was tough and I half-assed through the last 4/5 exercises. 'Tony', the dude in charge, is good though. His instructions are direct, and even though I've listened to the video 100's of times and know the routine inside out, I'm not annoyed with the accent and it's motivational to be listening and doing.

Despite not making it through the tape, I know that tomorrow, the day after, and the day after that my abdominal will be sore - no pain, no gain as they say. And because it was so early in the day, I decided a few hours ago that I had some energy left for a gym session. At 7 pm, and apparently for most of the day according to the letting agency, the gym was empty. Ideal when there are only 7 machines to go at and you are not feeling so at home surrounded by stuff you have to sweat on.


Since the trip to Spain to paint some of my mothers apartment (which was a cheap excuse for a bit of sun), I've had a dodgy knee. No idea what happened (probably drunk the night before) but I woke up and it felt really weak and twisted. Then a month or two after the trip I went and did something stupid and kicked a football for the first time in years, and promptly pulled my thigh muscle. Both of these injuries are still bugging me to some extent, and when you have the mental willpower to exercise, it is a real shitter that your body isn't ready to do so. Something to look forward to with old age I guess :/

Anyway, today I took it lightly on the treadmill to warm up, and even had a go at jogging for a couple of minutes until the knee was telling me that was a bad idea. The cross-trainer was probably the better decision and I lasted 15 minutes on that thing - would have got to 20 if the damn earphones would stay in. Yes Santa, get me some Bluetooth headphones thank you very much.

Next up was the bike and without much upper body movement, the earphones stayed in place and the music helped me ride for 20 minutes. I actually pushed the level up on the machine for the final few mins as well as my knee and thigh weren't hurting at all - it was the lungs turn to tell me that time was up.

So this evening I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I wonder how long it will take me to put my socks on tomorrow.



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  • @smasssh

    'I wonder how long it will take me to put my socks on tomorrow.'

    The best advice I can give you for tomorrow; take the day of and just wear flipflops.

  • @justineh

    Pies. No pies!

    I find this offensive so therefore cannot agree with the rest of the post... what kind of a sick human being are you?

  • @galenkp

    I have have the utmost of respect for you...But..."no pies?

    I don't know man...Don't you know pies are the source of everything good in life?

  • @revisesociology

    Good effort. Working out keeps me sane.

    Must be nice to have a private gym in yer apartment block.

    You out to get into Park Runs, best way to start a Saturday morning!

    Might have to check out those abs videos, they sound interesting!

  • @nathen007

    Its your age man! I sense hip and knee replacements on the horizon! You should always quit gyms at the first sign of grey hair....eat the pies, have a beer, buy a Porsche. Don't be one of those middle aged guys trying to recapture your lost youth :-)

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  • @shuvo35

    Good work

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  • @karinxxl

    ahhhhh the shutdown of the body while in certain temperatures ;)

    we cant deny this one! Best thing to do: get a bird and netflix and recover in bed all day....also counts for workout I guess !

  • @meesterboom

    Oh man, you are gonna hurt today!!!! But good going!! I hate it when he reasons fall out but cake wear the big monsters in the gym!

  • @gillianpearce

    If I hadn't just got up I'd have to go and lie down after reading that.

    One day I'm going to be someone who bothers to exercise too. Not today though. And, when you get up, I suspect you'll think me very wise.

    The pain. The pain!!! 😂