Stand well back and make some noise for 1000 STEM!

Record a short video of you creating a bang and include the tags #science and #geeks-contest for massive profitssssssssss.

big-bang-422305_1920.jpg source

The best lessons for me at school were the science classes in which the instructor was making something explode. I remember one day, the chemistry teacher donning his safety glasses and putting a perspex wall between us and a dish of water.

Pffft, water? Where's the fire dude, this is gonna be lame.

The first element he added fizzed a bit.

The second one fizzed a lot and popped.

The third one he dropped in was Potassium, at arms length, and in less than a second it seemed to jump out of the tray and a bang accompanied a white flash.

Do it again!!!

I'm not allowed, that stuff is expensive.

For the chance to win 1000 STEM (which could well be doubled if we get some engagement here), make something go pop - the louder the better!

  • Short video (youtube, 3speak, dtube, etc), a quick intro to what materials you have if not obvious
  • Loudest pop/bang/reaction has the best chance of winning
  • Lots of votes for decent efforts
  • Extra points for safety goggles
  • Use #science and #geeks-contest so I can find your post
  • Don't blow yourself up please, be safe and professional!

Good luck!


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  • @bashadow

    Sounds like it will be a bang-up of a contest. I hope you get a lot of entries, we all like seeing things go boom and bang. I wonder what people will blow up, will it be water, or will it be more. It has been a long time since I saw a volcano blow up, maybe someone will do that.

  • @carlgnash

    now this sounds like a cool contest. Hoping you get some fun entries.

  • @fionasfavourites

    Hahaha! If The Husband were on social media and Steemit, this would be his type of gig! Mine? Not so much. Unless it's in the kitchen. And won't have been on purpose. 🤐

    I am sure you will get some great entries.

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  • @luegenbaron

    Hmmmmm Maybe a false ignition in the exhaust of my oldtimer? ^^

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  • @tarazkp

    My chemistry teacher was tragic in demonstrations as something always went wrong. Hos rocket got caught by the wind and drifted a kilometer to land on a roof and when he took us outside to drop sodium into water, kids moved in too early and it exploded giving them burns :D

  • @mistakili

    I hope to do this, always wanted to try something like this, now i need to find stuff to use. See you

  • @yogajill

    Fun! Haha, what an interesting contest!!

  • @enforcer48

    Oh...this will be good.

    I hope more folks join this contest, people in the STEM tribe are always looking for good stuff to vote on.

  • @abh12345.stem

    No entrants, no winners. I'm powering up the 1000 STEM and might run another contest in the future when STEEM and STEM are mooning.

  • @enforcer48

    So um, what was the result of this?

  • @wnfdiary

    I always like bed watching others do the experiments from the safe distance, now I'm doing my own experiments and so far I'm enjoying their simple, uncomplicated nature 😁 no not cooking that is too complicated 😂 I'm talking about indoor gardening 😉

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