Don't let the Sun, go down on me

Well first of all, be there or clearly don't give a shit about all you've stolen/shit-posted/worked for, for the past 4 years.

There will also be a postmortem, likely on MSP waves, following the AMA which I think also will be worth attending.

Just in case you have been locked up in a sauna with everyone else who sold out at the beginning of 2018:

Shrewd, cause:

Steemit is offering a Reddit-alike service built on top of the Steem blockchain. As one of the largest DApps cross all the blockchains, Steemit also claims a thriving community of its own due to a growing number of DApps developed on the Steem blockchain with over 1 million users.

Remember when talks were underway to fork out the largest stakeholder?

The lack of discussion with top witnesses who are as surprised as the 50 SP account holder on this one spells revenge to me.

Fuck it though, look at the token price.


stay #stron g

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  • @ackza

    Upvoted for Aggrandizement you bitch


    nigger nigger nigger nigger lol

    NOW i bet peopel dont care that i said Niger on the steem torch page? lol

    WHEN I GET my Ancestry test back and it says at least 1% Black Ill throw Blackza's Coming Out Party

  • @meesterboom

    I'm still trying to figure out that first sentence but aye, you have the right of it I think!

  • @tarazkp

    Don't let the Sun, go down on me

    was expecting to see this:

    Gonna be an interesting week!

  • @amico

    @tipu curate

    A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

    #sbi-skip !trdo

  • @justineh

    be there or clearly don't give a shit about all you've stolen/shit-posted/worked for, for the past 4 years.

    Yeah, I’m sure they will be answering the tough questions lol.

    It will be a shill fest.. I’m sure some of our most famous steemians will be there to make it hurt less.. their shilling is already Tron level anyways.

    The Tron social network will be successful, it won’t be decentralized.. censorship resistant or much else, but it will be successful .. content creators will be fine.

    All that STEEM we have been hodling.. meh.. probably not.

  • @esecholo

    Steem is sadly crashing and burning in the long run, the short term has steem running on all cylinders just for the engine to explode. The price collapse will be glorious soon. Watch for the opportunity to sell.

  • @revisesociology

    Agro's already posted about the witness forum following.

  • @bashadow

    it is going to be one very fun interesting weekend. I'll of course have to wait til someone pirate streams the Dlive event on to 3speak or dtube or even you tube, I may actually fire discord up tomorrow to listen to aggroed's followup show. Sure looks like interesting times. I wonder if this is the secret project that @ned was working on last year and only ever mentioned in that one post. maybe I'll go look at it again, maybe not.

    I do so love good speculation drama. Just think it is possible soon that we will know if the top 20 witnesses were bought and paid for or not.

  • @jamesdeagle

    Good Lord, does this mean I'll be forced to sign into TronLink via Chrome to use Steemit? I think I need Gravol...

  • @whatsup

    #newnewsteem sprinkled with Tron

  • @stackin

    Pump my shit coins please! 😂

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  • @uyobong.sports

    I'm happy for the quick call y @aggroed. Steem is much more bigger than Steemit.

    Posted via Steemleo

  • @synrg

    @ned was treated like a piece of toilet paper on here for the past little while when he was active, somehow I'm not surprised - is that what you mean by "The lack of discussion with top witnesses who are as surprised as the 50 SP account holder on this one spells revenge to me."?

  • @paulag

    Like everyone else, I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. Obviously I have been holding steem, maybe not so active in the community as I was, but I am using steem to grow my business. Im probably more concerned about the business side and what I will or will not have to tell my users.

    On the up side, a drop to tron holders....well thats me then. Maybe I wont need that €1500 to catch up with you @abh12345

  • @revisesociology


    Doesn't seem to be working....

  • @steemitri

    I'm super worried man... I'm Steemitri and I was born on Steemit, which name should I use on the TRON blockchain?!?!? Ciao ciao The Mannequin

  • @eveuncovered

    Sun, someone going down on me, sauna. Wait, what is this about? Sounds great!

  • @azircon

    Okay! Today is a day for emotion. I understand the emotion is running high at the moment. It is okay to be emotional. Right now the limited information we see many of us are skeptical at best, ballistic at worst, and that's totally cool. My concern and take on this is simple:

    1. We are people; a social network is nothing without people
    2. Nothing is known clearly from steem blockchain at this point, all the news is about steemit and its 6 employees, please keep that in perspective (I know you are, but it helps repeating)
    3. No matter what happens the friends and engagement we made here will be forever
    4. If there is a blockchain that is needed, there will be a blockchain for us

    I have been through multiple corporate mergers and acquisitions, and at this point in time even the parties doing the M&A don't have any clue on what will be the future impact, so just remember that there is "no wise old man/woman" here. Cheers!

  • @edouard

    Sun can go down on me any day he likes!

  • @freddio

    old steem new steem

    looks both for me bad.,,

  • @rentmoney

    Its an interesting time....

    Buy more STEEM for MOON or Sell current STEEM before the drop??

    Flip a coin folks ..... :)

  • @angel33

    interesting news. people called tron shitcoin

  • @riverflows

    To be honest I'd be happy if anyone went down on me.

    That's the smartest thing I have to say about any of this.

  • @trendotoken

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