Sports Contest - 50,000 SPORTS + Votes for decent entries!

Write a post and include #sportstalk and #sts-contest in your tags for some massive profitsssssssssssssssss.


Each week (or something like that) a different topic for the post will be chosen and to get the ball rolling this week, the topic is sports related injuries.

Yeah I know, not the most uplifting of topics and perhaps not the time to bring up a double leg break (unless you want to!), but there is plenty of scope for poetic licence and comedy.

Take @galenkp's amazing rise to stardom, and then dramatic fall from grace for instance:

I'm not sure how high my magnificent leap was, 10 or 15 metres at least, in my mind, but probably much less than that in reality. I felt the wind catch the board a little as I rose and fell.

.... I went down, the board hit the water and its natural buoyancy thrust it back skywards, in a leap that probably rivaled my own, tearing it from within my tenacious galenkp-chopper-grip. source

A few years ago, I was playing pool against the one of the entertainment staff members at a hotel in Portugal. A couple of drinks in, and with slightly sodden shorts from water polo not long prior, I felt confident about whipping this guy on a flat surface, as he had dominated the polo whilst i drank a lot of pool water.

We were half way through the first game, and I stepped up for my shot, slipping slightly on a puddle. My foot stopped sharply as it went from wet to dry, and it was then that I realised this was mostly due to my 2nd toe folding underneath my foot. It hurt a lot, and I couldn't even finish the game. For the rest of the holiday I was limping and having people laugh at me when I told them what happened. When I got home the doc told me I'd probably broken it, but there was not much that could be done. A broken toe playing pool, lame as you can get!

Something like that, but with a bit more chunk would be ideal.

  • Points for embarrassment
  • Points for comedy
  • I'll remind my STS buddies of the #sts-contest so they can dish some votes out
  • 50,000 SPORTS to the best one, chosen by myself and my extensive advisory team of no-one, as yet
  • A sports related injury you suffered, caused by you or some other 'idiot'
  • Don't forget the #sportstalk and #sts-contest tags or else I might miss your post

The floodlights man, they got me source

Good luck!


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  • @rabeel

    Great effort Asher. I will try to make a post related to this topic.

  • @cryptoandsports

    I have loads that spring to mind.

  • @galenkp

    Hmm, so many injuries...I'm going to give this a go I think. I mean who can resist

    massive profitsssssssssssssssss.


  • @whatsup

    NIce, it's not my topic, but I love to see a great topic and we could use more sports related content!

    Good luck to everyone.

  • @mobi72.dblog

    Only one entry per participant or one can make multiple entries?

  • @justineh

    Hmmm I don’t do sports much... 🤔

    I stubbed my toe this morning on the way to the coffee maker.. does that work?

  • @milaan

    Nice contest, but I don't think I have had any such experience to share it. But I always love to see the #contest to feed myself an opportunity.

  • @fun.sports

    It would have been better if you reworded the 5th requirement to "A sports related injury you suffered, witnessed or know of, caused by you or some other 'idiot'."

    Otherwise you are excluding sports fans and sports journalists from participating.

  • @sparkesy43

    I'll have to have a think about some of the injuries I've had (or caused) over the years and see what I can come up with.

    I can't wait until the topic of the day is the best sledges

  • @talesfrmthecrypt

    Who knew that pool was such a rough sport!

    I have one that springs to mind that I'll blog about later

  • @serkagan

    An interesting competition and an impressive prize @abh12345.sports, it remains only to remember about their sports injuries :)

  • @yousafharoonkhan

    amazing sts-contest can we also use sts-contest tag in actifit post

  • @bozz.sports

    This is awesome. I didn't notice, is this an ongoing contest or was there an end date? I will definitely take advantage of it next week. I already wrote my post for the day today :)

  • @d0ne

    Amazing contest, good friend, I'm very interested in the contest that you created, I will try to follow it,

  • @adoore-eu

    I just saw this and would have loved to tell how the female teachers in my school played a football match with final year students after their exams. Not up to 5mins into the match, a student kicked me and i fell down. Haha. I have never been so embarassed. I suffered pain on that spot i was kicked for more than two weeks. Lol. I am not able to make a post with it cos i have no pictures to show and the story is so short. I will participate fully next week. Well done.

  • @bien

    this is absolutely cool @abh12345 i could make more sports power in that case...i can still remember my injuries so i take i could gladly participate this one..Thank for this contest sir!

  • @erikahfit

    I'm going to join tomorrow if possible. Had a terrible day and I'm half dead :)

  • @erikahfit

    Ouch, that must have been painful :(

  • @tolustx

    This is an amazing contest initiative. Good job @abh12345.sports

    You didn't specify the duration of the contest, like when it ends. I'm sure it's still on right now though, and I'm gonna drop my crude injury experience.

  • @justclickindiva

    Here is my entry for this contest: I hope it satisfies the requirements. Thanks.

  • @justclickindiva

    Hi @abh12345.sports. Did this contest ever end? or is it ongoing? Just wondering since it was posted 13 days ago.