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  • This is an interesting one. If PIE never existed, people living in the PIE homeland (Caucasian steppe) would probably still developed chariots and conquer Europe, Central Asia and South Asia. So the proto-language that group of chariot riding people+31
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  • Look at Singapore, billions of dollars have been poured into giving Malays extra tuition and there's even affirmative policies in place to “facilitate” entrance of Malays into universities. Results? 践男+30
  • Why are so many Malaysian Malays calling Chinese Malaysians communists and capitalists who exploit lower laborers at the same time? Did they misunderstood the meaning of "communism" or they just don't see the contradictions in their statements? +21
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  • That's interesting. As you pointed out, 金 has two pronunciations /gim/ and /geum/. So when is /gim/ used and when is /geum/ used? Is there some sort of rules or it's pretty random? +27
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